WWE SmackDown 05 29 2018

WWE Smackdown Results
May 29, 2018
Raleigh, North Carolina
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

We go live to Raleigh where Samoa Joe walks out to kick off the show.

Samoa Joe addresses Daniel Bryan

Joe walks to ringside and immediately pulls out a ladder. He slides it inside the ring and sets it up under both Money in the Bank briefcases hanging above the ring. Joe climbs up the ladder and pulls down the men’s briefcase. He grabs a mic to begin addressing the audience as he continues to hold the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Joe promises he will be smiling after Money in the Bank just like he is right now as he holds up the briefcase. “I will have ascended up and taken down the Money in the Bank briefcase.” He promises to unleash a campaign of a fear on Smackdown Live after he does so, a campaign that will “shake this place to its very core.”

Joe says he will prove to Daniel Bryan tonight that worse things do exist compared to “forced retirement.” He advises Bryan call Brie Bella so they can inform their daughter that he won’t be returning home the same man after Money in the Bank. Joe says Bryan will be drenched in failure. He says a bad man named Samoa Joe will be to blame.

Daniel Bryan walks out with a mic in hand. He says you don’t cross certain lines. “You mention my wife or my daughter one more time and I will break your leg.” Bryan says they don’t have to wait and they can fight right now. Big cheers from the crowd in Raleigh for this. Bryan heads to the ring to face off with Joe as Big Cass walks out.

Cass walks out with one crutch and a mic in hand. He calls Joe and Bryan children. Cass refers to them as the “shrimp and the blimp.” He points out that should be his Money in the Bank opportunity and is sick of this second chance crap. Cass slowly walks up to the ring apron and informs them after speaking with Paige that this match between Bryan and Joe will not happen. He gets inside the ring and informs Joe he will face him instead for the final spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match when he is cleared. Cass informs them he is already cleared. He takes out Joe with the crutch. Bryan with shots to Cass including kicks to the chest. Cass launches Bryan into the ladder. Cass grabs the briefcase and hits Joe. Cass then hits Bryan with the briefcase. Cass smiles and holds up the briefcase.

Commentary wonders if Big Cass is indeed competing for the final spot tonight.

Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura is doing a countdown to 10 using flash cards. When he gets to 10 he rips up the card and stares off in the distance.

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Backstage, Paige books Mandy Rose against Asuka. Renee Young walks up and wants to know if what Big Cass said earlier was true. Paige says Cass is medically cleared and Daniel Bryan did earn his second chance. She said the only fair way to do this tonight is Big Cass vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Tye Dillinger

Dillinger shoves Nakamura early. Dillinger with a big chop and sends Nakamura to the corner. More chops from Dillinger. Nakamura bails after shots from Dillinger in the corner and catches Dillinger with a low kick on the outside. Nakamura connects with a big knee to the face of Dillinger when Dillinger attempts a suicide dive through the ropes.

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Back live, Dillinger catches Nakamura with a jaw breaker. Nakamura immediately responds with a big knee to the mid section. The referee starts the count for Dillinger as Nakamura counts along. Nakamura with an axe kick after Dillinger fights to his feet. He continues to count along with the referee when Dillinger remains down. Dillinger is back up at 7 in the corner. Nakamura with knees to the ribs up Dillinger. Dillinger is back up before the 10 count again and mocks Nakamura with his “come on” taunt. Dillinger with left hands. Nakamura with a knee, kick and Dillinger responds with a jumping clothesline. Nakamura with a knee off the second rope that catches Nakamura. Nakamura backs up in the corner as Dillinger sits up. Nakamura charges and connects with Kinshasa for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Shinsuke Nakamura connects with a knee to the back of Tye Dillinger’s neck. Nakamura grabs the mic and counts to 10 as the referee checks on Dillinger.

Backstage, Dasha is with WWE Champion AJ Styles. Styles hasn’t forgotten what Shinsuke Nakamura did to him last week. He talks about Nakamura picking a stipulation that favors him as a skilled striker. Styles talks about being constantly underestimated in his career. He promises to be the Last Man Standing at Money in the Bank.

Backstage, Rusev and Aiden English are giving Lana advice about her dance off.

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Dance Off: Lana vs. Naomi

Aiden English and Rusev are out first to introduce Lana.

Naomi is out next along with The Usos.

We get an introduction for the dance off that will last 60 seconds for Lana and Naomi. Lana is up first. Rusev is live streaming her dancing on Instagram. Naomi is next. Big reaction for Naomi’s dancing, including from both Usos in the corner. Lana and Naomi decide to dance together. They hug and pose. Lana then grabs Naomi and connects with a reverse neckbreaker. Rusev pulls Lana off Naomi. Lana slaps Jimmy Uso. Naomi slaps Lana. The Usos take out Rusev and English. Naomi with her Rear View to Lana.

Backstage, we see New Day with pancakes and then Miz dodging pancakes with The Bar.

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The New Day vs. The Miz and The Bar

We start with Big E and Cesaro. Big E with a big belly to belly on Cesaro and tags in Xavier Woods who follows up with a kick to the chest. Kofi Kingston tags in and splashes over Cesaro. Kingston is quickly dumped to the outside as we head to a break.

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We return live with Miz working over Kingston. Sheamus gets the tag and kicks Kingston. Kingston with rights. Sheamus tosses Kingston to the corner, tags in Cesaro and Cesaro connects with a corner uppercut. Quick tag back to Sheamus who knocks Woods off the corner. Tag to Cesaro who drops an elbow over Kingston with help from Sheamus. Cesaro misses a corner shot and goes flying over the top rope. Miz is also sent to the outside by Kingston. Big E with a shot to Sheamus at ringside. Sheamus and Miz then double team Big E sending him into the ring barricade. Sheamus with a knee to the face of Kingston with the referee distracted. Tag to Miz. Kingston with S.O.S. to Miz. Hot tag to Woods who clears house on Cesaro and connects with repeated low kicks to Sheamus. Woods with a tilt-a-whirl takedown on Sheamus, takes out Miz with a kick and avoids a charge from Sheamus. Woods jumps off Sheamus over the top rope taking out Cesaro. Woods climbs back in connecting with a tornado DDT on Sheamus. Kingston with a dive to Miz on the outside. Cesaro takes out Kingston and gets the tag. Cesaro off the top rope with a sledgehammer shot over Woods for a two count. Tag to Big E. Big E with a corner planting Rock Bottom into a Codebreaker by Woods for a close two count on Cesaro. Miz with a DDT on Big E. Kingston breaks it up. Sheamus dumps Kingston out. Woods with an elbow to Sheamus. Sheamus catches Woods on the outside dropping him over the barricade. Kingston with a dive taking out Sheamus and Cesaro on the outside. Big Ending on Miz for the win.

Winners: The New Day

Backstage, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson talk about The Bludgeon Brothers. They are about to call them nerds when Harper and Rowan show up on a nearby screen.

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Smackdown Women’s Champion Carmella joins commentary at ringside.

Mandy Rose vs. Asuka

As Asuka makes her way to the ring, Sonya Deville runs out and attacks Asuka. Deville heads to the back as Asuka recovers and rolls inside the ring.

The bell rings and here we go. Rose charges in and throws Asuka to the corner. Rose with right hands and kicks to Asuka. Asuka with body kicks to Rose. Rose with an overhead back suplex for a two count. Rose pulls back the arms of Asuka, tosses her to the corner and connects with a dropkick. Rose with a follow up knee for a two count.

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Back live, Asuka is connecting with kicks to the chest and then connects with a kick to the face after bouncing off the ropes. Asuka connects with a dropkick off the top rope on Rose. Asuka with a roll up for a two count on Rose. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock, but Rose counters with back elbows. Asuka rolls Rose around and gets the Asuka Lock. Rose taps.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Carmella gets inside the ring and holds up the Smackdown Women’s Champion in the face of Asuka. Asuka smiles as Carmella moonwalks out of the ring.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair predicts Asuka will win the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank. She predicts she will win the briefcase as well setting up a big WrestleMania rematch. Becky Lynch disagrees thinking she will be the winner. She understands they are friends, but no one will stop her from winning. Charlotte understands Becky wants to win, but she needs to win her title back. Paige walks up liking this competitive spirit between Charlotte and Becky.

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Backstage, Sin Cara tries to give Andrade “Cien” Almas a hug when Zelina Vega shows up. She tells Sin Cara to stay away. Sin Cara says he goes way back with Andrade. Andrade tells Sin Cara to never touch him again in Spanish as they walk away.

Winner Advances to Men’s MITB Match
Samoa Joe vs. Big Cass vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings as both Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe double team Big Cass in the corner with kicks. Bryan and Joe both send Cass into the ropes and hit double elbows. Joe fires off a chop, snapmare and kick to the back on Bryan. Joe with a headbutt to Bryan. Bryan flips off the corner, hits the ropes and connects with a kick to Cass through the ropes. Joe levels Bryan and then connects with a dive to the outside catching Cass. Bryan dives off the top rope and takes out both Joe and Cass at ringside as we head to a break.

-Commercial Break-

Back live, Joe has the rear naked choke on Cass when Bryan runs in. Joe cuts him off and connects with his big boot and senton splash. Bryan with kicks to Cass in the corner, but Cass cuts him off with a big shot over the head. Cass tosses Bryan outside and then launches him across the announce table at ringside. Back inside, Joe catches Cass with a boot in the corner. Joe is sitting up top when Bryan runs up to break it up. Bryan sends Cass face first into Joe. Bryan with a snap top rope huricanrana on Joe! Bryan his running corner dropkick to Joe once, twice and Cass cuts off a third attempt with a big clothesline resulting in a two count. Cass with a big knee to the mid section of Bryan.

-Commercial Break-

We return live as we see Joe throwing chops at Cass. Cass responds throwing big forearms to the back of Joe. Cass plants Joe with a big spinebuster and a jumping elbow. Cass with kicks to the bad left knee of Cass. Cass catches Bryan and connects with a sitdown side slam for a two count. Cass with rights to Joe. Bryan with an uppercut to Cass. Bryan goes for the leg of Cass and connects with a dragon screw. Bryan with a dragon screw takedown on Joe. Bryan unleashes his Yes Kicks on Joe and Cass. Bryan connects with big kicks to the head on both Joe and Cass, getting a two count on Cass. Bryan with another dragon screw on Cass. Joe gets the rear naked choke applied on Bryan. Bryan flips back getting Joe’s shoulders down for a two count. Bryan pulls down the top rope to send Joe outside. Cass misses a boot. Bryan is going for the Yes Lock, gets Cass down and gets the left arm locked. Joe grabs the leg of Bryan at ringside to break it up. Bryan with a running knee to the face of Joe off the ring apron. All three men are down. Bryan is now up on the top turnbuckle and jumps connecting with a missile dropkick to Cass. Bryan flips back up to his feet. Bryan connects with his running knee to Cass. Joe breaks it up and gets Bryan locked in the rear naked choke. Bryan is fading. Bryan is out. Joe gets the win.

Winner and Advancing to Money in the Bank: Samoa Joe

After the match, Samoa Joe rolls out of the ring and celebrates his win. Joe has secured the final spot in the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match in Chicago.

We then see Daniel Bryan starting to recover inside the ring. Big Cass is back up. When Bryan gets up, Cass levels him with a big boot and celebrates to close the show.

Quick Match Results:

* Shinsuke Nakamura def. Tye Dillinger
* The New Day def. The Miz and The Bar in a six man tag team match
* Asuka def. Mandy Rose
* Samoa Joe def. Daniel Bryan and Big Cass to advance to the Men’s MITB Match