WWE SmackDown 07 09 2019

WWE Smackdown Results
July 9, 2019
Manchester, New Hampshire
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Smackdown kicks off with scenes from earlier during the day. Dolph is outside of the arena with Kayla. Ziggler calls Kevin Owens useless about how he has to carry Owens on his back just like he has done with the company. In the back, Owens pulls into the arena honking, cutting Ziggler off.

Kevin Owens gets out of the car and Ziggler isn’t happy about it. The two start arguing and Owens hits him with a right hand as the two start to fight. WWE Superstars break up the fight.

Shane McMahon comes out and tells the staff and security to take Kevin Owens away. He tells Owens to take his car and get out of the arena.

Live in the arena, Shane is asked about why he cancelled tonight’s main event. Shane says what happened earlier was out of control and it’s Owens who instigated the fight. When asked about the main event, Shane said he has a few ideas and will let us know.

At ringside, Kevin Owens has a microphone and he says Shane has to hear the truth. Owens says he’s done being a nice guy since it didn’t get him anywhere. A while ago, he saw the entire McMahon family say they will listen to the fans but the only thing that has happened since then is that Shane has gotten more power, authority and television time than anyone. And no one wanted that. Now they have to sit back every week on every show to hear Shane call himself the best in the world.

Shane comes out and says to cut Kevin’s microphone off. Kevin grabs another microphone as Shane walks down to the ring. Owens says it’s an insult to everyone in the back and it makes him sick and it makes everybody sick. Kevin says when Shane calls himself the best in the world, it makes everyone, including himself, want Shane to kiss his ass.

Kevin’s microphone is cut off as he grabs a headset. Security runs after Kevin Owens as he goes through the crowd.

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Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The bell rings and we are under way. A test of strength leads to reversals by both men. Nakamura with elbows to the face. Nakamura goes for a sunset flip but a kick to the face by Balor. He lifts Nakamura up but Nakamura pushes him into the corner.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, a knee to the stomach by Nakamura. He sends Balor to the corner but Balor with the legs up on Nakamura when he runs towards him. A clothesline by Balor. Nakamura in the corner but a chop to the chest by Balor. Nakamura goes for a kick but Balor reverses it and he drops Nakamura. Balor in the corner, he runs towards Nakamura, goes for the Slingblade by Nakamura reverses it. He throws Balor into the corner a sliding German suplex by Nakamura drops Balor.

Nakamura in the corner, he runs towards Balor but Balor catches him with the Slingblade. Balor climbs the top rope but Nakamura gets up and trips Balor. A knee to the ribs by Nakamura as Balor drops to the ring apron. Nakamura climbs the second rope, jumps and hits Balor with a knee to the face. Balor drops to the outside. Nakamura grabs Balor and throws him into the ring post. He throws him again into the ring post. Both men get back in the ring at the referee’s 9 count. Nakamura throws Balor to the outside of the ring. The Kinshasa by Nakamura on the outside.

Balor gets back in the ring at the referee’s 9 count. Nakamura throws him back on the outside. He throws Balor into the security rail and into the steel steps. Nakamura with knees to the back of Balor. Nakamura gets back in the ring as the referee counts to 9 and Balor gets in. Nakamura with another Kinshasa. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Shane McMahon is backstage with Drew McIntyre and Elias. They talk about how Roman tried to get one over on them but they have the mental advantage. Elias says he has been working on the perfect funeral song for the Undertaker. In comes Dolph Ziggler who tells Shane that what he did was bogus. Tonight was his night to end Kevin Owens. Shane says Owens is out but since he is ready to go, Ziggler should main event tonight. Shane announced Dolph Ziggler against Roman Reigns tonight and they will all be out there with him.

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We see a video package hyping up Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE title at Extreme Rules.

Samoa Joe is backstage. He says you can deny the truth all you want but that doesn’t change the facts. Last week, he showed Kofi passion and the option of safety. But he is everything he said Kofi was. He saw the hustle behind Kofi but at Extreme Rules, he promises him that he will tear everything away and beat him down to the very essence of what he is. And after that he will put him to sleep. And he will take the WWE title.

WWE Smackdown women’s contract signing

Kayla Braxton is in the ring as she introduces Nikki Cross who is representing herself and Alexa Bliss. Out comes Nikki as Kayla introduces Bayley as the champion comes down to the ring.

Kayla mentions how it will be a 2 on 1 handicap match and this puts a lot of pressure on Bayley. She asks Bayley why she attacked Nikki after the match on Raw. Bayley says she is here to sign the contract and Alexa isn’t here but she is happy that Nikki is. She says her and Nikki are a lot alike. When she first got to WWE, she was star struck but learned quickly that people used her when they wanted something. Nikki says good to know that Bayley on Raw was the real her. Bayley says Alexa has gotten into Nikki’s head and asks if she is ok with helping somebody else win a championship.

Bayley says on Sunday, she is at impossible odds but Nikki doesn’t need Alexa. But on Sunday, she will bring everything she has and what will happen when Alexa loses and she blames Nikki? Bayley signs the contract as Nikki says she wants to help her friend but \she wouldn’t understand that as all her friends abandoned her. Alexa promised that on Sunday whent hey win, she won’t hold that championship alone because her and Alexa will become the first ever Smackdown women’s champions co-champions.

Nikki sign the contract and asks Bayley to stick around for her match with Carmella.

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Nikki Cross vs. Carmella

The bell rings and a cross body by Nikki. She pushes Carmella into the corner and stomps on her. A snap mare by Nikki followed by a dropkick. She goes for the cover but a two count only. Nikki slams Carmella’s head into the ring mat. Nikki with a snap suplex. She goes for the cover but again a kick out.

Nikki with a modified arm bar head lock. Carmella reverses it into a cover but Nikki kicks out. Nikki with another head lock. Carmella gets out of it. She gets up and a clothesline by Nikki. Carmella with a right hand but Nikki reacts with a right hand of her own. Nikki goes for a cross body but Carmella ducks as both women are down.

A clothesline by Carmella. She throws Nikki in the corner and does the bronco buster. Carmella goes for the super kick but Nikki reverses it as Carmella goes for the pin, Carmella goes for the kick but Nikki with a spinning neck breaker. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Nikki Cross

The IIconics are backstage leaving their locker room as Paige is there with Asuka and Kairi Sane. Paige says they want a tag team match tonight. The IIconics mention that Billie Kay is sick. When asked what she has, both Billie and Peyton give a different answer. Paige says since they won the titles, they have been doing nothing and calls them annoying clowns. Paige says the match is coming, it may not be tonight but it’s coming.

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We see clips of last night’s main event on Raw involving Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon, Roman Reigns and Cedrik Alexander.

Backstage, Roman Reigns is asked about his match against Dolph tonight. Roman says these crazy nights have made his career and Dolph is not ready for him tonight. And at Extreme Rules, him and the Undertaker will do their thing and Shane and McIntyre will rest in peace.

The New Day, Daniel Bryan and Rowan, Heavy Machinery

Out come the New Day first. Xavier says tonight he has a triple threat match against Daniel Bryan and Otis. But on Sunday, the New Day have a triple threat tag team match for the Smackdown titles. Big E says that it wasn’t what he had in mind when he heard he was going to be in a three way on Sunday.

Out come Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Bryan says they are booing him but they should be booing the New Day. Because despite him pinning Big E last week, they come out making jokes about three ways and people wonder why they are not taking this tag title match seriously. But it’s because every time the New Day win the tag team titles, no one else takes them seriously either.

Woods says Bryan talks a lot without actually saying anything. And he wants to hear what big red Rowan has to say. They say first Rowan was out taking orders from Bray, after that Harper and now Daniel. They have a hard time keeping up with who his daddy is. The fans chant “who’s your daddy” as Rowan tries to storm the ring but Daniel blocks him. Daniel says it’s ignorant people leading an ignorant lead. He calls the New Day some of the best athletes in WWE and they have had some of the best matches as well. Yet somehow, the New Day never escapes the middle of the card and is always seen as a comedy act. The only thing worse than New Day winning the titles would be the buffoons Heavy Machinery winning the titles as they think the tag team division is a joke.

Heavy Machinery’s music hits as they come out. Tucker says they get it. Daniel is the best, the champ, the greatest. But at Stomping Grounds, in their first WWE PPV, there’s no denying that they took them to the limit. They showed them what they were all about and instead of feeling down, they got back in the ring and got to work. They beat Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens and earned their opportunity. Otis says they are blue collar solid. Tucker says being blue collar solid means overcoming any obstacles and that includes beating the New Day. And on Sunday, Heavy Machine will become the new… Otis imitates the New Day as he moves his hips around saying WWE champions.

Otis says tonight, Woods and Daniel, they have a match and he is coming.

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Daniel Bryan vs. Xavier Woods vs. Otis

The bell rings and we are under way. Bryan slides out of the ring. Otis sends Woods to the ropes and a shoulder block takes Woods out. Bryan gets in the ring and jumps on Otis as Otis backs up into the corner. He throws Bryan across the ring. In comes Woods, he goes for a suplex as Bryan gets in. He and Woods go for a double suplex but Otis lifts them both up and a double vertical suplex. Otis goes for the cover on Bryan but he kicks out. He sends Woods into the corner. Bryan runs towards him but Otis lifts him and drops him.

Otis runs towards Woods bbut a kick to the face by Woods. Rowan gets on the ring apron and hits Otis and Woods. Big E and Tucker attack Rowan on the outside. They push Rowan over the announce table. The referee kicks out Big E, Tucker and Rowan from ringside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Woods is on the top rope. He jumps and a dropkick onto Daniel. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out. Woods goes for the honor roll but Bryan catches him and gets the LaBelle lock. Otis breaks it up. Bryan with a kick to Otis and another. Bryan with the Yes kicks. He goes for the last one but Otis catches him. He spins Bryan around and slams him. Woods with a kick to the face. He jumps but Otis catches him and slams him.

Woods in the corner and a splash by Otis onto Woods and onto Bryan who falls onto the mat. Otis with the caterpillar, Woods with a super kick on Otis. Bryan goes for the running knee but Woods catches him with the brain buster. Otis with a big slam on Woods. He goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winner: Otis

We see clips of last week’s Smackdown involving Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

Backstage in catering, Ember Moon is interrupted by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Mandy says it’s not Twitter where she can control people, this is real life. Ember says what she said is correct, considering she beat Mandy last week. Sonya says they are over it. Mandy tells Ember to go find a tag team partner and they’ll face her next week. Ember says they are on. And if she can’t find a partner, she will have to do it on her own.

-Commercial Break-

A video of Ali talking air. He says when you see evil, you’re supposed to run but he runs towards it. But he knows evil only wins when the good stand by and do nothing. It doesn’t natter what evil looks like, he has seen them all and fought them all. He saw them every night as a police officer. There is no monster who can scare him, no evil he will not battle. If anyone is facing their own evil, to remember that evil only wins when you don’t show up to fight.

Aleister Black segment, opponent revealed

We see a split screen. Black on oneside and an emty chair on the other. Black is asked about his match on Sunday at Extreme Rules. The contract has been signed and his opponent will not identify himself at this time. Aleister being to laugh and says very good. He sees what he’s doing, it’s something he would do. He is applauding his opponent. It’s smart, really smart. But at this point he doesn’t care anymore. On the other screen, we see a white suit and a white hand circling around the chair. The person sits down and it’s Cesaro.

He begins to talk. Cesaro says he is the one who knocked on his door because he wants to pick a fight with him. Aleister says so very good Mr. Cesaro. Because this Sunday, he will fight him. Black stands up and leaves.

The screen cuts to Shelton Benjamin. He is asked if Dolph will finally prove it should be him. Benjamin gives a smirk as he leaves.

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Kayla is talking and in comes Paul Heyman. He looks at her and walks away. She introduces Kofi Kingston. She asks him about his match against Joe. Kofi says there’s nothing Joe can do or say that can play on his mindset. He is a lethal weapon who would do anything to defeat his opponent. But what happened last week? The controversy. He got in Joe’s head. He knows how dangerous Joe is but he welcomes that challenge with open arms. And he wants to be one of the greatest WWE champions of all time.

Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler

Before the bell rang, out came Shane McMahon with Elias and Drew McIntyre. They sit at ring side.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, the bell rings and we are under way. The two shove each other. Roman with a right hand. He slams Dolph’s head into the turnbuckle. An elbow to the face by Roman Reigns takes Dolph out. Roman lifts Dolph but Dolph gets out of it. A dropkick by Ziggler takes Roman down. An elbow by Dolph. He goes for the cover but Roman kicks out. Roman in the corner and Ziggler with right hands. Ziggler with a big splash on Roman. He goes for another but Roman hits him with a right hand.

Ziggler falls to the outside. Roman goes to the outside and the drive by onto Ziggler. Roman stares at Elias and McIntyre. He throws Ziggler inside the ring as Roman is distracted by Drew. Ziggler grabs Roman but Roman with a right hand. With the referee distracted, Drew pushes Roman into the ring post. Dolph throws Roman into the security rail. He throws Roman into the ring and goes for the cover but Roman kicks out. Another elbow by Ziggler. He goes for the cover again but Roman kicks out.

Dolph Ziggler with a modified arm lock. Roman tries to escape as Dolph slams his head into the mat. Dolph with a neck breaker. Once more he goes for the cover but Reigns kicks out. Dolph goes for  another neck breaker but Roman reverses it into a Samoan drop. Dolph goes for the DDT but Roman catches him and a punch by Roman. Roman with right hands followed by a boot to the face. Roman goes for the super man punch as he hits Elias off the ring apron. Ziggler with the zig zag from behind. He goes for the cover but Roman kicks out.

Ziggler goes for the super kick but Roman lands the super man punch. He goes for the cover but Ziggler kicks out. Roman Reigns goes for the spear but Drew pulls Zigglero ut of the ring. Roman flies over the top rope as he jumps and takes out Drew, Ziggler and Elias. Shane gets in the ring but Ziggler hits Roman with the super kick. Kevin Owens gets in the ring and hits Shane with the stunner and runs out. Ziggler throws Roman into the ring. He goes for the zig zag but Roman hits him with the spear. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Roman Reigns