WWE SmackDown 04 02 2019

WWE Smackdown Results
April 2, 2019
Baltimore, Maryland
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Smackdown Live kicks off with the Kevin Owens show. Kevin Owens is in the ring and he welcomes everyone. Owens says that at Wrestlemania, his guests tonight will try to continue their respective legacies. He welcomes Randy Orton and AJ Styles to the show.

Out comes Randy Orton. Kevin introduces Styles and he comes to the ring.

Kevin Owens asks Randy Orton if he’s proud of what he did last week involving Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. Orton says he’s proud because he saved everyone from watching a has-been defeat someone who thinks he’s still at the top of the mountain. Styles replies by says that Orton has been in the ring for all these years yet only learned one move. Styles says it’s deadly but one move. Orton says when you have a move that is that deadly, you just need one move. But AJ and the fans wouldn’t get that. They think the indy guys find it difficult to go from high school gym to high school gym, trying to make a living. But while AJ was doing that, Orton was wrestling at Wrestlemania’s for nearly 20 years.

Styles says that is right but Orton was in the WWE getting suspended for failing drug tests. Orton says that the truth is that if he was as good as he thinks he is, he would have been in the WWE a long, long, long time ago. He thinks that his legacy is that hard work pays off? No, that’s not his legacy. Orton says AJ’s legacy is that now that Cena’s off to Hollywood, AJ has assumed the role of corporate bitch.

Kevin Owens leaves the ring.

AJ with a right hand to Orton and the two begin to fight. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Orton hits him with the RKO.

-Commercial Break-

Aleister Black, Ricochet and The Usos vs. The Bar, Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura

The bell rings and we are under way. Ricochet is in the ring with Cesaro. An uppercut by Cesaro. He tags Sheamus into the match. Sheamus with an uppercut. He sends Ricochet to the ropes but  Ricochet with a kick. He runs to the ropes and Sheamus lifts him up in the air, Ricochet falls off and tags Black. An arm bar by Black and Himmy Uso is tagged in. An arm bar by Jimmy and he spears Sheamus into the corner. He tags Jey into the match.

Jey runs to the ropes but Sheamus picks him up and drops him in his corner. A right hand by Sheamus and Nakamura is legal in the match. Nakamura with knees to the stomach. A right hand by Jey. He sends Nakamura to the ropes but Rusev tags himself in. Jey runs to the ropes as Rusev lowers the top rope and Jey falls to the outside. Rusev throws Jey into the steel steps. Rusev throws Jey into the ring and goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Nakamura is tagged in.

Nakamura runs to the ropes but a clothesline by Jey as both men fall to the floor. Nakamura tags Sheamus in. Sheamus grabs Jey and throws him to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Jey is in the ring with Nakamura. He lifts Jey on his shoulders and places him horizontally on the top rope. Nakamura runs and a knee to the stomach. He goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Nakamura with a head lock. Right hands by Jey and a Samoan drop by Jey Uso. Nakamura tags in Rusev and Jimmy Uso is tagged in. Jimmy with a clothesline on Rusev. A super kick by Jimmy. He goes for the cover but Nakamura breaks it up. Ricochet with a drop kick onto Nakamura. Cesaro with an uppercut onto Ricochet. All eight men are involved. Jimmy tags Jey into the match. A double kick by the Uso’s onto Rusev. A double super kick onto Rusev. Jimmy goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: The Usos, Aleister Black and Ricochet

Following the match, Alexa Bliss’ music hits and she comes out to the ring. She says as the official host of Wrestlemania, she has to be here. Bliss says that the 3 juvenile delinquents have been released from jail and will main event Wrestlemania. Kofi Kingston will be challenging for the WWE championship. And Kevin Owens is acting like he’s a better talk show host than her. But the one thing she noticed is that Smackdown lost its spirit of competition. Case in point, the Usos. She says they may have won their match but they did forfeit last week.

Bliss says that was so noble, so heroic, so deserving of repercussions. Therefore, she is announcing that at Wrestlemania they will be defending their Smackdown championships against all the teams they share the ring with. In a fatal four way tag team match. All eight men start to fight. Ricochet and Black are the last two men standing.

-Commercial Break-

The IIconics are in the ring. Billie Kay says that the state of the Smackdown tag team at Wrestlemania is great. It’s dramatic because Jimmy and Jey Uso must defend their titles at Wrestlemania. And coincidentally, they also have a fatal four way tag team match for the WWE women’s tag team titles. They talk about how they could pin Natalya or Beth Phoenix and they become the new champions. Or they could pin Nia or Tamina, which is what they deserve for abandoning them last night. And they already defeated the current champions.

Peyton Royce says it’s a no brainer. This Sunday they will win the WWE women’s tag team titles and make Wrestlemania IIconic.

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The Miz says Wrestlemania means different things for different people. For the women, it means making history. For Kofi, it means finally breaking through. And for him, it means retribution. Recently he was able to take stock into who he is as a father, husband and son. The Miz talks about his show and he says he is proud of himself and he is as motivated as ever. He says he will beat Shane anywhere and everywhere at Wrestlemania. He says he used to fight for his father’s approval, he is now fighting for his honor.

Miz tells Shane that he has a dad and that makes him a son of a bitch.

The Miz vs. SAnitY

Shane McMahon’s music hits. He asks Craig Hamilton to introduce him. Shane gets introduced by the announcer. Shane says he wants to watch this and asks for the bell.

Eric Young is in the ring with Miz and Miz with right hands. Miz attacks Wolfe and Dayne. Young with a neck breaker on Miz.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Miz with a back drop onto Eric Young. Miz with kicks to the stomach. He runs towards Dayne and a knee to the face by The Miz onto Dayne.

Shane McMahon gets on the microphone and says he forgot one thing. Shane says he is out here to tell The Miz that just like at Wrestlemania which will be a fast count anywhere, his match tonight is also a falls count anywhere. Shane says this is his screen saver on his phone and we see a picture on the giant screen of Shane attacking The Miz’s father.

SAnitY triple team The Miz on the outside of the ring but The Miz fights back. The Miz throws Young over the barricade. Right hands by The Miz. He picks Wolfe and drops him through a table. He goes for the cover but Young breaks it up.

The Miz fights back and sends Young onto equipment. The Miz and Young are backstage. Miz throws Young through a door. He goes for the cover but Dayne breaks it up. Dayne lifts Miz up but Miz pushes him into the electrical box. Young attacks The Miz and they are now outside of the area.

Miz with a knee to the face of Young. Miz grabs an equipment box and rolls it into Young, crushing his head into the side of a box. He goes for the cover and Miz gets the pin.

Winner: The Miz

Shane McMahon rolls down the window of his car and smiles as The Miz stares at him.

A police car parks outside of the arena. Out comes Becky Lynch from the vehicle. She walks into the arena.

-Commercial Break-

Corey Graves is in the ring and states that Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair were all released from prison. He introduces Becky Lynch as she comes down to the ring.

Becky Lynch leaves the ring and stands on the announce table. She says no disrespect to Corey but she answers to the people. Becky says she was thinking while in the cop car that what a difference a year makes. This time last year, her and Charlotte were the best of friends, Ronda was about to make her debut at Wrestlemania. It was like all the stars were aligned to get herself and Charlotte in the main event at Wrestlemania. But that was until she slapped Charlotte at Summerslam. That one slam changed everything. She was determined to work to get into Wrestlemania.

Lynch says that this Sunday, the first time ever the women are the main event of Wrestlemania. The queen, the baddest woman on the planet and the man. Lynch says this is the real revolution that started last year at Summerslam with a slap, is going to explode this Sunday when the winner takes all and she makes one of them tap out. Lynch says the next time they will see her, she will be the champion.

-Commercial Break-

An 18 person tag team match

Nikki Cross is in the ring with Zelina Vega. An arm drag take down by Nikki.

Lacey Evans’ music hits, she walks down the ramp and backstage.

Vega tags EC3 and Jeff Hardy is in the ring. An arm bar by Jeff and he tags Matt Hardy into the match. An arm bar by Matt but a right hand by EC3 but Matt Hardy hits him with the side effect. He goes for the cover but EC3 kicks out.

Otis with a splash onto EC3 and EC3 falls to the mat. Otis with the caterpillar.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, R-Truth is in the ring with Andrade. A spinning kick by R-Truth and a big splash onto Andrade. In comes Carmella and it’s a dance break. Anderson gets in the ring and attacks R-Truth.

All 18 wrestlers gets in the ring and the referee calls for the bell. They start throwing each other over the top rope. Asuka throws Jeff Hardy over the top rope and stands in the middle of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Samoa Joe vs. Ali

The bell rings and we are under way. Joe with a kick to the legs of Ali. Joe throws Ali in the corner and starts with the punches. A chop to the chest by Samoa Joe. Ali is sent to the ropes but a drop kick by Ali as Joe falls to the outside. Ali with a suicide dive through the ropes.

Both men back in the ring, Ali off the second rope and a DDT. He goes for the cover but Samoa Joe kicks out. Ali lifts Joe up but Joe with a right hand. Ali with a kick to the face. Ali with a bronco buster. Ali climbs the top rope and goes for the 450 but Joe moves out of the way. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and Ali taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

-Commercial Break-

WWE Championship Contract Signing – Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with Rowan. Michael Cole is in the ring, we have a table in the ring and Bryan sits on the chair. Michael Cole introduces Kofi Kingston who comes out with Big E and Xavier Woods.

Kofi sits on the chair and as the fans are chanting Kofi, Daniel Bryan says to hold on. Bryan tells Michael Cole that he has it from here.

Bryan signs the contract and the fans chant Ko-Fi Rocks to the tune of New Day Rocks. Bryan says he knows he will sign the contract and he will go on to face him for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania. And he’s not here to stop him from signing the contract but he’s out here to educate the masses. The fans chant Kofi Mania.

Daniel Bryan asks if they can shut up while he tries to educate them. Bryan says he is about to teach them a very important life lesson. Bryan says just like he was saying backstage, Baltimore is ignorant. Bryan says the life lesson is to not be complacent. Not to be complacent the way Kofi has been. Don’t think that good is good enough for 11 years, don’t think that a little bit of success is enough success for 11 years. Bryan says he has another life lesson. Don’t be a bystander in your own lives, not the way Kofi Kingston has been a bystander in his own life. Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for other people to push you to the top, the way Kofi has done. The way Kofi waited for Big E and Xavier Woods to push him to the top.

The fans chant Kofi as Bryan says he has one more lesson. And it applied to Kofi. He says don’t mistake a fad for reality. Because he has been in his same spot, he has been in his shoes. The way the fans chanted yes for him is the same way that they chant Kofi for him. And he knows how he feels. He knows how it reverberates through his body. How it makes him feel stronger. But the reality is that he doesn’t feed off of them, they feed off of him. Because they are parasites. They need him to fulfill the fantasy that they have but once they are done with him, they will discard him.

Fans start to chant asshole to Bryan to which he replies saying that’s what they said to all truth tellers throughout history. Bryan tells Kofi to take all of this in because for him, this is as good as it will ever be.

Kofi Kingston stands up and says for months they have had to listen to him. But now, it’s time for Bryan to shut up and listen as he educates him. Kofi says Bryan claims to be him, to know what he is feeling. The more he hears him talking, the more he realizes he doesn’t know a thing about him. Bryan became a world champion within two years of being in the WWE. Kofi saw it not as a bystander but he stood, watched and understood it. The fans chant Kofi again.

Kofi says he watched him. He’ll cut to the chase. He doesn’t know him. For eleven years and he never had a title match. It all lead to this moment. He sees it in his eyes. By the mind games. He knows that he is ready. The fans chant you deserve it to Kofi. The one thing they have in common is that Bryan knows what all of this feels like. And he’s scared and he should be because he knows what comes next. What comes next is that at Wrestlemania, he will beat him and he will become the WWE champion.

Kingston signs the contract and the two stare at each other.