WWE SmackDown 11 21 2017

WWE Smackdown Results
November 21, 2017
Houston, Texas
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Wrestleview.com Staff

Smackdown starts with highlights from WWE Survivor Series.

Shane McMahon opens up the show

Here comes the money… Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring. Doesn’t seem upset at all, high-fiving the crowd.

Shane enters the ring and fans are chanting “Shane-o-Mac”. Shane says “What’s up Houston?” He says that they came so close, so short this past Sunday. Shane says that Smackdown proved this past Sunday, despite defeat, that they are THE show in the WWE. He said that the Smackdown roster brought it at Survivor Series! “They blead blue”, says Shane. They do it with pride, for all of us fans. Except for two individuals. Shane asks Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to come out.

Kevin and Sami make their way to the ring. Sami is jumping around and Kevin is a bit smiling. Kevin tells Shane that he gets to starts Smackdown Live with yet another excuse about why he failed. Sami says it has got to be exausting. Is it hard for Shane to come up with new excuses or is it harder to man up and say he was wrong. Kevin says that Shane should be on his hands and knees asking Owens and Sami for forgiveness. “Sami and I, we could beat anyone.” Unlike the New Day they would have beaten The Shield. They would have even beaten the RAW guys in the main event. Either of them can also beat Brock Lesnar says Kevin Owens.

“You be a man, and tell us that you are sorry.” Shane says “You are speaking with the commissioner tonight.” And for the first time in their lives, to shut up. He said both of them do not have respect for anyone here. Shane wants to delivers two words for them. Owen interrupts and says he cannot fire them, everyone respects them. Sami says that Shane would be a fool to fire two future hall of famers. They call themselves the top two superstars in the WWE.

Shane calls them delusional. Shane says the Smackdown roster hates their guts. They are not the top two superstars. Shane has two words for them that he will say with great pride. “You’re..” Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Bryan says that he has every right to fire those two. Sami and Kevin start sucking up to Daniel Bryan.

Daniel says he has a better solution than to terminate them. He said the locker room hates those two. Daniel Bryan makes a match, Sami and Kevin vs The New Day. Sami starts talking, and Daniel tells him to shut up. He said that the entire locker room hates their guts. Sami and Kevin will be facing the New Day in a lumberjack match, where the entire WWE Smackdown roster will be surrounding the ring to make sure they don’t escape.

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Shelton Benjamin w/ Chad Gable vs. Jey Uso w/ Jimmy

Benjamin and Jey lock up, Benjamin takes him into the corner. They lock up again, and Jey delivers a couple of right hands, then Benjamin fights back and knocks him down. They exchange a few shots. Jey ends up on the apron. This allowed Benjamin to climb the ropes and knee Jey to the outside.

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Benjamin has a chin lock applied. Jey Uso is getting back up and delivers an uppercut. Jey delivers a few hits followed by a Samoan drop. Benjamin is now on the outside. Jey attempts to jump, but Chad gets up on the apron to block. Jimmy drags him down. Gable sends Jimmy into the barricades. Back in the ring, Uso has a couple of near falls. Jey gets up on the top rope and misses the splash. Benjamin delivers the Paydirt for the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Backstage, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are talking to Baron Corbin trying to see if he has their backs. Baron tells them that he cannot stand them and for them to try to find somebody weak-minded. They go and see Bobby Roode. Sami asks Bobby “don’t you want to be somebody?” They are trying to convince him to help them tonight in the lumberjack match.

Bobby Roode says that Zayn and Owens ruined his first Survivor Series match on Sunday and ruined it for the entire Smackdown team.

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Backstage, Naomi is getting her makeup done. Ruby Riot from NXT interrupts and introduces her to her friends Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan. All three attack Naomi. Becky Lynch tries to make the save, but they viciously beat her down too. Referee is calling for a doctor.

Shane McMahon is talking to Daniel Bryan backstage. He says that he is happy about Daniel’s decision. He cannot wait to see the entire locker room beat down Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and then while they’re laying down, he cannot wait to see Daniel Bryan fire them. Shane is going to the hotel to cool down and watch the show.

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The Hype Bros vs. The Bludgeon Brothers (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)

Rowan starts off against Mojo. He takes him down and throws Ryder off the apron. Harper takes out Ryder on the outside by throwing him into the steel steps. Mojo tries to fight back, Rowan ctaches him and slams him. Tag is made to Harper and they double team him. Rowan gets the tag back, they delivered somewhat of a modified double chockeslam on Mojo. (announce team called it a double powerbomb). Rowan covers for the three count.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers

Natalya is being introduced backstage as the self-professed, best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Natalya says that the only change that will matter around here is the change that will happen tonight when she defeats Charlotte. Natalya makes of Ric Flair and Charlotte and basically tells the fans how she will win tonight.

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Highlights of the Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles match from Survivor Series are shown.

AJ Styles promo

WWE Champion, AJ Styles comes out.

They show a video clip from Twitter of Paul Heyman praising AJ Styles.

Loud AJ Styles chant. AJ says that he wishes he could celebrate with the fans, but things didn’t go down the way he wanted at Survivor Series. He said that Brock Lesnar is every bit the best he thought he was. AJ mentioned how crazy is was getting the phone calls and messages praising him for his match. He said that after Survivor Series, he wasn’t the one limping to the back. Enough about Brock Lesnar and Survivor Series. This is the house AJ Styles built! AJ brings up Jinder Mahal saying that he was going to take his title from him. Aj takes off his belt and short and asks Jinder to come out and take it.

Jinder is shown on Tron. Jinder said that two weeks ago, AJ took advantage of him in the middle of a European tour. He said he would have beaten Brock Lesnar and would be standing in that ring as the Beast Master. AJ says “Do you realize how stupid that sounds?”

AJ challenges Jinder. Jinder says he will fight when he’s ready. He chooses his rematch when he wants. Jinder tells AJ that he’s a disgraced. He will invoke his rematch at the Clash of the Champions PPV. The Singh brothers attack AJ from behind. AJ lays them both out. Styles clash on Samir. AJ stands with the belt held high. Jinder is watching on the Tron and tells AJ “At the Clash of Champions!”

Backstage, Aiden English was singing to Rusev. Kevin and Sami enter the locker room applauding Aiden’s singing. They tell him that he’s gifted. Sami says they don’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving, they want to celebrate Rusev day! Kevin tried to get them on their side for tonight.

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WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship
Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Natalya

Natalya and Charlotte got back-and-forth early in the match. Natalya tries to apply the sharpshooter, but Charlotte gets free. Natalya sends Charlotte face first into the middle turnbuckle.

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Charlotte elbows Natalya in corner. Charlotte gets up on the second rope and delivers a few shots, then Natalya picks her up from the corner and powerbombs her. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter, and Charlotte grabs the bottom rope. Natalya delivers a few punches. Charlotte fights back and sends Natalya face face into the turnbuckle. Charlotte goes to the top, goes for the moonsault, but Natalya had her knees up. Both take a while to get up, then Charlotte spears Natalya. Natalya is on the outside. Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riot run in and attack Natalya. Referee calls for the bell. Natalya is down and out. Liv, Sarah and Ruby look at Charlotte who’s trying to get up in the ring. Charlotte sees them coming in and tries to fight them, but she’s outnumbered. Sarah delivers a vicious boot the mid-section of Charlotte. They beat her down.

Winner by DQ: Natalya

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Backstage, Daniel Bryan is asked about what happened in the Smackdown Women’s match. He says it’s an interesting situation, but no comment. Kevin and Sami approach Daniel telling him that they will get ripped limb from limb because the entire roster is jealous of their success. Sami says that this is a final reminder of how valuable they are. Firing them will be the biggest mistake he’s ever made. Daniel says “Good luck guys.”

Lumberjack Match
The New Day vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

The Smackdown roster surround the ring.

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Match starts with Kevin and Big E. Waist lock by Kevin, Big E over powers him and takes him down. Headlock by Owens, but Big E takes him down. Kofi gets the tag. Kofi gets thrown to the outside. The lumberjacks leave him alone. Kofi is back in the ring untouched. Zayn gets the tag. Waist lock by Kofi, then headlock by Sami. Kofi sends him to the ropes and Zayn takes him down. Kofi fights back with a back elbow. Kofi is thrown outside the ring. The lumberjacks don’t touch him. Zayn goes out and they all attack him. Zayn goes in the ring and tries to escape, but the entire men’s roster carry him back to the ring.

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Big E is stomping on Owens in the corner. Kofi and Big E exchange tags. Owens fights back with the help of Zayn. Sami gets the tag. Sami hammers away on Kofi in the corner. Sami is mocking Kofi. Clothesline by Sami, covers, 1,2 and a kickout by Kofi. Zayn tags Kevin. Kevin delivers a headbutt on Kofi. Kevin slams Kofi and covers, 1,2, Kofi kicks out. Kofi fights back and tags Big E. Zayn gets the tag too. Big E belly to belly drop on Sami. Big splash by Big E. Big E picks up Sami, but Sami escapes. Kofi gets the tag, cross body by Kofi and a kickout by Sami. Owens and Big E in the ring, double clothesline on each other. Kofi throws Sami to the outside. Corbin was about to punch Sami, but Sami moves out of the way and accidently hits Bobby Roode. A big brawl breaks out. Lumberjacks in the ring during this brawl, then the ring is cleared. Sami jumps Kofi from behind and rolls him up for the 1,2,3.

After the match, Rusev attacks Big E on the outside. Kevin Owens escapes through the crowd. Kofi goes on the top rope and jumps onto Rusev and Aiden to the outside. Sami tries to escape also, but The New Day grab him and send him into the ring. Kofi, Xavier and Big E attack Sami Zayn in the ring. Spinning kick by Xavier on Sami followed by the Midnight Hour by Big E and Xavier.

Kevin Owens is walking backstage and sees Daniel Bryan. He gets down on his knees and begs not to be fired. Daniel said he was never going to fire them. He recognizes his talent. Daniel Bryan makes a match for next Week, Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton.

Winners: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Quick Match Results:

* Shelton Benjamin def. Jey Uso
* Natalya def. Charlotte by disqualification
* Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn def. The New Day