WWE Friday Night SmackDown 12 20 2019

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
December 20, 2019
Brooklyn, New York
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Smackdown kicks off with clips of last Sunday’s TLC PPV. We see a clip of The Miz vs. Bray Wyatt which was followed by Daniel Bryan attacking the WWE Universal champion.

Live in the arena, it’s Daniel Bryan’s music which hits as he comes out to a loud “Yes” chant from the crowd. Bryan gets in the ring as the crowd in Brooklyn chants “Daniel Bryan” and Bryan says it’s great to be back in Brooklyn. Bryan says the last couple of weeks, people asked him what happened to him. He says he doesn’t know but all he knows is that he felt The Fiend rip out his beard and hair. And when he woke up, he looked in the mirror and he didn’t notice the beard or hair missing. What he realized was missing was this Daniel Bryan brand.

Bryan says the brand was gone and he got home and saw his daughter. He says it’s the first time his daughter saw him without facial hair or hair and she cried. She was scared, she didn’t know who he was. All she knew was Daniel Bryan the brand. She didn’t recognize him but he recognized him. Because what he saw in that mirror was a man who had to fight for everything he was given. That’s the man he saw in the mirror. And that’s the man who went to TLC and beat up Bray Wyatt.

Daniel says he will change Bray Wyatt like Wyatt changed him. Bryan mentions how Wyatt said he was trained not to feel pain and Bryan calls him out saying he will prove him wrong.

The Miz’s song hits and out he comes. The Miz says what happened to Bryan was awful but Wyatt attacked his family. Miz calls Wyatt a lunatic and at TLC, it wasn’t about winning or losing. It was about protecting what he cherished most in this world, family. Something Wyatt will never have and all Wyatt has is his title and he will take that Universal championship away from him.

Baron Corbin’s music hits with a microphone in hand. The King of the Ring laughs and jokes with The Miz asking him what’s wrong. Some new scary doll showed up at his home? But maybe if his daughter had more of his wife’s jeans, it wouldn’t have been so scary. Corbin says “boo hoo hoo” about Bryan. Little birdy was scared because daddy came home looking like Baby Yoda. And now he’s out talking about his brand? His brand is failure. Corbin says he defeated Kurt Angle in his farewell match at Wrestlemania. He won King of the Ring and he defeated Roman Reigns at TLC.

We see a clip of Baron Corbin’s hand being raised at TLC. Corbin says he doesn’t care what personal issues they have with The Fiend but Bray Wyatt has something he wants. And by virtue of his victory over Reigns at TLC, he is next in line, not them. Corbin says as a matter of fact, not only have they failed as WWE superstars, they have failed as fathers.

Bryan and The Miz look at each other and throw their microphones away. From behind comes Dolph Ziggler who attacks them. Corbin hits Daniel Bryan with the End of Days.

-Commercial Break-

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Tucker and Otis, Heavy Machinery ahead of their match. She asks about their confidence after their loss to Nakamrua and Cesaro last week. Tucker says absolutely not. Otis got his feelings hurt because he cooked an amazing ham for Sami Zayn and Cesaro throguh it on the ground. Tucker says Otis is a big man with a big heart and as for tonight, they will win and spread some massive holiday joy in the process.

Otis says he loves Christmas, it’s coming and now, here we go. He turns around and there is Mandy Rose. She says she drew his name in the secret Santa and got him a ham. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him Merry Christmas.

Miracle on 34th Street Fight – Heavy Machinery vs. The Revival

Christmas trees decorate much of the stage as Otis gives Corey Graves the ham which was given to him.

The bell rings and we are under way. All four men are in the ring at the same time. A double back body drop by Heavy Machinery. The Revival fall to the outside. Otis is tripped up on the ropes as Tucker is thrown into the ringsteps. They lift Tucker and throw him on the announce table. They grab Christmas cookies and shove them down the mouth of Otis. The Revival destroy the holiday decoration on the outside of the ring and set up a table.

The Revival go to suplex Tucker but Otis breaks it up. Otis beats up on the Revival. He places Wilder on the table and gets on the ring apron. Dawson uses the fire extinguisher on Otis to blind him. They drop Otis through the table off the ring apron.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, The Revival are beating up on Tucker on the stage ramp. Tucker fights them off and appears to turn the tables as he suplexes Dawson. Wilder hits Tucker from behind with a wrapped gift. He opens the gift and there’s a bowling ball inside. Wilder goes up the ramp ad Dawson holds Tucker. Wilder rolls the bowling ball down the ramp as it hits Tucker. They grab him and throw him in the ring.

Wilder throws a Christmas tree inside the ring and it’s placed in the corner. A suplex by Dawson. Tucker is in the corner as Wilder goes for a big splash but Tucker moves out of the way and Wilder lands on the Christmas tree. Tucker takes out Dawson onto the outside. Tucker goes to the outside but he’s hit with a fire extinguisher. They throw Tucker onto the announce table as the ham falls to the floor. Dawson grabs the ham and smashes it on the floor as Otis is angry.

Otis grabs Dawson but Wilder hits Otis with a candy cane kendo stick. Otis takes the shots but to no effect. He throws Dawson through one of the Christmas trees on the outside. Back in the ring, a big splash takes Dawson down. A back body drop by Otis takes Dawson down. Otis goes to the outside and looks under the ring. He grabs a black bag and opens it. It’s full of Lego’s. He lifts Dawson and drops him back first onto the Lego’s. Wilder climbs the top rope but Otis get shim on his shoulders. With Wilder on his shoulders, Otis lifts Dawson and drops them both down.

Otis with a big slash on Wilder and hits him with the caterpillar. Tucker back in the ring and they hit the Compactor. Otis goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

The ham is brought into the ring as Otis holds it and cherishes it.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Otis is walking backstage carrying the ham as he sees Mandy Rose with Sonya Deville as Sonya walks away. Otis apologizes for the ham. Mandy tells him it’s all right as she gives him a hug and Otis looks excited. Mandy is full of sweat after hugging Otis as she walks away.

The Revival is still in the ring. They mention the garbage around the ring. They mention that their legacy has become lego’s, Christmas trees and everything else. Every week, there’s a new stipulation. They ask what happened to good old fashion tag team wrestling. But now they are in sports entertainment as we hear a guitar string and it’s Elias walking down to the ring.

Elias asks who wants to walk with Elias as the fans say it with him. Elias tells them that they are frustrated but he thought he could put their frustration into a song. Elias says:

“We’re the best tag team, that’s all you ever say. Know what really would be the best? If you two would go away. You die a 1000 deaths, you always come up short. I made my grandma watch a match of yours and now she’s on life support. Want to be top guys, want to be front and center. You’re gonna have to make a big change, kind of like Caitlyn Jenner. Merry Christmas guys” as Elias walks to the back.

We see Braun Strowman sitting backstage as Sami Zayn walks in. He says he is here because he drew his name in secret Santa and he asks Strowman what ha wants this year. Strowman says he finds it comical as Zayn has spent the past month ruining the spirit of Christmas. Zayn tries to defend himself and in come Nakamura and Cesarso. Zayn says there is no problem, he was just telling him about how he drewh is name. Strowman says if he wants to get him a gift, to get him an opportunity at the Intercontinental championship which Shinsuke Nakamura is holding.

Zayn says it’s a great idea but they have a tag team match tonight against the New Day. But he will go back and check his list, check it twice and think. Zayn says they have to leave.

-Commercial Break-

Carmella vs. Sonya Deville

A snapmare take down by Sonya followed by a knee to the face. She goes for the cover but Carmella kicks out. Sonya chokes her on the ropes as the referee breaks it up. Carmella fights back but Sonya with a kick takes Carmella down. She throws Carmella into the corner but a kick to the face by Carmella. She runs and a clothesline takes Sonya down. A kick to the stomach followed by one to the face by Carmella. She wraps her legs around Sonya and locks in the Code of Silence as Sonya taps out.

Winner: Carmella

We hear Big E’s “Oh Brooklyn, don’t you dare be sour” and out come the WWE Smackdown tag team champions. They dance with Carmella on stage, doing an invisible jump rope.

-Commercial Break-

Another promo by Sheamus as he seems to be coming back very soon.

The New Day vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro with Sami Zayn

The bell rings and we are under way. Kofi and Nakamura are in the ring as Nakamura knocks Big E off the ring apron. Kofi with kicks to Nakamura. He goes for the cover but Nakamura kicks out. Kofi sends Nakamura to the ropes as Cesaro tags himself in. Nakamura pushes Kofi onto Cesaro as Cesaro hits him with an uppercut. He goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out.

Cesaro lifts Kofi up and drops him with a gutwrench slam. He goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out. A sleeper by Cesaro onto Kofi who fights out of it but Cesaro tags Nakamura in. Nakamura with a kick to the face. A sleeper by Nakamura as Kofi fights out of it and Big E is tagged into the match. Big E with a belly to belly throw and he knocks Cesaro off the ring apron. Big E with several belly throws onto Nakamura. A big splash by Big E as the fans chant “New Day Rocks”.

Big E grabs Nakamura but Nakamura with a kick to the face. He runs towards Big E but Big E slams him. He goes for the cover but Cesaro breaks it up. Kofi acrobatically throws Cesaro to the outside. Kofi flies over the top rope and onto Cesaro on the outside. Sami gets on the ring apron and distracts Big E. Nakamura with a kick to the face takes Big E to the outside. Cesaro with a clothesline onto Big E on the outside.

Nakamura throws Big E into the ring. A knee to the jaw by Nakamura as Big E falls back to the outside. Nakamura throws Big E into the ring steps.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Cesaro is in the ring with Big E. Cesaro runs towards Big E but Big E throws him over the top rope onto the outside. Cesaro gets back in the ring but Big E pushes him away. Nakamura is tagged in. Nakamura knocks Kofi off the ring apron and a kick to the face onto Big E. Nakamura jumps off the second rope and hits him with a kick to the face. Nakamura runs towards Big E but Big E hits him with a clothesline. Both men are down.

Cesaro and Kofi are tagged in as Kofi takes control. Kofi jumps off the top rope and lands a hurricanrana onto Cesaro. He goes for the cover but Cesaro kicks out. Kofi with a flying clothesline. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Cesaro blocks it and hits him with an uppercut. He goes for the cover but Big E breaks it up. Nakamura runs towards Big E but he throws him to the outside. Big E clotheslines Cesaro to the outside. Kofi runs to the ropes, jumps over Big E and lands onto Nakamura and Cesaro.

Kofi throws Cesaro into the ring. Kofi climbs the top rope and a big splash. He goes for the cover but Cesaro kicks out. Nakamura trips Big E off the ring apron. Cesaro grabs a distracted Kofi and swings him around the ring. He lands a stomp to the chest. He goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Kofi gets out of it and acrobatically rolls Cesaro up and gets the pin.

Winners: The New Day

Cesaro and Nakamura attack the New Day after the match. Sami Zayn tells them to stop as he starts to stomp on them and all three men beat up on the New Day. Out comes Braun Strowman as Sami leaves the ring. Strowman beats up Cesaro and Nakamura. Cesaro is hit onto the outside. Strowman runs around the ring and hits Cesaro. He gets back into the ring and goes to powerslam Nakamura but Sami Zayn grabs Nakamura to the outside.

Daniel Bryan is backstage and in comes The Miz. He tells Bryan thank you for saving him at TLC. Bryan says he didn’t do it for him, he did it for himself. They agree that they both dislike each other. Miz says tonight they have to work together but after that, Bray Wyatt is his.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Smackdown women’s champion Bayley with Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke

The bell rings and we are under way. Bayley with a snapmare followed by a clothesline. She goes for the cover but Dana kicks out. Both women back up and Dana with right hands followed by a hip toss. Brooke with a kick to the face. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Bayley drops Dana and hits her with a knee to the face. Bayley stomping on Dana in the corner.

Bayley goes for the cover but Dana kicks out. Dana tries to fight back but a suplex by Bayley. She goes for the cover but Dana kicks out again. Bayley chokes Dana on the ring rope as Sasha shoves the women’s title in front of Dana’s face. Bayley with a sleeper hold as Dana fights back. A kick to the face by Dana followed by an inzighuri.

Dana Brooke climbs the top rope and a senton onto Bayley. She goes for the cover but Bayley grabs the ropes. Brooke throws Bayley in the corner and the handspring elbow onto Bayley. Dana with a shoulder tackle. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Bayley lifts Bayley up but Bayley lands on her feet. Bayley drops Dana face first into the turnbuckle. Bayley drops Dana face first into the mat. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, it’s Sasha Banks and Bayley who are talking trash to Dana and out comes Lacey Evans. She gets into the ring as Sasha and Bayley leave. Lacey grabs a microphone and asks Sasha where she’s going. She says Sasha is a legit bully with a big mouth and no back bone. And since she was raised never to let a bully win, she challenges Sasha to a match right now. Lacey tells Sasha to get in the ring to make her a legit loser.

-Commercial Break-

Lacey Evans with Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks with Bayley

The bell rings and Lacey goes after Sasha in the corner but Sasha trips her and Lacey falls face first into the turnbuckle. Sasha goes for the cover but Lacey kicks out. Banks stomping on Lacey in the corner followed by a suplex. She goes for the cover but Lacey kicks out again. An arm bar by Banks in the middle of the ring. Lacey gets out of it and Banks hits her with a dropkick.

A snapmare by Sasha followed by the double knees to the face. She goes for the cover but Lacey kicks out. Banks slams Evans in the corner and taunts her but Lacey with a kick to the face. Lacey with a knee to the midsection. Evans gets on the ring apron and drags Sasha onto there too. She grabs Sasha by the leg and slams her face first onto the ring apron. Evans with an acrobatic kick drops Sasha onto the outside.

Lacey slams Sasha face first into the ground. Bayley distracts Lacey as Sasha attacks Lacey from behind. Sasha throws Lacey into the barricade. Lacey’s husband and daughter are in attendance as Sasha beats up on Lacey in front of them both as the referee calls for the bell.

Sasha Banks keeps attacking Lacey and gets in her daughter’s face. Lacey attacks Sasha from behind as Bayley gets involves. Evans throws Banks into the barricade as Dana Brooke tries to control her and hold her back. Brooke and Lacey get in the ring as the referees break it up.

Winner: Double count out

-Commercial Break-

Daniel Bryan and The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin

Before the belkl rings, Bryan and The Miz aree arguing as to who gets to start the match. The bell rings as The Miz throws Corbin over the top rope. Bryan with the Yes kicks to Ziggler as Miz tags himself in. Bryan goes after Corbin who was trying to interfere. Miz and Bryan deliver the Yes kicks to both Ziggler and Corbin who fall to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, it’s Corbin and The Miz in the ring. The Miz tags Bryan into the ring. A clothesline by Bryan followed by double kicks to the face. He runs towards Corbin but Corbin hits him with the Deep Six. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out. Ziggler is tagged into the match. Ziggler with an elbow onto Bryan. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out.

Daniel Bryan tries to make the tag but Ziggler grabs him by the leg. Ziggler attacks Miz off the ring apron and gets Bryan into the corner. Corbin is tagged in as he stomps on Bryan in the corner. Ziggler is tagged back into the match as they double team Bryan. Ziggler with right hands as gets Bryan in the corner. Corbin is tagged back into the match. A clothesline by Corbin followed by right hands. He places Bryan on the top turnbuckle but Bryan kicks him away. A dropkick by Bryan takes Corbin out. Miz and Ziggler are tagged in and the Miz with kicks on Ziggler in the corner.

Miz knocks Corbin off the ring apron. Miz hits Ziggler with a DDT. He goes for the cover but Corbin breaks it up. Miz hits Corbin with the Skull Crushing Finale. Ziggler attacks Miz and goes for the cover but Miz kicks out. Ziggler goes for the super kick but Miz reverses it into a figure four leg lock. Bryan comes in and attacks Corbin who got into the ring as Ziggler taps out.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and The Miz

After the match, the lights momentarily go out as we hear Bray Wyatt’s evil laugh.