WWE SmackDown 05 28 2019

WWE Smackdown Results
May 28, 2019
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Smackdown Live kicks off with a clip of last tuesday’s show. We see Kofi Kingston defeating Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman coming out with Brock Lesnar’s Money in the Bank briefcase and Dolph Ziggler attacking Kofi Kingston.

WWE champion Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens

Live in the arena, Kevin Owens comes out to the ring. Kevin gets on the microphone and says initially he was going to start Smackdown with the KO Show but after being here all day, he can’t think of anything worse than being in the ring in Oklahoma and giving a KO show to a people who aren’t worthy. And the people of Oklahoma are not worthy. The only thing being making being in Oklahoma bearable is knowing that in a few minutes, he will beat up Kofi Kingston.

Kevin says the past few weeks, he has acquired a taste for beating up people of the New Day. But he had nothing to do with Big E’s attack last week in the locker room. Big E said it was Kevin but maybe he was tweeting and got distracted. He never attacked Big E, he’s a good person and would never do that. But if New Day want to blame him, they can blame him for something he is responsible for which is the pain that Xavier Woods has been in weeks now. Or for Kofi’s fairy tale ending at Super ShowDown when Dolph Ziggler beats him for the WWE championship and that will be a direct result of what he will do to Kofi tonight. Kofi Kingston’s music hits as he comes out to the ring throwing pancakes into the crowd.

Kofi tells Kevin enough with the lying. Kevin says he didn’t attack Big E? But everyone knows he’s lying just like he lied about wanting to be apart of New Day. Kevin is a liar and now he’s out here saying he will soften him up for Dolph. He’s lying to himself. Kofi says that won’t happen but what will happen is this. Kofi says he’s not 100% but Kevin will pay for re-injuring Big E’s knee and attacking Xavier. Tonight he will pay for all of that.

The bell rings and we are under way. Kofi with a drop kick. Right hands by both men but Kevin with a big boot as he stomps on Kofi. A chop to the chest by Kevin but a take down by Kofi. Kofi with a kick as Kevin is sent to the ropes but Kevin slams Kofi’s head into the mat.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and Kofi is on the outside of the ring. Kevin goes to the outside and a standing senton onto Kofi. Kevin with a slap to the chest as he throws Kofi inside the ring. Kevin goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out. A head lock by Kevin Owens as Kofi fights back. Kofi runs to the ropes but a clothesline by Kevin Owens. An elbow to the face by Kevin as he goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out again. Another headlock by Owens.

Kofi Kingston gets out of it and right hands by Kofi but a knee to the midsection by Kevin. He slams Kofi’s head into the mat. Kevin grabs Kofi’s leg but Kofi with a kick to the face. A right hand by Kofi, a right hand by Kevin, a kick to the stomach by Kofi. Kevin runs towards Kofi but Kofi ducks and lowers the top rope and Kevin falls to the outside. Kofi runs and jumps over the top rope onto Kevin Owens on the outside. Kofi rolls Kevin into the ring. Kofi goes for the SOS but Kevin goes for a Stunner, Kofi reverses it into an SOS. He goes for the cover but Kevin Owens kicks out. Kofi goes to jump off the top rope but Kevin Owens pushes him off to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Kevin Owens has Kofi in another headlock. Kofi with elbows to the stomach as he gets out of it. Fists by Kofi but Kevin drops Kofi and a slingshot over the top rope. Kofi hangs on but Kevin with a superkick from behind as Kofi falls to the floor. A big splash by Kevin off the ring apron. Kevin Owens gets back in the ring as the referee starts his 10 count. The referee reaches to nine as Kofi gets into the ring. Kevin Owens climbs the top rope, he lands the frog splash. He goes for the cover but Kofi Kingston kicks out. Kevin climbs back the top rope but Kofi with a kick to the head slowing Kevin down. Both men exchange right hands but Kofi climbs the second rope. Kofi climbs the third rope but a headbutt by Owens as Kofi falls. A senton by Kevin Owens. He goes for the cover but again Kofi Kingston kicks out.

Kevin goes for the pop up power bomb. Kofi reveres it into the Trouble in Paradise. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

We see Dolph Ziggler watching the match backstage in the locker room.

Shane McMahon is standing backstage with Elias and Drew McIntyre and it’s the Shane McMahon Appreciation Night.

R-Truth with his 24/7 title and Carmella are backstage. Truth says it’s run Truth run ever since he won the European title. Truth asks if he knows how difficult it is to get a cavity fail while people are trying to pin him. He lifts Carmella onto his shoulders and runs as we see Drake Maverick putting up R-Truth Wanted posters.

-Commercial Break-

Smackdown Tag Team Champions – Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Kayla is in the ring with the champions. Bryan says the WWE tag team division is a joke. A bad joke, it’s not a joke that makes you laugh, it’s one that makes you cringe. Speaking of jokes, Rowan has a joke. Rowan says knock knock. Who’s there? The Smackdown Tag Team division? The Smackdown tag team division who? Exactly! Daniel Bryan and Rowan laugh. Bryan says that’s a joke. However, they are not jokes. They have ambition. They have purpose. Not only will they be the greatest WWE tag team of all time but they dedicate their lives to saving the planet. Unlike all of the fans who wasted their memorial day weekend eating the beautiful creatures of the planet. While all these fat, ignorant humans were eating hot dogs, they didn’t realize that that was a hyper intelligent pig named Wiggles. While they were eating hamburgers, they didn’t realize that was a nurturing cow. They don’t realize that all the beautiful creatures have names but he and Rowan do. The people of Oklahoma are worse than anybody.

Bryan says Oklahoma is a leader in deep oil well drilling. It brings them money but also earthquakes. Their mission statement is to save the tag team division and save the planet. Because they are the planet’s tag team champions. Kayla says she is told that there are teams who would like to challenge them. Bryan asks who. Heavy Machinery come out to the ring.

Otis and Tucker get in the ring. Tucker says no doubt they are a great tag team and as much as they love having fun, it’s time for Heavy Machinery to get down to some serious, blue collar solid business. Otis says and that business is those Smackdown Tag Team championships. A referee gets in the ring. Bryan says they accept their challenge, even though they will be sorry they ever made it. They will have the match but not in Oklahoma. Rowan and Bryan leave the ring.

WWE Smackdown women’s champion Bayley is backstage preparing for her match against Lacey Evans.

Sonya DeVille is with Mandy Rose backstage and they are holding Muscle and Fitness Hers magazines with Mandy on the cover. They walk and see the women’s tag team champions The IIconics. They give them a few magazines and continue their walk. They see Ember Moon reading a book as Mandy presents her with the magazine. They give her several copies and walk away. Ember throws them away.

-Commercial Break-

Carmella vs. Mandy Rose with Sonya DeVille

The bell rings and we are under way. Mandy grabs a magazine and gloats with it. Carmella kicks the magazine away and right hands by Carmella. Kicks to the stomach by Carmella and right hands onto Mandy. Carmella runs towards Mandy but Mandy trips her and she lands face first into the turnbuckle. A snapmare by Mandy and a headlock. Carmella gets out of it. Mandy runs to the ropes and a knee to the face. She goes for the cover but Carmella kicks out.

Mandyh gets Carmella in the corner but a hurricanrana by Carmella. The bronco buster by Carmella. She goes for the cover but Mandy Rose kicks out. Sonya gets on the ring apron and that distracts Carmella who goes for a kick onto Mandy but Mandy ducks, goes for the roll-up cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Mandy Rose

We see R-Truth backstage and the lookout. He’s attacked by Jinder Mahal. R-Truth fights him off and throws him through a door. Truth hides in a photo booth. The B team and several other WWE superstars are running after him. Truth comes out of the photo booth and Drake Maverick bumps into him. He starts chasing R-Truth.

-Commercial Break-

Aleister Black is sitting in a dark room and he cuts another promo. He says we are waiting for him to throw out a name, to pick a fight with somebody. Anybody. But there lies the conundrum. He is sitting waiting patiently for somebody, anybody to pick a fight with him.

Shane McMahon Appreciation Night

McMahon comes down to the ring with Elias and Drew McIntyre. Hamilton introduces Shane McMahon as Shane gets on the microphone. He says when Drew came up with the concept for tonight, he was hesitant. He never considered himself a hero, he doesn’t do what he does for a celebration. What he does is he enjoys his life. He enjoys being out in front of the fans. He is a humble man. He came back home to help run a family business. And the greatest adulation he can have is by looking out at the fans. And seeing smiles on faces. If you are in attendance or watching at home, they have something to ensure that when Smackdown goes off the air, smiles will be on faces.

We see a video of Shane McMahon’s career. Shane says that video was educational. It was educational for Roman Reigns. Shane says he is sick and tired of him walking around breaking all the rules like he’s the big dog in the yard. The McMahon family has been putting food on his family’s table for generations. And when Roman came out and hit the chairman, he bit the hand that feeds him. He hopes Roman can hear him because at Super ShowDown, he will beat him and beat respect into him.

Elias says that was powerful. In honor of him, he wrote him a song. “You’re the best in the world, the greatest man I ever saw. You’re better than the best, just like Texas has been better than Oklahoma.”

R-Truth runs through the crowd and lifts his 24/7 title. Maverick is in the ring with him along with a referee. R-Truth hits Maverick with a reverse suplex. He goes for the cover and gets the pin. He celebrates in the ring.

He turns around and realizes what he has done. Shane says he doesn’t know where to begin. All three men start beating up on R-Truth. Elias hits him with the Drift Away. Elias and Shane lift R-Truth up and the Claymore by Drew. Elias goes for the cover and gets the pin. He’s the new 24/7 champion.

Elias celebrates in the ring. Shane says he got an idea. Elias will team up with Drew McIntyre to take on R-Truth and Roman Reigns. Shane says he is suspending the 24/7 rule for now, no rules, no one can attack him until the conclusion of the match.

New 24/7 champion: Elias

Kayla is backstage with Lacey Evans, who she calls a wild card from Raw. Lacey says she is not wild as the camera rolls in and we see her drinking tea with Charlotte. The two talk about how Becky and Bayley are the most arrogant superstars in WWE. They beat up Becky and now it’s time to beat up Bayley.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Smackdown women’s champion Bayley vs. Lacey Evans

Charlotte Flair is on commentary. The bell rings and we are under way. Bayley goes for a leg take down but Lacey gets to the ropes. Bayley with a head lock but Lacey reverses it as Bayley gets out of it. A knee to the stomach by Lacey but a right hand by Bayley. Lacey slams Bayley’s head into the mat. An elbow to the back of the head by Lacey.

Lacey goes for a roll-up but Bayley with a knee to the side of the face. Bayley goes for the cover but Lacey kicks out. Bayley throws Lacey onto the ring apron. Lacey trips Bayley up and an elbow by Lacey. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Bayley falls to the outside as Charlotte stands up.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial break, a cross body by Bayley. She goes for the cover but Lacey kicks out. Lacey sends Bayley into the turnbuckle. Lacey goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Lacey slams Bayley’s head into the mat. Lacey places Bayley in the corner and stomps on her. Lacey with a modified bronco buster. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Lacey gets on the ring apron and goes to jump but Bayley with a right hand. Lacey falls to the outside. Bayley goes to the outside and a drop kick followed by a clothesline. Charlotte Flair stands up as Bayley stares at her. Bayley with a forearm onto Charlotte. Bayley gets in the ring with the referee distracted by Charlotte. Bayley reverses it into a pin of her own and gets the pin.

Winner: Bayley

Lacey Evans attacks Charlotte from behind after the match. Charlotte gets up and attacks Lacey as referee’s get in the ring to break it up.

We see R-Truth with Carmella backstage and R-Truth looks hurt.

-Commercial Break-

A video hyping up Triple H’s match against Randy Orton at Super ShowDown airs.

Andrade and Zelina Vega are backstage. We see a clip of Finn Balor talking about how he was not medically cleared to perform last week on Smackdown after the punishment he received in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Andrade tells Balor he didn’t just get powerbombed on a ladder but he, Andrade, powerbombed him on the ladder. Andrade tells Balor he will find his inner demon when he steps up to Andrade at Super ShowDown.

-Commercial Break-

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt is shown with a paper plate over his face that has a scary image drawn on it. Wyatt then happily greets the audience and asks if they enjoyed his secret. Wyatt likes to call him The Fiend, but he’s here to protect them. Sometimes he finds it hard to find his confidence and be brave, especially when he’s all alone. When he puts the mask on, he can be anything he wants to be. Wyatt then maniacally smiles.

Abby the Witch says Wyatt just doesn’t want the people to know what a sicko he is. Abby asks if he’s a doctor now. Wyatt dresses up as a doctor and says the diagnosis is in: Abby the Witch is a bully. Abby says she is tired and is tired of being in limbo. Wyatt then has two kids come out with a limbo stick. Wyatt says he’ll always light the way. All they have to do is… let him in. Wyatt crab walks under the limbo stick.

Roman Reigns and R-Truth vs. Elias and Drew McIntyre
During R-Truth’s entrance, out come Elias and Drew McIntyre who attack R-Truth. Roman Reigns comes out to help. Roman and Elias are in the ring as Drew is tagged in. Drew stomps on Roman Reigns. Drew with a suplex onto Roman. He goes for the cover but Roman kicks out.Elias is tagged in. The two double team Roman. Elias with a fist to the face. A modified head lock by Elias. A knee to the stomach by Elias. He runs to the ropes but a Samoan drop by Roman. Drew is tagged in as is R-Truth. A right hand by R-Truth onto Drew. He knocks Elias out but Drew throws R-Truth to the outside of the ring. Drew throws Truth into the barricade. He lifts R-Truth and drops him into the ring apron.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Elias has R-Truth in a head lock but Truth with right hands. A clothesline by Elias takes Truth out. Drew is tagged in. The two double team R-Truth. Drew with a chop to the chest followed by an overhead belly to back suplex. He goes for the cover but Truth kicks out. Truth with a right hand but an elbow to the face by Drew followed by a suplex. Elias is tagged in.

A powerslam by Elias. A chop to the chest by Elias as Drew is tagged in. A big chop to the chest by Drew who pushes Truth into the corner. Elias is tagged in. They double team Truth and Drew is tagged back in. A kick to the face by Truth onto Drew. Elias is sent into the corner and Drew to the outside. Elias is tagged in as is Roman. A clothesline by Reigns takes Elias out. A right hand by Roman takes McIntyre out. A clothesline by Roman onto Elias in the corner. A big boot by Roman Reigns takes Elias out.

Roman Reigns goes for the Superman punch and hits Drew off the ring apron. Elias is sent to the outside and the drive by byRoman onto Elias. Roman sends Elias into the ring. Shane goes to attack Roman but a right hand by Roman. Drew goes for the Claymore but Roman moves and Drew lands on the announce table. Back inside the ring the spear by Roman Reigns onto Elias. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Roman Reigns and R-Truth

Reigns looks at Elias and the referee. Roman Reigns with the spear onto Elias. He tells R-Truth to go for the cover. R-Truth gets the pin and is the new 24/7 champion.

Winner: New 24/7 champion, R-Truth