WWE Friday Night SmackDown 02 07 2020

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
February 7, 2020
San Jose, California
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video hypes up the return of Goldberg to WWE. Goldberg will tell us who’s next.

The SmackDown video plays, and we go live into the arena to see a big pyrotechnics display. Tonight, Daniel Bryan will return. We’ll also see a Fatal 4-Way with Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Dana Brooke, and Carmella with the winner facing Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship in the future.

The Miz and John Morrison make their way to the ring for their first Dirt Sheet. Morrison says his shirt has buttons, but he doesn’t use it. Miz says he’s the chick magnet. Morrison asks if he’s still really doing that line. Miz says he has two daughters and a wife, so it’s relevant. The old Dirt Sheet intro plays with Howard Finkel’s voiceover.

They talk about the Academy Awards this Sunday before showing a trailer for “Once Upon a Time from the Dirt Sheet.” It features The Miz’ dad (Mr. Miz) trying to teach Miz how to fight. Lance Storm makes an appearance, as does John Laurinaitis. It finishes with “Coming soon to Super ShowDown: New Tag Team Champions.”

Miz says Oscar-worthy, maybe. SmackDown Tag Team Championship-worthy? Definitely. Morrison says everyone wants to hang out with the cool kids now. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day interrupt them. They come out with popcorn. They make fun of the trailer. Big E gets his microphone out of Kofi Kingston’s popcorn box. Kingston puts over Mr. Miz’ athletic prowess and says he’s Mr. Miz’ favorite star. Big E says it had drama and comedy. The fact that the two of them think they’ll beat The New Day for the titles at Super ShowDown? They laugh and say it’s Richard Pryor-level comedy.

Miz and Morrison fake laugh and then stop. Big E and Kingston are in the ring. Miz says they’ve dominated over the last few weeks. The Usos cut them off. The Usos ask The New Day if they beat all the teams. Miz and Morrison haven’t beaten The Usos. Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode now come out. Miz and Morrison attack Kingston and Big E from behind. The Usos quickly chase them out of the ring. Ziggler and Roode come down. They’ll face The Usos, next.

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The Usos vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

It’s Jimmy Uso and Dolph Ziggler starting it off. They trade punches before Roode tags in. Roode chops away at Jimmy, but Jimmy soon comes back. Jey Uso tags in, but Roode soon takes him down. Ziggler comes in and attacks for a two count. Ziggler distracts the referee, and Roode gets some cheap shots in on Jey. Roode tags in and kicks Jey. Roode connects with a snapmare before applying a chin lock. Jey fights up, but Roode tags Ziggler in. Ziggler hits a famouser for a two count. Ziggler knocks Jimmy off the apron. Jey rolls Ziggler up for a two count. Roode tags in, and he hits a double-team spinebuster/Zig-Zag on Jey. Jimmy breaks it up and superkicks Ziggler. Jey then hits Roode with an enzuigiri. Jey goes to the top rope, but Ziggler distracts the referee. Roode then pushes Jey off the top rope to the floor.

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We come back from the break to see Roode stomping Jey down in the corner. Ziggler tags in and punches Jey. Jey fights up, but Ziggler takes him down and tags Roode in. Roode bounces Jey off the turnbuckle. Jey fights back and punches Ziggler as well. Jey knocks Roode out of the ring and starts to crawl to his brother. Roode quickly cuts him off. Roode tries to punch Jimmy, but he misses.

Jimmy tags in and kicks Roode before hitting a cross-body block. Jimmy punches Ziggler off the apron before punching Roode. Jimmy connects with a Samoan Drop. Ziggler runs in and takes a Samoan Drop as well. Jimmy hits a running hip attack on Ziggler. Jimmy charges Roode, but Roode takes him down with a powerslam for a two count. Roode does his “GLORIOUS” taunt and goes for the Glorious DDT, but Jimmy gets out with a back body drop. Ziggler tags in and hits a Zig-Zag, but Jimmy kicks out. Ziggler is shocked. Ziggler sets up for a superkick, but Jimmy superkicks him instead. Roode is knocked out of the ring. Jey tags in and goes for a top rope splash on Ziggler. Ziggler gets the knees up and rolls him up for a near fall.

Roode tags in, and they signal for the end. They go for a double-team suplex, but Jimmy saves Jey. Ziggler and Jimmy knock each other out of the ring. Roode attacks Jey, but Jimmy blind tags in. The Usos hit a double-team superkick on Roode. Jimmy goes to the top rope for the Uso Splash and the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Usos

A video plays to hype up Golderg appearing later on tonight. We’ll find out who’s next. Coming up next, we’ll take a look at the humiliation of King Corbin.

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WrestleMania is 58 days away.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are backstage. Alexa says you don’t become the first-ever Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion without something twisted up your sleeve.

Alexa Bliss will face Naomi, Carmella, and Dana Brooke in a Fatal 4-Way to get a shot at Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s Championship in the future.

Replays are shown of King Corbin being annihilated by vats of dog food dumped on him by Roman Reigns and The Usos.

We go outside to see King Corbin storm into the WWE Production Truck. Corbin is furious over the video being shown. Corbin finds the guy that ran the video and attacks him before throwing him out of the truck and down the stairs. WWE producers and agents send Corbin off.

“Ladies and gentlemen… Elias.”

Elias is standing in the ring strumming his guitar. Elias plays the blues while the crowd happily claps along. He then finishes with a good riff. Elias thanks San Jose. Now he has a fight with Cesaro and needs to know who has his back. So, he has one question for everyone tonight: who wants to walk with Elias?

Before this match, he did write a song and hopes they clap along. It’s called, “Third Time’s the Charm.” Elias starts to play, but he’s cut off by Cesaro and Sami Zayn.

Zayn sarcastically says they’re sorry to interrupt. It doesn’t feel good to be interrupted, just like Elias interrupted Zayn last week. The crowd loudly boos. Elias says in case Zayn hasn’t been paying attention for the last two and a half years, it’s a miracle when he’s not interrupted. Zayn says interrupting him matters more. They were dealing with a crisis because Shinsuke Nakamura was robbed of the Intercontinental Championship. Zayn says Elias will pay at the hands of Cesaro. Everything that happens to Elias has been brought on by himself.

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Elias vs. Cesaro w/ Sami Zayn

We join this match in progress. Elias hits Cesaro with a back body drop and a backbreaker. Cesaro soon takes him down and attacks him at ringside, dropping him on the barricade. Cesaro gets him in the ring and applies a rest hold. Cesaro hits a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a two count. Cesaro chokes him on the ropes. Cesaro applies a rest hold, but Elias fights out. Elias boots him back and hits a running knee to the face for a near fall. Elias climbs the ropes, but Cesaro cuts him off. Elias blocks a superplex and sends him to the canvas. Cesaro quickly pops up and uppercuts Elias. Elias falls to the apron, so Cesaro catches him with a deadlift superplex for a near fall!

Elias counters a Neutralizer into a jackknife cover for a two count. Cesaro quickly hits a pop-up uppercut for a two count. Cesaro looks frustrated. Cesaro peppers him with uppercuts before Elias fights back with chops. Elias stomps away at Cesaro and takes him down. Elias hits a scoop slam and goes to the top rope. Elias hits a picture perfect flying elbow drop for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Elias

Charlotte Flair will be on WWE Backstage this Tuesday.

We see Goldberg getting set up. We’ll hear who’s next… next.

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Michael Cole sets up to interview Goldberg, who is not at the arena…

…but King Corbin comes out and says he’s the King of the Ring so they have to listen to him. Corbin makes fun of the San Francisco 49ers losing to his Kansas City Chiefs, which gets big heat. Roman Reigns should’ve been covered in dog food last week, but he got The Usos to help him. The Usos are carrying dead weight. If Reigns were a man, he’d have faced him in their Falls Count Anywhere match at Royal Rumble one-on-one. Then he’d have won the Royal Rumble and gone on to main event WrestleMania. As their king, he demands one more match with Roman Reigns. Corbin says he’s the king here on Smackdown, so this show is going no further until he gets Roman Reigns in the middle of the ring. The crowd is loudly booing Corbin. Corbin talks trash to the crowd and finds a plant in the stands. He pours a beer over the guy’s head.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring. Reigns catches him with a Superman Punch before sending him into the barricade twice. Corbin has a drink splashed on him before Reigns bounces him off the steel steps a few times. Reigns connects with a Drive-By Dropkick before putting Corbin in the ring. Corbin quickly escapes through the other side and runs through the crowd. Reigns says Corbin is a coward. If the coward wants to have one more match, he’s got it. If he wants to go one-on-one, they’ll do it inside of a Steel Cage!

Michael Cole interviews Goldberg, who is live via satellite. Cole asks, “Who’s next?” Goldberg says he watched the Royal Rumble with his son and it made him excited… but it also gave him that edge. His old friend Brock Lesnar is busy with Ricochet and Drew McIntyre coming for the WWE Championship, but what about the Universal Championship? His time as the Universal Champion was too short and he never got a rematch.

The Firefly Fun House music plays for some breaking news. Bray Wyatt is shown wearing a tie. Wyatt mentions William Goldberg and says he accepts. Mercy the Buzzard says it’ll be a cold day in hell when The Fiend loses the Universal Championship. Mercy is shivering in hell while saying that. Goldberg says the mind games won’t work on him. Here’s the breaking news: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt… YOU’RE NEXT! Goldberg angrily walks off. Wyatt says that wasn’t very nice. The Fiend flashes on the screen before Wyatt happily waves goodbye to Bill.

Daniel Bryan is watching this backstage and looks frustrated. Heath Slater comes up and talks about Bryan being whipped by The Fiend and how he’d never let a man do that to him. Slater says choosing a Strap Match was stupid and asks how he is. Bryan challenges him to a match right now and walks off.

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Heath Slater vs. Daniel Bryan

Video Package: The Fiend defeats Daniel Bryan in a Strap Match at Royal Rumble

The bell rings, and Bryan immediately dropkicks him into the corner. Slater quickly gets out of the ring, so Bryan hits him with a wild suicide dive. Bryan gets him in the ring and connects with a missile dropkick before kipping up. Bryan starts the YES Kicks before kicking him in the head. Bryan does the “YES” chant in the corner before hitting a Busaiku Knee Kick. Bryan says he’s not done and grabs Slater’s arms before stomping away at the face. Bryan lets go before going back to it. Bryan then applies the LeBell Lock for the win. Slater was unconscious.

Winner by Submission: Daniel Bryan

Our main event will be the Women’s Fatal 4-Way. Coming up next, we’ll see the new Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman.

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Video Package: Braun Strowman defeats Shinsuke Nakamura to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Renee Young introduces WWE Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman to the ring. She asks how it feels to hold the title. The crowd cheers for Strowman. Strowman says every time he thinks about it, he gets chills. This is the greatest achievement of his career. He’s done a lot of great things in WWE — he’s won the Greatest Royal Rumble, flipped ambulances and destroyed rings… he even won the Raw Tag Team Championship with an 8-year-old at WrestleMania. Still, he had never won a singles championship until now.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits, and he comes out with Sami Zayn. Zayn says Strowman’s win was fraudulent. They want an honorable rematch. Strowman says he’d rather fight than have the crowd listen to Zayn all night. He’ll defend the title anywhere, even tonight in San Jose. Zayn says it’s not happening, but they have tricks up their sleeves.

The Revival chop blocks Strowman and hit stereo dropkicks on him. Nakamura gets in the ring and joins in on the triple threat. Strowman fights out and takes them down. Strowman chases Zayn around the ring and runs over Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Zayn gets in the ring, and Nakamura knees Strowman in the face. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa and stands tall with Zayn.

Coming up next, we’ll see how Otis is preparing for his Valentine’s Day date with Mandy Rose.

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Former UFC Champion Daniel Cormier is at ringside.

Footage is shown of Otis getting ready for his Valentine’s Day date with Mandy Rose. He’s shown doing sit-ups and eating pizza. Otis and Tucker sit at a table. Tucker reminds Otis to use utensils. Otis pops up and accidentally knocks the table over. Otis then says he’s ready.

Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus

Crews quickly starts punching Sheamus and hits a step-up enzuigiri. Crews misses an avalanche, and Sheamus connects with a Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sheamus

Sheamus sets up for another Brogue Kick, but Shorty G runs down to make the save. G ducks a Brogue Kick, but Sheamus soon catches him with it. Sheamus poses on the turnbuckle.

The Women’s Fatal 4-Way is next.

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Roman Reigns will face King Corbin in a Steel Cage Match at WWE Super ShowDown.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley will watch at ringside.

Fatal 4-Way Match
Alexa Bliss vs. Dana Brooke vs. Carmella vs. Naomi

The bell rings, and they all start fighting. Naomi rolls Dana up for a two count. They each do a roll-up for two counts before doing a standoff. Carmella does the moonwalk right into Bliss. Bliss attacks Carmella before moving when Dana does a handspring back elbow to Carmella. Bliss, Carmella, and Dana fight out of the ring. Naomi wipes all three women out with a corkscrew plancha at ringside. Bayley stands over them. Naomi attacks Bayley. Bayley quickly sends Naomi headfirst into the steel steps.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Dana miss a move off the top rope. Bliss DDTs Dana, and Carmella wipes Bliss out with a spear. Naomi kicks Carmella and hits a springboard cross-body on Bliss and Dana. Naomi hits a Bubba Bomb on Bliss before hitting a springboard on Dana. Bliss breaks up the pin. Bliss quickly sends Naomi out of the ring. Carmella rolls Bliss up for a two count. Bliss quickly slaps Carmella down. Dana comes up and hits a sit-out powerbomb on Bliss, but Carmella breaks up the pin. Carmella does a moonsault and hits a bronco buster on Dana. Naomi hits a bulldog into the corner on Carmella before hitting a split-legged moonsault, but Dana breaks it up. Dana talks trash to Naomi and lifts her up. Naomi gets out, ducks a clothesline, and hits a wheelbarrow stunner. Bliss dropkicks Naomi in the head and puts her in the corner before stomping her down. Naomi comes back with an inside cradle on Bliss for a two count. Naomi scoop slams Bliss before dropping a leg for a two count.

Naomi puts Bliss on the top rope, but Bliss punches her down. Bliss gets down and covers Naomi for a two count. Bliss pulls Naomi’s hair before clubbing her. Bliss slaps Naomi in the face for a one count. You can hear the referee cueing the women outside. Naomi sends Bliss into Carmella before bringing Dana in the hard way. Naomi hits a split-legged leg drop on Dana for a two count. Bliss knocks Naomi off the turnbuckle. Bliss sends Naomi into the corner before pulling her down. Bliss goes to the top rope for Twisted bliss, but Naomi gets the knees up. Naomi hits Bliss with the Rear View and covers, but Carmella superkicks her twice. Carmella covers Naomi for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Carmella

Bayley immediately attacks Carmella with a facebuster. Bayley holds up the SmackDown Women’s Championship as the show comes to an end.