WWE SmackDown 06 11 2019

WWE Smackdown Results
June 11, 2019
Sacramento, California
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Tom Phillips and the crew welcomes us to another episode of ‘Smackdown Live’ with the main event, a 6-man tag team match with The New Day and a returning Big E facing Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn.

Two nights in a row of ‘Miz TV’ is a reality, as The Miz makes his way down the aisle. Miz opens up his jacket to show a meme of his father putting up his fists and the caption ‘My Mood’, as he is reading from a script that was provided to him and forced to read from. He reads his introductions, Drew McIntyre and the ‘Breast in the World’… no… the ‘Best of the World’… Shane McMahon. Out comes not only McIntyre and McMahon, but Elias as well.

After a brief video review of Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon’s match from last Friday’s ‘Super Showdown’ event, Shane asks Greg Hamilton to give him his proper introduction. Shane explains that Elias is here to be Miz TV’s musical act, since all proper talk shows have such. After a majestic interlude, the crowd erupts with a ‘You Suck’ chant. Shane says that the video speaks for itself, he defeated Reigns fair and square and that there is no shame for Reigns to admit that.

The Miz, incensed, lists off the ways Shane McMahon ‘won’ his matches since Wrestlemania. After Shane tells Miz to just do his job, Miz refers to a post-match interview of Roman Reigns from ‘Super Showdown’. “At Stomping Grounds, I bounce back, kick ass and take names. And the first name I take is Drew McIntyre’s.’

“In two weeks, at Stomping Ground, I’m going to kick his damn head off!” says McIntyre.

The Miz starts to talk to McIntyre about how conniving Shane is, in how we will stab him in the back just as easily as he did his. Shane chimes in, lauding how he is undefeated against The Miz and Roman Reigns. After insults between the two, Miz jumps from the chair only to be met by McIntyre.

Shane thinks that Miz wants another round with ‘The Best in the World’, but in order to do that he needs to meet some criteria. He must first beat Elias… then McIntyre… then he’ll get his shot against Shane. And that first match is will happen after…

(Commercial Break)

Elias v. The Miz

We return from commercial break with Elias walking the ropes to drop Miz with double knees. After a near fall, Elias returns to Miz with a top-wrist lock. Miz battles out, punches Elias into the corner, kicks him… a running knee from the opposite corner… a second one is met by a rising Elias knee.

Elias’ set-up to Drift Away is met with a Miz kick to the knee. Miz tries for a Shining Wizard, Elias stands with Miz on his shoulders, a twisting powerbomb! Miz kicks out at two! Elias sets Miz up for a top-rope elbow, nobody home! Miz with the Skull Crashing Finale! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: The Miz via Pinfall

McIntyre rushes into the ring for his match!

(Commercial Break)

Drew McIntyre v. The Miz

We return with McIntyre standing over a prone Miz. After a battle of kicks, McIntyre sends Miz into the corner. A shoulder tackle by McIntyre whiffs a dodging Miz, and ends up eating the post. McIntyre gets up from the outside only to be met with a baseball slide from Miz. Miz sends McIntyre back into the ring and tries to springboard off the top rope but slips horribly, landing on his hip. McIntyre brings him up, Miz hits a DDT.

Miz rears back, looking to hit Skull Crushing Finale number 2 but is distracted by Shane on the apron. McIntyre takes advantage with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt… followed by The Claymore. 1… 2… 3…

WINNER: Drew McIntyre via pinfall.

After the match, Shane grabs a mic and decides to give Miz what he wanted anyway!

Shane McMahon v. The Miz

Miz pops up and starts waylaying into Shane, tries to prop him up for the Finale but eats a second rope when Shane runs forward. After a kick to the face of a prone Miz, Shane applies the Triangle Choke and gets the tap out win.

WINNER: Shane McMahon via Submission

As Shane sits on McIntyre’s shoulders and celebrates his win, we are sent backstage where Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille berate Ember Moon, sending her into a rage as they leave.

The WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Daniel Bryan and Rowan make their way to the ring.

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Congratulations are brought after the break to John Cena for being the newest addition to ‘The Fast and The Furious’ series of films.

We are in for a treat as Bryan & Rowan will be putting their titles on the line against the Yolo County Tag Team champions (AJ Kirsh & Dave Dutra) in a Title Unification Match!

Before Bryan can go any further, Heavy Machinery interrupt. They complain how Bryan & Rowan have been ducking their challenge for the titles, so Bryan finds a solution. Seeing as how they haven’t really earned a shot, they need to defeat… the Yolo County Tag Team Champions in order to get it.

They immediately accept.

Heavy Machinery v. The Yolo County… Whatever…

Nothing to really talk about here. A Caterpillar from Otis… The Compactor… That’s all she wrote.

WINNERS: Heavy Machinery via pinfall

Carmella & R-Truth are backstage. R-Truth recounts all of the defenses of his 24/7 Title he has made for the past 3 weeks. “This 7/11 championship is ruining my life!” A loud slam of a door scares R-Truth and Carmella hides him in a production equipment box. Seeing that it was just a production hand they heard, Carmella tries to get him out but R-Truth is locked in! A referee approaches telling Carmella her match is up next!

Carmella leaves R-Truth behind… and an approaching Jinder Mahal sees his opening! Trying to get his voice as high as he can, he convinces R-Truth he’s Carmella and that he’s going to get him some help. He leaves the scene…

Meanwhile, Sonya DeVille is approaching the ring for a match with Carmella…

(Commercial Break)

Carmella v. Sonya DeVille

Out of the gates, Carmella hits a dropkick, a knee in the corner and a head-scissors take down! Carmella tries to rush DeVille in the corner, but is sent to the apron and met with knees to the mid-section. A snapmare by DeVille goes to an assortment of submission holds, including a body-scissors.

After fighting out of those, Carmella eats a vicious sliding knee to the face! 1… 2… a kick out! After repeated kicks, DeVille tries for a jacknife cover but Carmella counters into The Code of Silence! Rose, on the outside, puts DeVilles feet on the ropes to break it up. Carmella chases Rose around the outside, which ends up in ring, and ends with a DeVille knee! Carmella kicks out a near fall, sends DeVille to the outside next to Rose and suicide dives on them both!

Carmella superkicks Rose on the outside to take her out but is taken out by a Step-Up Knee by DeVille when she re-enters. 1… 2… 3…

WINNER: Sonya DeVille via Pinfall

Alexa Bliss is backstage looking at her phone and drinking coffee when Nikki Cross pops up. Alexa tries to keep the peace between the two of them from last night, telling her that people have been talking about her on social media, including Bayley even liking their insults. She can’t show her the proof but tells Cross that she has set up a match between Cross and Bayley for later tonight.

The New Day makes their way to the ring!

(Commercial Break)

Woods and Kofi are in the ring announcing the OFFICIAL return of Big E! “Ya’ boi is back!!”

Woods says they have a match tonight and they hope to end it quickly so that he can get back to E3. Woods asks Kofi what happened when he faced Sami, Kevin and Dolph… and Kofi is more than obliged to remind us that he beat them all in their respective matches.

Dolph Ziggler comes out saying that there is only one reason he’s still champion… and a video replay from ‘Super Showdown’ shows Woods hitting a kick on Ziggler before Kofi nails the Trouble in Paradise for the win. But after Stomping Ground, Ziggler says, there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide because they’ll be locked inside a Steel Cage! And Kofi will be exposed for being the dependent champion that he is.

After Kofi says the only reason Woods got involved was because Ziggler made him involved by kicking him first… Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens make their way into the discussion.

Sami Zayn proclaims how much the two of them hate injustice. Apparently the crowd only cares how who they like and don’t like, justice be damned. What they are going to like themselves, is beating the hell out of The New Day. Speaking of enjoyment, Big E says that three of them heartily enjoyed seeing Seth Rollins wear Sami’s skinny ass out with a chair last night.

Zayn calls the crowd hypocrites and Dolph does the same to Kofi. Kofi says that before he was so rudely interrupted, he will leave Stomping Grounds still your…. W… W… E… World… Heavyweight… Champion!

Bayley is asked backstage about Bliss’ comments towards Cross about her. Bayley says she has no idea what’s going on with all of the social media talk. She only hopes Alexa will be at ringside, because the outcome of this match will be moment at Stomping Grounds that she will never forget. Bayley makes her way to the ring…

(Commercial Break)

“For the men and women of Smackdown Live there is so much conflict yet so little resolution. Another week goes by and I offer both. And it’s so simple, the conflict that you pick a fight with me and the resolution that I fight you….” Aleister Black continues to say words in a dimly-lit room.

Nikki Cross makes her way to the ring with Alexa Bliss in tow to Bliss’ entrance music.

Bayley v. Nikki Cross (Non-Title Match)

Punches thrown back and forth between the two leads to Bayley dropkicking Cross to the outside. Cross rolls into the ring after a sliding cornerpost dropkick only to roll outside to the comfort of Bliss. Bayley tries another kick but is trapped in-between the apron and awning as Nikki rains down fists to her head. Cross rolls Bayleys back in the ring, Inverted DDT. A kick out at 2!

(Commercial Break)

Cross has Bayley tied to the Tree of Woe as he return from commercial! Bayley gets out of it and hangs Cross up on the second rope from a missed tackle. Bayley with a running knee to Cross in the corner, followed by a rolling splash. 1.. 2… kick out.

Bayley looks for the Bailey-to-Belly, Cross hits a back elbow so Bayley hits a belly-to-back suplex instead. A failed distraction from Bliss leads Bayley to land a top-rope elbow on Cross! 1… 2.. 3..!

WINNER: Bayley via pinfall.

Jinder Mahal is back with a referee and a crowbar! Where’s the box?! Where’s R-Truth?! So many closed boxes everywhere in the arena! A forklift operator tells him all of the boxes are on their way to Los Angeles. Jinder grabs the ref… we’re going to LA!! Carmella appears after the driver leaves… with one of the boxes on it yelling from the inside!

Coming up next… Firefly Funhouse….

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Last night’s episode of Firefly Funhouse is on… creepy…

Apollo Crews is backstage to talk about a match that never happened last week against Andrade. Apollo is not going to forget what happened and the first opportunity he gets… Zalena says will be the last mistake he ever makes. After a short back and forth… Chad Gable is seen standing next to Apollo taking notes of some kind.

Kevin Owens is making his way to the ring for the 6-Man Tag main event.

(Commercial Break)

Monsoor’s Battle Royal win is shown from ‘Super Showdown’ as we return.

The New Day v. Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, & Sami Zayn

Ziggler and Woods start off the main event. The two trade off wrist locks and arm wrings before Sami Zayn is tagged in by Dolph. Zayn is dropkicked into New Day’s corner and an unfortunate Unicorn Stampede. Kofi with a cover, kick out at one.

Kofi sends Zayn into the corner but misses a follow-up cross body. Ziggler takes the opportunity to land a forearm shot on the outside to Kofi. Back in the ring, Ziggler’s tagged in and tries to wear down Kofi. Kofi battles out but eats an explosive dropkick from Ziggler! Kofi rolls to the outside, lying on the ground, perfect placement for Owens to land a Senton!

(Commercial Break)

We’re back and Ziggler has Kofi reeling in a side headlock. Owens is tagged in. Kofi tries to battle back and lands a second-rope dropkick. Tag! In comes Xavier! Owens tagged in Sami… forearm shot… knee to the gut… roaring forearm… Zayn rolls to the outside, suicide dive on Zayn and Ziggler!

Woods climbs the top rope to take out a rolled-in Zayn, Owens distracts the ref, Ziggler pulls Woods off the top rope. Zayn tags in Owens, who whales on a prone Woods in the opposing corner. Tag in to Dolph and he rakes the eyes of Woods. Woods breaks out of a rear chinlock, schoolboy roll up for two. Woods can’t make the tag and in comes Zayn. After an assortment of rights and lefts, Owens is tagged in. Bodyslam by Owens followed by a second-rope moonsault! 1… 2… kick out!

Owens sends Woods to the ropes, DDT by Woods! Ziggler is tagged in… but so is BIG E! Belly-to-belly after belly-to-belly… off the ropes splash! Big E wants to end it but Ziggler rolls to the outside. Big E has his spear shut down by a knee to the head. Ziggler comes in to try a ZigZag, Big E catches him and tags in Kofi with Dolph on his shoulder.

iggler brteaks free to tag in Zayn while Kofi is left hanging at the top turnbuckle. Big E goes after Dolph, east a superkick by Dolph! Kofi didn’t see the tag, goes for an SOS on Dolph! Dolph rakes the eyes, Sami pins Kofi’s arms behind him for Dolph to land a superkick… he misses and hits Zayn! Woods pushes Kofi out of the way of a Dolph Superkick and eats it! Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler… and another for Zayn! Cover on Zayn! 1… 2… 3…

WINNERS: The New Day via pinfall

We are left with Kofi holding high the WWE Title and his New Day brothers celebrating with him!
And that’s how we end it.