WWE SmackDown 03 27 2018

WWE Smackdown Results
March 27, 2018
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video package kicks off the show looking at last week’s epic return of Daniel Bryan as an active professional wrestler. Bryan put over the fans and his wife, Brie Bella. Bryan talked about fighting for your dreams and making them fight for you. Later in the evening, Bryan fired Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn stemming from their brutal attack of Shane McMahon the week prior. Owens and Zayn attacked Bryan, culminating with an apron powerbomb.

Bobby Roode and Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal and Rusev

Sunil Singh is alongside Jinder Mahal, but he’s in a neck brace and has his arm in a sling. Mahal says due to the unprovoked attack by Roode and Orton, Singh cannot compete. Mahal has traded a tiger for a lion. Rusev’s music hits to a huge ovation. Aiden English and Sunil Singh will be at ringside.

Bobby Roode will start the match against Jinder Mahal. Mahal applies a waistlock, but Roode quickly counters out. Mahal elbows him in the face and punches him in the corner. Mahal stomps him down. Roode punches back and whips him into the ropes, but Mahal shoulder blocks him down. Mahal hits the ropes, but Roode hits a hip toss and an inverted atomic drop. Roode goes for a neckbreaker, but Mahal shoves him off. Roode knocks Rusev off the apron and hits Mahal with a blockbuster. Sunil Singh gets on the apron for a distraction, but Randy Orton pulls him off the apron and sends him headfirst into the barricade.

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We come back from the break to see Orton uppercut Rusev in the corner. Roode tags in and puts Rusev back in the corner before chopping the chest. Orton tags himself in and dropkicks Rusev down. Orton then allows Roode to tag in. Roode then drops Rusev with a dropkick. Orton tags himself in, and Roode is not pleased. Orton puts Rusev in the corner and stomps and punches him down. Orton backs up and taunts Roode. Rusev then kicks Orton down and picks up a near fall. Mahal tags in and stomps Orton before dropping some knees. Mahal elbows Orton in the head a few times and picks him apart. Rusev tags in and picks up a two count. Mahal tags in and comes off the second rope with an axe handle to Orton. Mahal elbows him in the head and applies a headlock. Orton counters out with a back suplex.

Roode tags in and clotheslines Mahal before shoulder blocking him down. Roode hits a neckbreaker and knocks Rusev off the apron. Roode goes to the top rope and hits a diving clothesline. Roode poses for the crowd and sets up for his finish. Mahal counters out of a Glorious DDT, but Roode comes right back with a spinebuster. Rusev breaks up the pin. Orton smirks at Rusev. Roode sidesteps Rusev to get him out of the ring. Mahal then kicks Roode in the face for a two count.

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We come back from the break to see Rusev applying a chin lock to Roode. Roode fights up and fights out. Roode chops him before hitting the rope, but Mahal wipes him out with a high knee to the face for a near fall. Rusev tags in and stomps the lower back of Roode. Rusev connects with an impressive gutwrench suplex. Rusev clubs the back and chokes him on the ropes. Mahal tags in and stomps Roode once again. Mahal digs his knees into Roode’s back and reapplies a chin lock. Roode fights up and punches out. Mahal reverses a whip, and Orton blind tags in. Roode then hits Mahal with a diving clothesline. Roode isn’t happy with Orton. Orton invites him to leave the ring, and Roode does. Rusev tags in, but Orton senses this and hits a pair of clotheslines before hitting a scoop powerslam. Rusev rolls to the apron, and Orton connects with a hanging DDT. Orton signals for an RKO. Mahal runs in, and Roode cuts him off. Mahal shoves him into Orton. Roode then gets Mahal out of the ring. Orton turns Roode around, and Roode shoves him. Orton then hits him with an RKO. Orton then turns into a Machka Kick. Rusev then covers Orton for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Jinder Mahal and Rusev

Shinsuke Nakamura will face Shelton Benjamin later tonight. We’ll also see some fallout from the attack on Daniel Bryan. Finally, The New Day will take on The Bludgeon Brothers.

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Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh find Rusev backstage with Aiden English. Mahal talks about their big win and says he wants Rusev in the front row at WrestleMania for his United States Championship win. Rusev says he has a better idea. He just pinned the United States Champion, so he’s going to find Daniel Bryan and make this a Fatal 4-Way. English sings that it will be “Rusev-Mania!” They walk off. Mahal is not pleased.

AJ Styles is backstage when Shinsuke Nakamura walks in. Nakamura asks if he’s ok because it seems like he’s lost his confidence. Styles says he’s never had confidence issues. Nakamura says he wants him at his best at WrestleMania, just like Styles does. Nakamura says he has a match tonight and wants Styles in his corner. Styles says he has Shelton Benjamin, so Chad Gable won’t be far behind. Styles says he’ll only be out there so their history making match won’t be hurt.

Becky Lynch vs. Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad

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The bell rings, and they lock up. Riott applies a side headlock, but Lynch whips her off. Riott quickly shoulder blocks her down and taunts her. Lynch applies a hammerlock, but Riott elbows her in the face and elbows her down. Riott covers, but Lynch bends to her feet. Lynch hits the ropes and dropkicks her down. Riott quickly gets out of the ring to recover. Lynch finally catches her outside and shouts at The Riott Squad. Lynch gets Riott in the ring and sidesteps a shoulder from Riott. Riott quickly overtakes her and sweeps her down on the apron. Lynch falls to the floor. Riott slams her into the LED apron before throwing her into the barricade. Riott gets Lynch in the ring for a two count. Riott knees her in the back a few times before applying a modified surfboard stretch. Lynch fights out and whips her off. Riott quickly responds with a clothesline for a two count. Riott chokes her on the middle rope, and Sarah Logan gets a cheap shot in. Riott stomps her in the corner and whips her hard into it. Riott kicks her in the back. Lynch tries to fight back, but Riott knees her in the midsection. Lynch reverses a whip into the corner and clotheslines her down.

Both women are down. They trade forearms as they get to their feet. Lynch comes out on top with some wild forearms and an uppercut. Lynch connects with a backslide pin for a two count. Lynch clotheslines her twice before hitting a jumping calf kick to the face. Riott quickly puts her on the apron, but Lynch elbows her down and goes to the top rope. Sarah Logan provides a distraction. Riott grapevines the head and drives her into the turnbuckle. Riott covers with her feet on the ropes, but the referee catches her. Lynch soon makes a comeback and drives her into Logan on the apron, who falls into Liv Morgan. Riott rolls Lynch up, but Lynch kicks out and rolls her up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Becky Lynch

The Riott Squad quickly attacks Lynch, but she quickly sends them over the top rope, signaling that’s what she wants to do to them at the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.

Daniel Bryan is walking backstage looking upset. He’ll be out next.

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Daniel Bryan address the attack by Owens and Zayn

Daniel Bryan’s music hits, and he comes out to a huge ovation from the Pittsburgh crowd. Bryan smiles at the reception, but doesn’t do a YES chant. Bryan stays on the stage. Bryan has on a new t-shirt. A loud “Daniel Bryan” chant fires up. Bryan says he honestly loves being in Pittsburgh. Last week was one of the greatest moments of his career. After so long, he finally got the news he was waiting for: he was cleared. Bryan can now continue doing what he loved to do for over sixteen years. The support he’s received from the WWE Universe (a “You still got it” chant picks up)…

Bryan says he has a job to do as the General Manager of Smackdown Live. Smackdown Live is the land of opportunities. Therefore, he proposes to give Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn one more opportunity. Just one. A “NO” chant picks up. Bryan says his proposal is Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will face Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania! A big “YES” chant fires up. Due to complications from Owens’ and Zayn’s attack, Shane has been hospitalized, but he believes he’ll be good to go for WrestleMania. If he and Shane win, Owens and Zayn will remain fired. If they he and Shane lose, Owens and Zayn will be reinstated to Smackdown Live. Bryan says he’s had a lot of people ask him why he’s given Owens and Zayn so many opportunities. Bryan thinks they’re two of the greatest performers of this generation, as well as knowing them 15 years and being good friends with them. They’ve fought together. He’s also given them opportunities because he’s the General Manager, and that’s his job.

Bryan has a lot of things he’s supposed to do as General Manager. He’s supposed to sit in on board meetings, fill out paperwork, and wear blazers or cardigans. Bryan says he’s sick of meetings, paperwork, and wearing blazers. Bryan removes his jacket and throws it down. Bryan says he fought for three years for his dream to go back in the ring and wrestle. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens tried to take that away from him. Bryan doesn’t care how many times you kick him in the face or powerbomb him on the apron. Daniel Bryan is back and will fight at WrestleMania! A big “YES” chant picks up. There are a lot of things he’s tried to avoid saying. As an underdog, he felt he shouldn’t say them. With kids watching in the crowd and looking at him as a role model, he shouldn’t say them. As General Manager of the Smackdown brand, he shouldn’t say them. This isn’t Daniel Bryan the underdog or General Manager. This is the Daniel Bryan that fought for his dreams. This Daniel Bryan that will fight at WrestleMania against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. At WrestleMania, he’s going to kick their asses! Bryan then walks off to a nice ovation.

We’ll have an update on Shane McMahon later this evening.

Benjamin and Gable are shown backstage. Benjamin says he’s not a rockstar or artist. He’s a real athlete. Chad Gable can’t believe they don’t have a match at WrestleMania. Benjamin says they’ll make it happen against Nakamura tonight.

The New Day will face The Bludgeon Brothers, next.

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It’s official! Rusev has been added to the United States Championship match at WrestleMania, making it a Fatal 4-Way.


The New Day makes their way to the ring. Big E says they were so sure of their WrestleMania destination that they pulled out their Tom Toms (or Garvins) and gassed up the car, but the Road to WrestleMania was littered with trash. Kofi Kingston says the Road to WrestleMania was bludgeoned with trash. Large, sweaty, stinky no good pieces of trash. In this metaphor, the pieces of trash they’re talking about are who? Who? Who? The Bludgeon Brothers. Xavier Woods says they’ve decided to adopt this highway and will remove The Bludgeon Brothers from their path. Regardless of the fact that they’ve beaten them down, have mallets, and nearly broke his back, they made a mistake leaving them walking. Then they’ll go to WrestleMania and win back the WWE World Tag Team Championships because New Day Rocks!

The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers

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We join this match in progress. Rowan has Xavier Woods in an abdominal stretch before transitioning into a backbreaker. Rowan drops some knees before tagging in Harper. Harper attacks the back and rips at his face. Woods’ back is taped up. Harper chops the chest before whipping him to the opposite corner. Woods boots him back and forearms him. Rowan gets off the apron and sends Kofi Kingston into Big E. Rowan then sends Big E into the apron. Harper attacks Woods from behind and works on the back. Rowan grabs a mallet and approaches the ring, but The Usos attack him from behind. The referee stops the match.

Winners by Disqualification: The Bludgeon Brothers

The New Day triple-teams Harper and gets him out of the ring. The Usos get in and jawjack with The New Day. They all then escape the ring when The Bludgeon Brothers hit the ring with the mallets.

Replays are shown of Daniel Bryan’s promo from moments ago. Sami Zayn accepted on Twitter:

The commentators talk about Shane McMahon’s injuries from the attack by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. McMahon also has diverticulitis, unrelated to the attack. Still, McMahon has been discharged from the hospital. They then run down the major matches on the WrestleMania card.

Coming up later tonight, Shinsuke Nakamura will take on Shelton Benjamin.

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WrestleMania is 12 days away! Wow!

It’s official! Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon will take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. If Owens and Zayn win, they are reinstated. The commentators caution that they will keep everyone updated on the physical condition of Shane McMahon.

Video Package: Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

Breezango are at ringside looking at the André The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy.

Tyler Breeze w/ Fandango vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings, and Fandango gets on the apron gyrating. They go to lock up, but Fandango gets on the apron dancing again. Ziggler attacks Breeze from behind and stomps him before connecting with a dropkick. Ziggler waits for Breeze to get up and goes for a kick, but Breeze counters into a catapult into the turnbuckle. Ziggler rolls out of the ring and runs away from Breeze. Fandango runs as well, thinking Ziggler is chasing him. Breeze superkicks Ziggler for a two count. Fandango is still running around the ring. Breeze tries to tell him to stop running. Ziggler rolls him up for a two count. Breeze rolls Ziggler up for a two count. Ziggler then hits a Zig-Zag for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gets out of the ring and walks up to the trophy. Ziggler then superkicks Fandango.

Coming up next, Shinsuke Nakamura takes on Shelton Benjamin.

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New WrestleMania match: The Usos will defend the Smackdown Tag Team Championships against The New Day and The Bludgeon Brothers!

Shinsuke Nakamura w/ AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin w/ Chad Gable

The bell rings, and they carefully approach one another. Benjamin quickly takes him down, but Nakamura sweeps him off. Benjamin quickly ducks a kick and backs up. Benjamin kicks Nakamura and sends him into the ropes, but Nakamura comes back with a knee to the ribs and some kicks. Nakamura stomps him in the corner and chokes him. There are dueling chants for Nakamura and Styles.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Nakamura trapped in a chin lock. During the commercial, Benjamin slammed him down on the apron. Nakamura fights up and hits a running kick. They’re both down now. Nakamura gets to his feet and shouts, “COME ON!!” Nakamura kicks him in the neck and sends him to the corner. Nakamura hits a running knee before laying him across the top turnbuckle and hitting another running knee. Chad Gable gets on the apron, but AJ Styles pulls him off. Benjamin counters Nakamura by sending him to the corner and hitting a running knee to the face. Benjamin follows up with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Nakamura counters Pay Dirt into an arm bar attempt. Benjamin fights it and tries for a single leg crab. Nakamura counters into a triangle choke attempt. Benjamin fights it, but Nakamura gets it locked in. Benjamin powers him up. Nakamura blocks a kick and spins him, but Benjamin kicks him back. Nakamura comes back with a flying knee and follows up with the Kinshasa for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura grabs a microphone and invites Styles into the ring. Styles gets in and grabs a microphone. Nakamura thanks Styles for being in his corner, but he never needed his help. Nakamura only wanted him to see how he will beat him at WrestleMania. Styles smirks. Styles laughs at this mind games attempt. Styles says he won’t be playing games at WrestleMania. This isn’t just a dream match for the crowd. It’s a dream match for him as well. They’re going to tear the house down. That is what they do and who they are. His dream match goes a little different. Outside of him, Nakamura is the best. When he walks into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion and defeats him, that’ll prove that he’s better than the best. AJ Styles is phenomenal. This is the house that A.J. Styles built! Nakamura says Styles is fierce, but he’s calm. That’s why he’ll beat him at WrestleMania. Styles is too emotional. Nakamura then leaves the ring.

Benjamin and Gable attack Styles from behind. Nakamura runs into the ring and gives Gable a reverse exploder before taking out Benjamin. Nakamura notices Styles down and sets up for a Kinshasa. Nakamura charges, but he puts the brakes on and laughs. Nakamura says, “Knee to face!” before patting him on the head and leaving.

Quick Match Results

* Jinder Mahal and Rusev def. Bobby Roode and Randy Orton
* Becky Lynch def. Ruby Riott
* The Bludgeon Brothers def. The New Day via DQ
* Dolph Ziggler def. Tyler Breeze
* Shinsuke Nakamura def. Shelton Benjamin