WWE Friday Night SmackDown 11 08 2019

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
November 8, 2019
Manchester, England
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

“Then… Now… Forever…”

A recap of last week’s NXT invasion of ‘Smackdown’ airs.

The pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to Manchester, England and King Corbin is making his way to the ring.

“Survivor Series is 2 weeks from this Sunday and for the first time ever, the battle for brand supremacy will between Raw, Smackdown, and NXT,” Corbin proclaims. He talks about how the WWE Universe cannot stop talking about last week’s NXT invasion and he takes great offense to it all, blaming Roman Reigns for not being there when it happened. He lists his accolades, including his victory over leukemia in less than a year, but asks “What have you done for us lately?” He rants about how Reigns has under-performed over the past year and that he is nowhere near the Big Dog he claims to be… he’s more of a little chihuahua. A computer graphic of Roman Reigns’ dog in his entrance appears yelping like a small dog, Corbin laughing hysterically.

“Where’s Roman?,” he asks. “He’s probably granting a wish to some kid while I’ll be waiting here for him.” Corbin displays a couple of small plastic bags, encouraging the WWE Universe to scrape up what’s left of Reigns after their match for souvenirs.

Big E and Kofi Kingston are seen walking backstage, stopped by Kayla, asked about their impending Smackdown Tag Team Title match with The Revival and reply that they are going to become 7-time Tag Team champions and their doing it for their boy, Xavier Woods, as they display black armbands with the white letters ‘XW’ written on them.

*Commercial Break*

Big E bellows throughout the Manchester Arena as we come back from commercial break. Kofi tosses out the pancakes joyfully until The Revival’s music hits and the Smackdown Tag Team Champions make their to defend their titles.

The Revival (c) v. The New Day (Big E & Kingston)
Smackdown Tag Team Title Match

Kingston and Dawson start it off with Kingston failing in quick pin attempts only to be answered with a forearm shot from Dawson. Kingston’s brought to the opposing corner for a Wilder tag but Kingston powers out of it, taking Wilder to his corner and a Big E tag. After a double team effort and kick out, Big E works on Wilder who seems to be favoring his left knee.

After running the ropes, Wilder goes down in a heap without a finger laid on him. The refs runs in to check on him as he grimaces in his corner in pain…

*Commercial Break*

Returning from break, we find that Wilder was playing possum the entire time. Big E has battled his way out of The Revival’s corner and tagged in Kingston. Dropkick after dropkick taking down Dawson and Wilder. Revival’s on the outside… Trust Fall by Kofi!

Dawson is back in the ring, Kingston takes him down with a clothesline from the top. Kingston misses Trouble in Paradise and Dawson hoists Kofi to the top rope, Wilder tagged in. Dawson hits the Superplex, Wilder from the other corner with a top rope splash! Cover! 1… 2.. Big E breaks it up!

Dawson tries to take Big E down but is met with a belly-to-belly. Wilder comes in and hits a springboard DDT, sending Big E to the outside. He heads to Kingston to do the same but is shrugged off. Kingston with the SOS! 1… 2… Kick out.

Big E tagged in, hoists Wilder up for Midnight Hour but sees Dawson trip up Kingston from the apron and onto the floor. The distraction allows Wilder to hit a mule kick sending Big E into their corner. Wilder rushes in, counters Big E’s Urinagi with a DDT after Dawson blind tags in. They prop Big E on the second rope, double Hangman’s DDT! Dawson tags in Wilder, double team Suplex-Uppercut. Wilder for the cover… 1… 2… kick out.

Dawson tagged in, they’re looking for The Shatter Machine…Kingston blind tags in. Big E catches Wilder’s knees, blocking the Shatter Machine. Kingston with a missile dropkick from the top on Dawson! Big E still holding Wilder down, rolls him upright, picks him up by the waist… TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! 1… 2… 3!!


For the seventh time in their careers as a team, Big E and Kofi celebrate with the WWE Universe.

Roman Reigns is walking backstage and begins talking with Shorty G, as Cole and Graves hype tonight’s main event: Roman Reigns v. King Corbin.

*Commercial Break*

Daniel Bryan is walking backstage and met by Sami Zayn. He reminds Bryan of how he did not take his invitation of standing alongside Nakamura and himself but explains how if he had not been taken out by NXT, Bryan would be NXT Champion right now. Zayn lauds about how he has liberated Nakamura and given Cesaro a platform by standing aside to have a main event match on Smackdown. Those two will be having a tag match later against Ali and Shorty G… and Zayn invites Bryan to be at ringside for it.

Heavy Machinery make their way to the ring for the next ma… IMPERIUM, all 4 members,  are in the ring beating them down! A handful of Smackdown roster members come out and chase them away.

Kayla is backstage interviewing Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley with Sasha Banks in tow. Bayley’s asked about Shayna Baszler’s attack from last week and says that Baszler was only looking for recognition. “Just like how Nikki Cross is tonight when she faces me”, says Banks.

The music hits and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way to the ring with Sami Zayn dancing wildly around him. His tag match is next!

*Commercial Break*

Cesaro is the ring with Zayn and Nakamura as Ali and Shorty G make their way…

Tag Team Match- Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro v. Ali & Shorty G

Daniel Bryan slowly walks out from the gorilla position as Cesaro bum-rushes Shorty G in his corner! Cesaro drags Gable to his corner, Nakamura tags in and lays the boots into Shorty G. Nakamura beats him into the far corner but Gable grabs Nakamura’s arm and leaps over the top rope, holding onto his arm for an arm breaker.

Nakamura retreats to his corner for a Cesaro tag. Cesaro goes after Gable but Gable tosses him through the ropes. Gable crawling, leaps for a tag but Cesaro rolls in and catches Gable. Cesaro carries and hurls Gable into his corner but misses wildly with a follow-up. Gable rolls over to his corner and tags in Ali.

Head-scissors takedown off the ropes, a slingshot X-Factor and an off-the-ropes twirling DDT! Cover… 1… 2… Nakamura breaks it up. Gable comes in to meet Nakamura, belly-to-belly over the top and onto the floor! Gable goes off the ropes for a dive… Cesaro meets him, hoists him in the air and connects with an uppercut! He throws Gable to the outside… Ali does the same to Cesaro! Ali off the ropes, suicide dive sending Cesaro into the first row!

Ali rolls him back in and climbs to the top for a flying cross body… Cesaro catches him for a backbreaker! Cover… 1… 2… kick out! Nakamura tagged in, Ali fights out but ends up in a Fireman’s Carry on Cesaro’s shoulders. Gable clips his knees and goes for an Ankle Lock. Cesaro turns and kicks him out of the ring… Ali sends Cesaro to the outside… Nakamura from behind for a Reverse Exploder! Nakamura looking for the Kinshasa… eats a superkick from Ali!

Ali is scaling to the top turnbuckle, Zayn is on the apron for the distraction and Gable meets him there. Cesaro knocks Ali off the top and then pulls Gable down. KINSHASA on Ali! 1… 2… 3!


Nikki Cross is walking backstage, her match with Sasha Banks is next.

*Commercial Break*

Bayley is at ringside for guest commentary as Sasha Banks and Nikki Cross head to the ring after a video recap of Shayna Baszler’s attack last week airs.

Sasha Banks v. Nikki Cross

Sasha and Nikki battle around the ring until Banks connects with a Meteora off the ropes on a prone Cross. A near fall. Cross runs the ropes, hits a head-scissors takedown… and an arm drag sending Banks to the outside. Cross goes to the apron and leaps with a crossbody! She gets up and goes right after Bayley! She grabs the commentary headset and yells into it in satisfaction.

She makes her way to the ring where Banks is waiting to kick her off the apron. Banks rolls her back in, Cross gets an inside cradle. Kick out at 2! Cross for the ropes for a cross body! Kick out at 2! Banks has rolled out of the ring and looks to get a breather….

*Commercial Break*

Banks is dropping from the top rope with a pair of knees into Cross as we come back from break. Bayley is trying to get her headset under control as Banks has Cross in control in the corner… but Cross turns the tides with a tornado DDT. Running the ropes again, Cross with clothesline after clothesline. Splash in the corner, bulldog follow up! Cross is scaling the top for a cross body and it hits…. but Sasha rolls through! Bank Statement? No… Cross rolls on her side for near fall. A dropkick from Cross sends Banks into the corner.

Banks dodges a rushing attack, sending Cross’ face into the turnbuckle and a jackknife cover follow! Kick out at 2. Banks has had enough… she brings Cross up, Backstabber, Bank Statement follow! Cross claws for the ropes but they’re too far and she is forced to tap.

WINNER: SASHA BANKS via Submission

Bayley rushes into the ring and begins to beat down Nikki Cross, but just like last week, Shayna Baszler rushes into the ring and beats down Bayley AGAIN.

Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan are backstage and Zayn is still trying to convince Bryan not to return to what he once was… but the lights go out…. the lights turn back on and blood red hue… and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt is behind Daniel Bryan! The Mandible Claw brings Bryan down to the floor in a squirming mass as Zayn runs in terror.

*Commercial Break*

A video package of “The Gypsy King” Tyson Fury and his match with Braun Strowman at “Crown Jewel” airs. Tyson Fury makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. He lists all of the fighters he’s faced throughout the world but nothing feels better than coming back home to England. Fury says that he’s here because he also has unfinished business with Strowman…. and out comes Strowman.

“You wanted me, here I am.” Fury thanks Strowman for the match at “Crown Jewel”, shakes his hand and says that the next time the two of them were in the ring it should be as a tag team. Strowman says that sounds good and all but there’s no team stupid enough in the back to face them… until The B-Team shows up.

“Hey Morons!,” Curtis Axel bellows out, “We’re stupid enough to fight you!”

“Hold on, hold on…”, Bo Dallas interrupts. “That’s not what we meant! What he meant to say was “The B in B Team stands for Fearless!”

Strowman knocks both off the apron and steamrolls them with a shoulder tackle on the outside. He sends Axel into the ring for Fury to knock him out with a right hand. Strowman has Dallas on his shoulder for a running powerslam.

A video package from WWE Backstage 2 weeks ago airs of Corbin beating down Reigns, reminding us about the main event coming up!

*Commercial Break*

Sonya DeVille & Mandy Rose are in the ring, waiting for their opponents Dana Brooke and Carmella for a Women’s Tag Team Match as we come back from commercial. A video recap airs from last week’s ‘Smackdown’ and Bianca Belair’s attack on Brooke and Carmella backstage.

Tag Team Match – Sonya DeVille & Mandy Rose v. Dana Brooke & Carmella

DeVille and Carmella start things off… DeVille just rag dolls Carmella with waist-lock takedowns and a short-arm clothesline. DeVille tries a DDT but Carmella counters for a Schoolboy Roll up… kick out at 2. Carmella off the ropes, airplane head-scissors takedown of DeVille but Sonya ends up on her feet and knees her in the gut.

Carmella is sent into the opposing corner, tags in and out leading to a beatdown within. Carmella fights her way out and off the ropes… but is caught by Rose for a Fallaway Slam. Cover and a kick out at 2 again.

DeVille tagged in for a Double Suplex but Carmella slips out. Two kicks send Rose down and out of the ring, but DeVille nails Carmella with one of her own. Cover… kick out at 2. DeVille tries to wear Carmella down but she fights out and gets a hot tag from Dana Brooke!

Forearm shots… into the corner… cartwheel splash… bulldog follow up! Moonsault knees! The cover… 1… 2.. Rose makes the save. Carmella in the ring, kicks Rose out. DeVille sent out as well, Brooke off the apron with another cartwheel landing on her feet to the floor dodging a DeVille attack. She follows with a dropkick sending DeVille into the steps! Brooke sends DeVille back in and scales to the top, Senton! The cover…. 1… 2… 3!


As a result of the match, they will be representing Smackdown at Survivor Series.

Corbin’s promo from the beginning of the show airs followed by Roman Reigns’ entrance to the ring. These two face off next!

*Commercial Break*

King Corbin makes his way to the ring and here we go…

Reigns clotheslines Corbin over the top and onto the floor! He sends Corbin headfirst into the commentary table… the bell hasn’t sounded yet. Reigns continues the beatdown outside but eventually rolls him into the ring and NOW….

King Corbin v. Roman Reigns

Reigns is standing over Corbin in the corner raining fists down. Corbin shrugs off Reigns, a knee to the gut and now Corbin returns the favor. Reigns slips underneath and takes Corbin’s legs out, sending him crashing. Reigns with 10 lariats in the corner… a boot off the ropes to follow sends Corbin to the outside.

Reigns meets him out there for another right end and rolled back in. Reigns motions for the Superman Punch but Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler are making their way to the ring!

Reigns meets them outside before they can interfere… Superman Punch to Roode… Samoan Drop to Ziggler… he goes back into the ring… off the ropes… DEEP SIX BY CORBIN. The cover… 1… 2… Kick out!

*Commercial Break*

Corbin knock Reigns down with a big right hand as we return from commercial break. Corbin continues the beatdown, eventually sending Reigns to the outside. He provides a distraction for Ziggler and Roode to get their licks in. Corbin goes to the outside to join in the fun, sending Reigns into the barricade then back into the ring. Reigns battles back, sends Corbin into the corner but Corbin slides out and meets Reigns with a malicious clothesline! Cover… 1.. 2… Kick out.

Corbin wears down Reigns in the center of the ring. Reigns battles out and the two square off trading blows. Reigns with a follow-up clothesline from a failed rush into the corner by Corbin. Reigns off the ropes for another… Corbin catches Reigns for a Chokeslam! Cover… 1… 2… Kick out!


King Corbin grabs his crown, scepter and cape, struggles to the entrance way, and celebrates his victory as Roman Reigns kneels in the center of the ring, disappointed and frustrated.