WWE SmackDown 06 26 2018

WWE Smackdown Results
June 26 2018
Ontario, Canada
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Smackdown Live kicks off with The Miz on Miz TV. He introduces the WWE Smackdown Tag Team champions, The Bludgeon Brothers. The Miz says they have something in common and that is that last week on Smackdown Live, they all showed how easy it is to dismantle Danyel Brian. He asks them why they attacked Daniel Bryan last week.

A loud Daniel Bryan chant breaks out and The Miz says they will not disrespect the Smackdown Tag Team champions. He says let’s look at the feature presentation as we see a clip of last week’s Smackdown where Daniel Bryan is speaking with Renee Young.

The Miz says that’s what they refer to in Hollywood as Act 1. The Miz says this story is about them. Enter Daniel Bryan who is a pathetic little dreamer. We see a second clip of The Bludgeon Brothers defeating Gallows and Anderson and then Daniel Bryan interrupting them with his entrance. He says that is Act 2.

He leaves Renee Young and disrespects The Bludgeon Brothers. He says Daniel Bryan can’t stand it when the attention isn’t on him. But that was an early plot twist because Daniel is the villain of this film. And here is his favorite part of the movie. Act 3. We see highlights of The Bludgeon Brothers double teaming Daniel Bryan during the gauntlet match.

The Miz starts applauding and tells the crowd to give it up, what a performance. The Miz starts sucking up to them and they knock the microphone out of his hand. Daniel Bryan’s music hits as he walks down with a microphone. The Miz says there he is, what a shocker. Daniel trying to steal their spotlight once again.

Daniel Bryan interrupts and tells him to shut up. He tells The Bludgeon Brothers that last week they cost him a chance at the WWE title. He says size isn’t nearly as important as heart. And he is not afraid of the two of them and certainly not afraid of The Miz. He says he is not out here asking if they will fight him but he is asking which one of them will fight him first.

Luke Harper grabs the microphone and tells him he never learns but he will tonight. The Bludgeon Brothers’ music hits.

Backstage we have The New Day speaking with someone who is blending pancakes with what appears to be milk. He hands the drink to Xavier Woods who has a drink of it.

Up next is Xavier Woods vs. Rusev.

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Xavier Woods vs. Rusev

The New Day come out and after that comes Aiden English who introduces Rusev.

The bell rings and we are under way. A quick headlock by Woods as Rusev sends him to the ropes and shoulder blocks him down. He sends Woods to the ropes but Woods with a reversal as he kicks Rusev. Woods runs towards Rusev but Rusev catches him and delivers a spinebuster. He goes for the cover but a two count as Woods kicks out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and Rusev has Woods in a bear hug but Woods gets out of it. Right hands by Woods and a kick to the knee and stomach. Woods with chops to the chest. He sends Rusev to the ropes and a forearm by Woods. Rusev crawls to the corner. Woods runs towards him but Rusev throws him onto the ring apron. Woods kicks Rusev and a tornado DDT onto Rusev. He goes for the cover but Rusev grabs the ropes.

Woods gets Rusev up on his shoulders but Rusev fights back. Woods with a super kick. He runs towards Rusev but he catches Woods with the Samoan drop. He goes for the cover but Woods kicks out. Woods in toe corner, Rusev runs towards him but Woods moves and Rusev goes shoulder first onto the post.

Woods climbs the opposite top rope and jumps off but Rusev moves out of the way. Rusev delivers the Machka Kick and delivers the Accolade as Woods taps out.

Winner: Rusev

Rusev grabs the microphone and says tonight was not about Xavier Woods, pancakes or whatever. Tonight was about AJ Styles. He says AJ, I know you are watching and scared. And he proved it last week when he punched Aiden in the face. A mixed AJ Styles and Rusev Day chant breaks out.

Rusev says AJ, he is coming for him and he will take the title from him and it is going to be a great Rusev Day.

Jeff Hardy wearing face paint cuts a promo backstage. He says he is ready to take flight and fight. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the United States champion comes down.

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Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young

Backstage, Lana and Naomi are talking about the dance off. In come the cast of Glow. Naomi welcomes them to Smackdown Live. They say they’re all big fans and fell the glow. They state that both Lana and Naomi should work together. Naomi tells Lana she knows how to dance and maybe they can be ravishing together. And then everyone will feel the glow.

Back in the ring, SAnitY’s music hits. Eric Young is in the ring with Jeff as the bell rings. Young attacks Jeff right away. Jeff fights back and goes for the Twist of Fate but he botches the move. He climbs the top rope but Young rolls out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Young has Jeff in a headlock in the ring. Jeff fights out and a double forearm by Young takes Jeff out. He goes for the cover but Jeff kicks out. He grabs Jeff by the head and climbs the top rope as he stars choking Jeff. He goes for the cover and again Jeff kicks out.

Young grabs Jeff’s head and quickly twists it as if he was snapping it off. Young goes for the cover but once more Hardy kicks out. Jeff starts fighting back but a clothesline by Young. Again he goes for another cover but Jeff kicks out.

Eric Young grabs Jeff by the head and twists it, working on his neck. Jeff starts fighting back and a jaw breaker by Jeff. Right hands by Hardy and an atomic drop by Jeff. He goes for the cover but only a two count. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Young turns around and a double clothesline from both men.

Out come The Usos from the crowd. They start fighting with the other two members of SAnitY. Young runs to the outside and starts fighting with The Usos as the referee rings the bell. All six men are in the ring fighting but The Usos and Jeff clean house.

Winner: No Contest

-Commercial Break-

Jeff Hardy and The Usos vs. SAnitY

Back from commercial and it’s a six man tag team match. Killian Dain beating on Jey Uso as he tags Alexander Wolfe. He beats on Jey and tags Eric Young in. The two double team Jey. Dain tags himself back in and he continues working on Jey Uso. Dain with a suplex and goes for the cover but Jey kicks out.

Jey starts fighting back but Dain with an uppercut. Dain hits Jimmy Uso on the ring apron. He tags Eric Young in as they double team Jey. Young picks Jey up but Jey lands on his feet and pushes Young to the outside. He goes to tag Jeff but Eric Young trips Jeff Hardy off the ring apron.

Young gets back in the ring and an elbow drop. He tags Dain in. The two go to double team Jey but Jey throws Young to the outside. Dain runs towards Jey but Jey moves and Dain hits the ring post. Jey tags Jimmy in and Dain tags Wolfe in. He goes after Wolfe in the ring. He goes for the superkick but Wolfe catches him and Uso hits him with a spinning kick. He goes for the cover but Young breaks it up. In comes Jeff and Dain. Dain throws Jeff to the outside and Jey catches Dain with a super kick. A double super kick on Dain as he falls to the outside of the ring.

Jimmy flies over the top rope and lands on SAnitY. Wolfe in the ring grabs Jey with a German suplex but Jeff tags himself in. Jey catches Wolfe with a super kick. Jeff off the top rope with the Swanton Bomb. He goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and The Usos

Backstage, Becky Lynch has her headphones on as someone from the staff tells her she is up next.

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Becky Lynch vs. Sonya Deville

The bell rings and both women exchange reversals. A shoulder block by Sonya. She goes for the cover but Becky gets out of it right away. Sonya grabs Becky from behind and drops her to the mat. She still has Becky by the waist and Becky throws her to the outside.

Becky approaches the ring apron and Sonya grabs her by the legs and brings her to the outside. Becky grabs Sonya and throws her over the announce table.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Sonya has Becky in a submission in the ring. Becky gets out of it and tries to fight back but Sonya with a knee takes Becky down. She goes for the cover but a kick out. Sonya with a submission on Becky but Lynch gets out of it. Becky with some offense of her own as she fights back.

Becky tries to go for the Dis-Arm-Her but Sonya reverses it into an enziguri on Becky. Lynch goes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle but Mandy distracts her as Sonya grabs her off the top and drops her. She goes for the cover but Becky kicks out.

Sonya with right hands. Sonya goes to attack Becky but Becky trips her and she knocks Mandy down. Becky with the Dis-Arm-Her and Sonya taps out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

James Ellsworth is backstage with the Asuka mask on. Tye Dillinger sees him and he quickly takes the mask off. Tye puts the mask back on him and tells him that’s more of a 10. James says without the mask he’s more of a 10 though as he holds his 10 fingers up. Tye brings down 9 fingers and leaves one up. James says he’s just a one? Tye says he’s got it and walks away.

-Commercial Break-

Zelina Vega and Andrade cut a pre-recorded promo talking about how there’s no one challenging Andrade.

James Ellsworth’s music hits. James says there are two types of men in this world. The one’s who graduated high school and like to talk about their feelings. And there are real men like him, who stand up for what they believe him. He mentions how Asuka interrupted Carmella’s celebration last week and attacked him for no reason. He tells Asuka that it’s a man’s world and when she messes with the bull, she gets the horn. He says he loves and respects women, before people start blowing up his Twitter.

But when it comes to himself and Asuka, there’s no love. There’s no respect. He says he wasn’t ready for Asuka last week as he takes off his shirt but he is ready for Asuka this week. He dares her to kick him tonight.

Paige’s music hits and the Smackdown Live General Manager comes down. She tells James that Asuka isn’t here and she knows Asuka isn’t here because James has been backstage asking everyone where Asuka is. But since she’s here, let’s get down to business.

Paige says it will be Carmella defending her WWE women’s title at Extreme Rules against Asuka. James says it’s funny because they both know Asuka doesn’t deserve a championship rematch. James says that’s not the only reason she is out here. He says she is out here to ask him out on a date. Paige says yes, he got her. That’s why she’s here. How does next Tuesday sound as she puts her hand on his arm. James says yes, yes. Paige tells him to shh and next Tuesday sounds great. She tells James he won’t go out on a date with her but it will be a one on one match against Asuka.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is with Gallows and Anderson getting ready for his match against Luke Harper.

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Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper

The bell rings and Harper throws Bryan to the outside of the ring. Bryan quickly gets back in and gets Harper in the corner. Bryan goes for the kicks but Harper just throws him back to the outside. He throws Bryan into the barricade.

He lifts Daniel Bryan up but Bryan pushes him into the ring post. Bryan quickly gets back in the ring as Harper follows. Bryan tries to get some offense in but Harper quickly knocks him down. Harper runs towards Bryan but Bryan lowers the rope and Harper goes to the outside. Bryan jumps through the ropes but Harper catches him and throws him onto the announce table. A big boot by Harper onto Bryan.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and inside the ring, Harper is beating on Daniel Bryan. Harper gets on the ring apron and flips over the top rope onto Bryan. He goes for the cover but Daniel kicks out. Harper with a headlock onto Daniel.

Bryan gets out of it but a big right hand by Harper takes Daniel back down. Daniel in the corner as Harper runs towards him but Daniel gets his legs up. Harper in the corner and Daniel Bryan runs and a drop kick on Harper in the corner. He runs again but Harper catches him and a mishinoku driver. He goes for the cover but Daniel kicks out.

Harper gets Daniel in the corner and a big chop. Daniel answers back with a chop of his own but Harper headbutts him down. Harper lifts Bryan and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Harper climbs to the top and goes for the suplex but Bryan fights back bringing Harper down. Bryan with right hands and a flying DDT by Daniel Bryan.

Bryan gets up and with Harper on his knees, Daniel with the Yes kicks. He goes for another kick but Harper ducks. Bryan rolls him for the cover but he Harper kicks out. Both men get up, Harper goes for a right hand but Bryan brings him down and applies the Yes lock. Harper jumps into the ring and attacks Bryan as the referee rings the ball. Both men start beating on Bryan in the corner.

Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

Kane’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring! He gets face to face with The Bludgeon Brothers. He starts attacking both men but they fight back. Daniel Bryan off the top rope with a double drop kick takes both men down. Rowan is knocked to the outside and Kane with a chokeslam on Harper.

Daniel Bryan stares at Kane in disbelief as Kane approaches him. Kane opens his arms for a hug but Daniel shakes his head to signal no. He walks towards Kane and they both hug.

Paige’s music hits. She comes out and says that at Extreme Rules, the Bludgeon Brothers will defend the Smackdown Tag Team titles against Team Hell No, Kane and Daniel Bryan.