WWE Friday Night SmackDown 04 03 2020

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
April 3, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Friday Night SmackDown kicks off with chairs and ladders surround the Performance Center. Out come The Usos who say they can;’t wait for Miz and Morrison to invite them on the show. They say it’s not the Elleen, Oprah or Maury show. It’s Friday Night Lockdown, it’s WrestleMania and they will become SmackDown Tag Team champions.

We hear Big E’s voice as he says “Oh, the people at home, don’t you dare be sour” and out come The New Day. Big E and Kofi walk out and say “Oh no” as Kofi asks if he heard them say they will snatch the Tag Team championships? Big E says they’re used to 70,000-100,000 screaming fans but these circumstances are unique but it’s still WrestleMania. And they want to insert themselves into the annals of time.

The Usos say up until Dumb and Dumber got involved, The New Day were about to lose. Kofi says they had them handled up until Lloyd and Harry interfered. Out come Miz and Morrison who says they have been disrespected as it’s their show and they are the champions. They deserve better. They mention how they won the Elimination Chamber and no matter what they do or say, they will thrive because that’s what winners do. Miz says they can bicker all they want because they’ll take a front row preview of what will happen at WrestleMania.

Miz says they pretend to be buddy buddy up until the competition comes in which will allow them to climb the ladders and retain the SmackDown tag team championships. Miz and Morrison climb two separate ladders on the stage.

The Usos and New Day run after Miz and Morrison and beat them up. They double team on Miz and Morrison. Jimmy goes to super kick Morrison as he ducks and he hits Kofi. Big E gets angry and goes after The Usos. Big E is pushed down by Miz and Morrison as The New Day and The Usos are knocked down and Miz and Morrison stand in victory.

-Commercial Break-

Triple Threat Match: Naomi vs. Tamina vs. Lacey Evans

WWE SmackDown women’s champion Bayley and Sasha Banks are on commentary with Michael Cole. The bell rings and we are under way. Naomi and Evans double team Tamina but Tamina knocks them both down. Evans with a drop kick on Tamina as Naomi grabs her in a head lock. She jumps off the top rope and tries to go for the cover but Tamina slams Naomi into the mat.

A right hand  by Tamina as she throws Evans onto the ring apron. With Naomi and Evans on the ring apron, Tamina knocks them to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Tamia is in the ring with Naomi. A clothesline by Tamina takes Naomi down. Tamina goes for the cover but Naomi kicks out. Both women back up and Naomi with right hands, she runs to the ropes and jumps off the second rope and lands a kick to the face. Evans gets in the ring and a clothesline takes Tamina down.

Evans gets on the ring apron and jumps over the top rope and lands an elbow on Tamina. Naomi grabs Evans to the outside and hits her with a kick. Sasha Banks throws Evans into the steel steps. Naomi knocks Sasha down. She gets in the ring and a sunset flip on Tamina but Tamina kicks out. An inzighuri by Naomi. She runs to the ropes but a Samoan drop by Tamina. She goes for the cover but Naomi kicks out.

Tamina runs towards Naomi but Naomi moves out of the way as Tamina is knocked down. Bayley gets on the ring apron and she slams Naomi into the ring rope, she turns around and a super kick by Tamina. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Tamina

After the match, Bayley gets in the ring and goes to shake Tamina’s hand. Tamina shakes Bayley’s hand but hits Bayley with a super kick. Sasha gets in the ring and goes to fist pump Tamina but Tamina hits her with a Samoan drop.

-Comemrcial Break-

Tucker is seen getting ready for his match as we see a glitch in the screen and in comes Mandy Rose. The two start to talk but Michael Cole is talking over them as we cut to Cole at ringside.

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair from WrestleMania 24 air.

We cut to last week’s SmackDown where Baron Corbin threw Elias off the top of a stage onto the floor.

Michael Cole announces that Braun Strowman will face Goldberg for the WWE Universal championship. No mention of Roman Reigns.

Tucker and Otis are backstage. Otis says at WrestleMania, Ziggler is his. Tucker says he saw Mandy earlier and she asked about Otis and that’s it. And that he thinks she was heading towards Dolph’s dressing room. Otis gets a text message. He says yes, oh yes as he leaves.

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Tucker vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and we are under way. Ziggler goes for Tucker’s leg but Tucker throws him down. Tucker hits him with a clothesline. Tucker kicks Ziggler as he goes to pick him up but Ziggler with a kick to the knee. A neckbreaker by Ziggler followed by a jumping elbow. He goes for the cover but Tucker kicks out. Ziggler with a head lock as he slams Tucker onto the mat. Ziggler with a drop kick.

Ziggler goes for the cover but Tucker kicks out. Another head lock by Dolph but Tucker with right hands as he gets out of it. Ziggler goes for another drop kick but Tucker catches him and hits him with a slingshot on to the turnbuckle. Tucker with a kick to the face.

Tucker runs towards Ziggler but Ziggler moves out of the way as Tucker lands shoulder first into the ring post. Ziggler with a DDT.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Ziggler has Tucker in a headlock. Tucker with fists to get out of it. Tucker flips Ziggler across the ring as Ziggler falls to the outside. Tucker grabs Ziggler and slams him into the announce table. He throws Ziggler into the barricade as Tucker gets in the ring and back out to break the referee’s count.

Tucker throws Ziggler into the ring steps and back into the ring. Tucker with a side slam. He goes for the cover but Ziggler gets his foot on the rope and rolls back to the outside. Tucker picks Ziggler up but Ziggler lands on his feet and a thumb to the eye by Ziggler onto Tucker. Ziggler lands the Zig Zag onto the ring steps as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: By disqualification, Tucker

With Tucker down on the ring steps, Ziggler lifts the other ring step but out come Mandy and Sonya. Mandy yells at him telling him to stop. Otis runs down as we see a glitch on the screen which reads The Truth Will be Heard. We cut to a computer room as a man in a black hoodie is talking in a robotic voice. He says “Were you paying attention? I told you, the truth will be heard”.

We cut to video recording from February 14 of Mandy talking to Sonya as Sonya tells her she’s excited for Mandy’s Valentine’s date. Mandy leave the room as Sonya grabs Mandy’s phone and starts to text. She says “Sorry Otis”. We cut to Otis getting a message saying “Sounds great Mandy”. Back to Sonya who deletes the message from Otis.

In the arena, Mandy looks at Sonya.B+ Back on the video recording, Sonya says “It’s simple, you get what you want and I get what I want.” As she is talking to Ziggler. He tells her he is getting ready for his date and leaves.

Back in the arena, Sonya apologizes to Mandy as Mandy walks away. Otis chases Dolph as Ziggler gets away.

-Commercial Break-

Mandy is backstage as Sonya tries to talk to her but Mandy walks away.

Daniel Bryan with Drew Gulak vs. Shinsuke Nakamura with Cesaro and Sami Zayn

The bell rings as Sami Zayn is doing commentary. Both men exchange mat reversals. A kick to the leg by Nakamura followed by an arm bar. Bryan reverses it into an arm bar of his own. Nakamura gets out of it and a drop kick by Bryan as Nakamura rolls to the outside. A baseball sldie by Bryan takes Nakamura down.

Bryan on the ring apron hits Nakamura with a knees to the face. Back in the ring, Bryan hits Nakamura with a dropkick. He runs towards Nakamura and lands a dropkick in the corner. He places Nakamura on the top rope. He goes for a hurricanrana but Nakamura stays on the top rope as Bryan falls to the floor. Nakamura with a flying knee. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out.

Nakamura gets Bryan tied up on the ropes as he does a sliding German suplex.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Bryan with a flying forearm taking Nakamura down. Bryan with the Yes kicks. Bryan goes for one more kick but Nakamura ducks and starts hitting Bryan knees first to the head. Nakamura with Yes kicks of his own. Nakamura goes for one more kick but Bryan catches Nakamura’s leg and kicks Namakura in the arm.

Bryan with a kick to the head. He goes for the cover but Nakamura kicks out. Bryan goes for the running knee but Nakamura lands a running knee of his own. Nakamura with an overhead suplex. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa but Bryan ducks, grabs Nakamura’s leg and gets the half crab but Nakamura reaches the ropes.

Both men back to their feet as they exchange kicks. An uppercut by Bryan but Nakamura fights back with knees and forearms of his own. Bryan goes for the Yes lock but Nakamura reverses it into an arm bar as Bryan gets a cover but Nakamura kicks out. An arm bar by Nakamura as Bryan reverses it into an arm bar and into the Yes lock as Cesaro attacks Daniel Bryan and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: By disqualification, Daniel Bryan

Gulak attacks Cesaro as the two fight onto the outside of the ring. Cesaro throws Gulak over the barricade. Bryan goes for a suicide dive but Cesaro catches him and slam him into the announce table.

All three men beat up on Drew Gulak as they throw him into the ring steps. They beat up Daniel Bryan in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

John Cena gets in the ring and says 1 month ago, WWE announced they would continue at the PC in front of no audience. This was a message that left everyone asking what’s really going to happen. It’s been a bit of a learning curve, some great moments and together they have navigated it all. And it has lead us here, the final minutes of the final broadcast before an unprecedented WrestleMania. Where once again, all of us are asking what’s really going to happen.

Cena says starting tomorrow night on the WWE Network, an epic broadcast which will be the most viewed and talked about in history. Because for the first time ever, no one really knows what’s going to happen. Cena says he has been challenged to a FireFly Fun House match. He cannot get anyone to tell him what it is. He doesn’t think Wyatt himself knows what it is. But that’s exactly what The Fiend wants. He says The Fiend loves uncertainty. Because it leads to fear and fear leads to panic and that could lead to collapse. Cena says The Fiend thrives off of uncertainty and The Fiend has dominated the WWE landscape with uncertainty, fear and panic.

John Cena says on the eve of WrestleMania, we stare at uncertainty. Cena says what happens next is he won’t panic, he’s not afraid and he will squash Wyatt and finish what he started six years ago. He doesn’t care what kind of match it is, Wyatt is not even on the level below him. Anyone who knows what he is capable of realizes that a poor man’s version of a bootleg Mr. Rogers doesn’t stand a chance. He asks if hes supposed to be afraid of Wyatt. Goldberg exposed that The Fiend has weakness and at WM he will expose him as an embarrassment.

Cena says he was stepping aside and invest in the future but Fiend challenged him for a match on his terms at his terms. But he will still lose. And as far as his challenge, he accepts. We see Ramblin Rabbit sitting in the crowd. On the other side it’s the pig as all of Wyatt’s characters appear in the audience. The lights go out and come back on as red smoke fills a part of the Performance Center. The Fient is standing on the stage looking at Cena. The camera cuts to Cena and behind him is Wyatt telling him Let Me In. The lights go out and come back on as Wyatt is gone and Cena is standing in the middle of the ring.