WWE Friday Night SmackDown 11 27 2020

SmackDown opens with Jey Uso coming to the ring. Jey kicks the show off and says everyone is talking about Undertaker but they should be talking about Roman. He went out there and beat Drew McIntyre, a guy who isn’t a pushover. Jey then introduces Roman Reigns.

Roman comes to the ring slowly, then we see replays of Survivor Series where Roman told Jey he was a loser. Roman says he told Jey to leave but he didn’t, and he never asked for help against Drew. Roman asks Jey why he thinks Team SmackDown lost at Survivor Series and Jey says because they didn’t listen to him. Roman agrees and says that’s because his team didn’t respect him, and if they don’t respect him they don’t respect Roman or the family. Reigns berates Jey for letting the family down and calls him a failure. Roman and Heyman leave and Jey looks furious.

After the break, Otis will take on King Corbin. Otis makes his entrance and walks past Jey, staring him down. Jey comes running behind Otis and hits him with a chair! Jey batters Otis with the chair over and over, and chokes him with it until a referee comes down and tells him to leave.

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Roode and Ziggler come to the ring and say they want the SmackDown Tag Team titles. Street Profits come out after and say they have a lot to be thankful for; they faced the best tag team in the world, New Day, and they have the power of positivity. Dawkins says Roode can only grow a moustache, even though he has a full beard.


We start proceedings with Dawkins and Ziggler but Ford tags in and drops DZ with a dropkick. Roode tags in but he gets thrown out of the ring. Ford jumps onto Roode, then he looks to hit From the Heavens but Roode distracts him. Ford jumps but Ziggler rolls out of the way and Ford crashes.

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Back live and Roode Irish whips Ziggler into Montez in the corner. Roode is legal and he grabs Ford with an abdominal stretch. Ford hits a hip toss and attempts a tag but Roode tags in and makes the block. Ford tries to fight out of the corner but gets cut off. Ziggler runs at Ford but gets thrown into the buckles crotch-first. Tags are made to Dawkins and Roode and Angelo unloads with clotheslines and a spinning back elbow.

Dawkins hits an overhead suplex, followed by a highlight reel to both men. Dawkins with a bulldog to Roode and a spinning neckbreaker to Ziggler. Ford tags in and hits The Cashout but Ziggler makes the save. Ford clobbers Ziggler with an enziguiri and he rolls from the ring, then Roode rolls-up Ford for the win!


Daniel Bryan is interviewed backstage and he says he has had to accept that Jey Uso has a devil on his shoulder. And he’s had to accept that Sami Zayn is a delusional man who thinks he is a master strategist. And he thinks everyone is out to get him. So tonight he will break Sami’s delusions, and prove he’s out to get the Intercontinental Championship.

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Rey Mysterio and his family are interviewed backstage. Rey talks about how much he is thankful for, including his daughter being a mature, confident woman, his son making his WWE debut, and Murphy for realising peace is what’s important. King Corbin appears and berates Rey for being a bad judge of character and letting Murphy near his family. He says Murphy is riding Rey’s coattails while he’s still worth something.

We see a video package of The Undertaker and his retirement at Survivor Series this past weekend.

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Sami Zayn is in the ring and he rants and raves about Daniel Bryan. Eventually Bryan interrupts him.


The match starts and they lock-up but Sami grabs the ropes and makes the referee separate them. Bryan takes a headlock and Sami shoots him off, Bryan hits a shoulder tackles him inside out. Bryan takes Zayn down with a wristlock but Zayn fights out with an elbow to the face. Bryan catches Sami with a dropkick for a two-count.

Zayn throws Bryan out of the ring, then kicks him through the ropes. Sami goes out and shoves Bryan into the barricade, then puts him back inside. Zayn goes up top but Bryan crotches him, then dropkicks him off he ropes onto the floor. Bryan then goes to the top rope and jumps at Sami but misses and crashes into the barricade.

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We’re back live and Zayn is in control of Bryan and clocks him with a clothesline for a two-count. Bryan gets whipped to the ropes and he flips over Zayn, then hits a running elbow. Bryan hits a running dropkick in the corner, then kicks him in the chest a few times before hitting a hurricanrana from up top for a near-fall.

Bryan kicks Sami a few times and snaps his arm over the shoulder. Bryan looks for a head-kick but Zayn rolls to the apron. Bryan goes after him but gets shoved into the ring post then Zayn hits him with a brainbuster. Zayn gets Bryan back inside and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall. Zayn shouts at Bryan and looks to hit it again but Bryan reverses and gets Sami in the Yes Lock!

Sami gets to the bottom rope after Bryan clobbers him with some forearms. Zayn rolls outside and Bryan hits a suicide dive that slams Sami into the announve desk. Bryan throws Sami out the other side of the ring and hits another suicide dive. Zayn looks to escape and run up the ramp but Bryan chases after him. The referee continues counting and Sami runs down the ramp to slide in and win the match!


The camera cuts backstage and Jey Uso is beating Daniel Bryan in Gorilla position. Kevin Owens and some referees run in to break things up.

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Jey Uso is seen telling Roman Reigns that he’s going to prove to him that he can be feared. Kevin Owens, however, fears no one and tells Roman that he treats his family like trash. Roman demands Jey Uso make Kevin Owens fear him, as the Head of the Table should always be respected and feared.


The match begins with Bayley joining the commentary team. Belair and Nattie attempt some quick roll-ups, then Belair tries to tackle Natalya in the corner but hits the post. Natalya kicks her down in the corner, then gets Belair in a surfboard stretch. Nattie transitions to a pin attempt for a near-fall. Belair knocks Nattie into the corner and handspring shoulder tackles her, then kicks her over and over.

Belair lifts Natalya and dumps her over the top rope. Bayley shouts at Belair and distracts her, then Belair inadvertently hits her while swinging for Natalya. Bianca is distracted and Natalya gets Bianca back in the ring. Nattie attempts a Sharpshooter but Belair kick her off and right into Bayley getting on the apron, then rolls her up for the win!


We see Adam Pearce talking to Paul Heyman backstage. The Mysterio family and Murphy make their way to the ring.

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The match gets underway and Corbin quickly takes control despite Dominik trying to distract him. Corbin tries to do his out-and-in clothesline but Aalyah gets in his way. Corbin gets angry but Murphy dives through the ropes onto him. Murphy jumps off the apron at Corbin, then slams him into the steel steps.  Murphy gets Corbin back inside but the King catches him with Deep Six but Rey rolls into the ring to distract the referee.

Corbin is furious. Corbin gets on top of Murphy and unloads on him but Dominik again jumps on the apron. Corbin continues his beatdown until Dom grabs Corbin’s foot from under the rope, then Murphy hits a knee to Corbin. Murphy pins and Corbin puts his foot on the rope but Dominik shoves it off and Murphy wins.


After the match Corbin gets a microphone and loses his mind. He screams at Rey and calls him a spineless coward. Next week he wants a one-on-one rematch against Murphy and he’ll be prepared.

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Big E and Apollo Crews are joking around backstage when Sami Zayn walks up and starts talking crap. Big E says Sami has no morals and has used everything from loose turnbuckles to vertigo to get to where he is. Big E says his house is one of cards, because it would only take a gust of wind to bring it down. Zayn says he’s disappointed in Big E because he’s in the middle of an historic title reign and E should be applauding him. E shakes Sami’s hand and squeezes his hand for ten seconds before laughing and walking off.

Carmella cuts a promo on Sasha Banks while sitting backstage. She says the WWE Universe is going to find out who the most dominant woman in WWE is. She says she was like Banks at one time, catering to the fans, dancing for them, and she lost both herself and her title. So now she’s doing nothing for anyone. Carmella snaps her fingers for a drink but Sasha Banks hands it to her, then throws it over her and kicks her down and locks in the Bank Statement.

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The match gets underway and Kevin Owens takes the fight to Jey right away. Owens throws him outside and beats him around, then back inside. The action quickly spills back outside but this time Jey shoves KO into the steel steps. Jey continues the beatdown and targets Owens’ arm. Uso dives through the ropes at Owens but gets caught and catapulted into the ring post. Owens catapults Uso over the barricade as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the final break and Jey is still in control of Owens, and attacking the right arm. Jey puts KO in the corner and runs at him but gets caught with a superkick. Owens chops Jey with his good arm and unloads a flurry of punches. Owens wants a pop-up powerbomb but can’t throw him up and Jey hits a kick to the face for a two-count. We see Roman watching a monitor backstage with Paul Heyman.

Owens pulls Jey off the top rope and hits Ushigoroshi for a near-fall. Owens looks for a Stunner but Jey shoves him arm-first into the ring post. Owens runs at Jey but hits the ring post with the bad shoulder. Jey goes out of the ring and grabs a chair, which he brings inside and hits Owens with!


Jey continues the attack after the bell and goes outside and takes the lid off the announce desk. Jey goes back inside with the chair and Owens superkicks it. Owens Then throws Jey out of the ring and over the announce desk. Owens grabs a chair and batters Jey with it. Owens looks into the camera and tells Roman to come save his family. Owens shouts at Roman to come find him and says he’s the real head of the family. Owens gets Jey inside and hits another Stunner. Owens sits at the announce desk and tells Roman he’ll be waiting.

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