WWE Friday Night SmackDown 06 11 2021

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
June 11, 2021
Tampa, Florida (Yuengling Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Pat McAfee
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with highlights of last week’s show. We see The Usos vs. The Mysterio’s and the attack by Roman Reigns at the end.

We cut backstage to Roman Reigns alongside Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Roman tells him that they owe him. He asks Jey what’s the one thing that he won’t stand for and Jey tells him embarrassing the family. Roman says he knows he understands that but does Jimmy understand that.

Jimmy’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. He says last week was supposed to be a celebration and tonight they were supposed to be standing as 7 time Tag Team Champions. But they got robbed. He says first match, the referee messed it up. In the second match, out came the head of the table and he stuck his nose in their business. Jimmy says Roman had to make it about him. He couldn’t let them go through it and he thinks Roman got them disqualified on purpose.

He asks Roman what the point of it all was. He attacked Rey and Dominik. He says Roman is jealous of him, he is jealous he’s back. He is jealous that he wants his brother with him because they want to represent the family and hold the gold, just like him. But he sees right through Roman. He is trying to take Jey away from him. He says tonight, he promises he will do something he won’t regret. Jimmy drops the microphone and heads to the back.

We cut backstage and Roman tells Jey that’s not his brother. He doesn’t look just like him, no one will confuse him with Jimmy. He tells Jey to take care of this. Jey stands up and leaves the room.

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Jimmy is backstage as he asks Jey if he thinks they could have won the tag titles last week. Jey tells him yeah and Jimmy tells him it can’t be like this anymore. They’re brothers, twins, they have to stick together. Jimmy tells Jey that if he wants to talk about family disgrace, Roman is disgracing their family.

Jey tells him that Jimmy was out for a year and he was with Roman. He is stuck in the middle and doesn’t know what to do about it. Jimmy tells him if Roman wants to speak with him, he will be in their locker room.

Kevin Owens and Big E vs. Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn

The bell rings and we are under way. Owens is in the ring with Apollo as he takes Apollo down. Kevin to the outside and he attacks Zayn, throwing him into the barricade. Owens gets back in the ring and a clothesline on Apollo. Sami on the ring apron and Owens knocks him down. Apollo attacks Kevin and stomps on him. Sami is on the ring apron and he’s tagged in.

Sami with right hands on Kevin in the corner. Apollo is tagged back in. Right hands by Apollo. A suplex by Apollo as he goes for the cover but Kevin kicks out. Sami is tagged back in. Right hands by Sami as he tags Apollo back in. He sends Owens to the ropes but a kick to the face by Owens and Big E is tagged in. An overhead belly to belly by Big E. He knocks Sami off the ring apron and another belly to belly. Big E runs to the ropes and the big splash but Apollo gets his knees up.

Apollo runs towards Big E but Big E slams him down. He goes for the cover but Apollo kicks out. He goes for the Big Ending but Apollo gets out of it and a German suplex by Apollo. He goes for the cover but Big E kicks out. Big E to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Sami is stomping on Big E in the corner. Apollo tagged back in and he stomps on Big E in the corner. Sami back in and an elbow drop by Sami on Big E. Crews tagged back in. He goes for the cover but Big E kicks out. Apollo with a splash on Big E in the corner. Apollo on the second rope, he goes for a cross body but Big E moves out of the way. Sami and Kevin are tagged in.

Kevin drops Sami and right hands by Owens. He stomps on Sami in the corner. Sami to the outside and Kevin with a cannonball off the ring apron. He throws Sami back in the ring and a clothesline by Kevin. A cannonball into the corner. Owens on the top rope and a senton. He goes for the cover but Sami kicks out. Owens places Sami on the top rope but Sami with right hands. Sami jumps down and Apollo is tagged in. A super kick by Owens followed by a pop up powerbomb. He goes for the cover but Sami breaks it up.

Sami is tagged in and a back suplex onto Owens. He goes for the cover but Owens kicks out. The Blue Thunder bomb by Sami. He goes for the cover but Big E breaks it up. In comes Apollo and a clothesline by Big E as he and Apollo fall to the outside. Sami goes for the Helluva Kick, Owens moves and hits him with the stunner. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Kevin Owens and Big E

Apollo gets on the microphone after the match. He asks them why they are celebrating, they didn’t beat him. It’s clear that the only reason they won is because he was with the idiot Sami Zayn. He challenges them to a match next week. Them against him and Commander Azeez. They accept.

Sami says he got set up, Apollo must be working with Kevin Owens to keep him away from the Intercontinental Championship. He tells Apollo that he owes him an apology. Commander Azeez hits him with the Nigerian Nail.

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The Street Profits are backstage and in comes Gable. He says he is here to apologize for what happened last week. That’s why he got their tag team match cancelled. They say they know he can’t control Otis but they can. And if Otis ever attacks them again, they will send Otis back to the Jurassic period. Gable says they just talked their way back into a one on one match against him. Ford says he got him.

Gable says as a favor, he won’t have Otis at ringside but only if Dawkins isn’t there with Ford. He accepts as Gable tells them that Otis is still angry.

Roman Reigns is backstage and in comes Jey. Roman looks around and asks where Jimmy is. Jey tells him that Jimmy is out there mad. Roman asks where Jimmy is. Jey says if he wants to see him, Roman has to go to their locker room. Roman laughs and says your locker room. He laughs and he asks him why Jimmy is doing this and making Jey out to be the bad guy.

Reigns says you sure it’s not Roman’s cousin’s locker room. The Usos locker room. He tells Jey to tell Jimmy that he’s going for him.

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Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

The bell rings and we are under way. Right hands by Liv as she stomps on Carmella in the corner. Liv goes for a clothesline but Carmella moves out of the way and Liv to the outside. Carmella throws Liv into the barricade. Carmella looks at Michael Cole and she tells him to tell everyone how beautiful she is. She grabs Liv and throws her back into the ring. Carmella goes for the cover but Liv kicks out.

Both women back up and Liv pushes Carmella into the corner but Carmella with a big to the face. Carmella goes for a kick but Liv moves out of the way and she hits Carmella with the Oblivion. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Liv Morgan

Carmella whispers to the time keeper as he says that Carmella is still the most beautiful woman in WWE.

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Ding Dong Hello with Bayley

Plants, the door and pictures of Bayley are all in the ring. She welcomes everyone to her show. She says Seth is a Grand Slam Champion, like herself. And he is the drip God, Seth Rollins. Out he comes with a white and purple suit. Seth gets in the ring and rings the doorbell. He opens the door and she says right on time.

Bayley tells Seth to sit on the chair and he tells her he loves what she has done with the set. She tells him if he needs something to drink to ask Michael Cole. And she thanks him for using the door and he says that’s what it is there for. He thanks her for having him on a proper show and proper interview. But before that, he is a huge fan. He says Bayley has been on fire, next level. What she has done with Bianca, putting her in her place, time and time again. She asks Bayley what it is with kids these days, the lack of respect.

Seth says he has no doubt that at Hell in a Cell, she will mop the floor with Bianca. But he has to know, last week, there’s a clip he wants to watch, it was a masterclass in mind games. We take a look at a clip from last week where Bayley’s face was all over the LED boards. They both start to laugh.

Bayley says if he thought that was funny, to wait until he sees this. We see a clip of three weeks ago where Seth attacked Cesaro. They both stare at each other and start to laugh. The doorbell rings as they ask who it is. He says this is her show, she has done so much, he will be a gentleman and get the door. Seth open the door and it’s Cesaro. A right hand by Cesaro knocking him down. He throws Seth onto the chair as his pants rip off. Cesaro throws Seth through the door and to the outside.

Seth runs to the back and out comes Bianca Belair. She looks at Bayley and laughs.

Megan is backstage with Rey. She asks him for an update on Dominik. Rey says he is hurt, Roman hurt his son. He doesn’t care who you are or how big you might be, if you go after his son, he will go after you. He says seeins Dominik in that kind of born was torture. He said last week, he failed in protecting Dominik. But his injuries weren’t a freak accident. His injuries were caused by a man who claims to be all about family. A man who won’t think twice about destroying his own.

Rey says Roman can do what he wants with his family but not with his. And by the end of the night, he will be out in that ring and he will call Roman out. And if he dares to show up, he will show him what a family is supposed to look like.

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Montez Ford vs. Chad Gable

The bell rings and we are under way. Both men exchange reversals. A submission arm bar by Gable as Ford gets back to his feet. Ford gets out of it and an arm drag by Ford. Gable gets out of it and right hands by Gable but an arm drag take down by Ford. He goes for a cross body but Gable ducks it and he gets the ankle lock on Ford in the middle of the ring. Ford reverses it into a cover but Gable kicks out.

Gable is thrown to the outside. Ford on the ring apron and a cannonball onto the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Ford on the ring apron, he jumps towards Gable but Gable catches him into a suplex bridge but Ford kicks out. Gable sends Ford to the ropes and a cross body by both men and both are down.

Dawkins is backstage watching the match as Otis attacks him from behind. Otis throws Dawkins into backstage equipment.

Back in the ring, right hands by both men. A spine buster by Ford followed by a standing moonsault. He goes for the cover but Gable kicks out. Ford climbs the top rope and he lands the frog splash. He goes for the cover but Gable kicks out. In comes Otis and he throws Ford to the outside of the ring and that looked like a botched finish.

Winner: By disqualification, Montez Ford

Otis throws Ford into the steel steps and into the ring. Otis with a splash off the second rope. Out comes Dawkins into the ring but Otis throws him to the outside. Another splash by Otis onto Ford as WWE officials run to the ring and break it up.

-Commercial Break-

Shinsuke Nakamura with Rick Boogs vs. King Corbin

The bell rings and we are under way. Boogs plays the guitar which distracts Corbin as Nakamura attacks him. Nakamura on the second rope and a flying kick. He goes for the cover but Corbin kicks out. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa but Corbin with the Deep Six. He goes for the cover but Nakamura kicks out.

Corbin throws Nakamura shoulder first into the ring post. A German suplex by Corbin. He goes for the cover but Nakamura kicks out. Corbin grabs Nakamura but Nakamura rolls Corbin up and gets the pin.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Corbin attacks Nakamura from behind. He runs to the outside to try and grab the crown. He knocks Boogs down. Nakamura grabs the crown from Corbin’s hand as Boogs throws Corbin over the announce table.

Roman Reigns is backstage with Jey Uso. He tells him he is ready and to go to Jey’s locker room.

-Commercial Break-

Adam Pearce and Sonya are backstage and in comes Corbin. He says this is disrespect and he is ordering them to demand Nakamura to give him back his crown. Sonya and Adam laugh. Sonya says instead of Shinsuke giving his crown back, he can put it on the line in a match. They’re at two wins each and next week, it’s a battle for the crown.

Jimmy is backstage and in comes Roman and Jey. Roman tells Jimmy to look at the Championship. Jimmy says he doesn’t care about the Championship. He cares about them both. The truth is that Roman has been doing this since they were kids, trying to work the system. He saw him abuse Jey like it was nothing. It hurt him. He doesn’t want Roman’s place, one day, Roman will be in the Hall of Fame. But he won’t be inducted as Roman Reigns, he will be inducted as a spoiled bitch.

Roman looks at Jey and tells him if he is seeing what Jimmy is doing. Both men argue as Jey tells them to chill out. He says he is tired of this, he is tired of them both. He says he is out and leaves the locker room. Jimmy blames Roman for this. Roman says he doesn’t want to fight him. He asks Jimmy what he has done, they aren’t little kids anymore. This is a family business. Roman says this is how they make their decisions, represents their family. He asks Jimmy why he would do this with Jey.

Reigns says they are twins but Jimmy came out first, he is the older one. He should be protecting Jey. Roman says he should be depending on Jimmy, it should be all of them. That’s their ticket, they have to stick together and be the best. Roman asks why he would do that to Jey, why and how he could treat his brother like that.

Roman says Jey elevated himself all year and Jimmy just let him go. He tells him not to do this to Jey. He says this is their family. Jimmy leaves the locker room.

Out comes Rey Mysterio to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Rey Mysterio is in the ring and he calls Roman Reigns out to the ring. Out comes Roman alongside Paul Heyman. Rey says he acknowledges him, that’s what Roman wanted to hear. He acknowledges him for the rat bastard that he is. He also acknowledges him as the rat bastard that put his hands on his son. He acknowledges him as a man that he is willing to fight, even if he loses the fight. And he also acknowledges him as a man he wants to fight inside Hell in a Cell.

Mysterio says now that he has laid out his challenge, it’s Roman’s turn to acknowledge. Rey drops the microphone and Roman laughs. Heyman hands Roman another microphone.

Roman acknowledges Rey as a father. Rey hits Roman with a kendo stick but Roman throws Rey to the outside. Rey back in the ring and Roman with a Superman punch. Roman goes for the spear but Dominik hits Reigns with a kendo stick. Roman grabs Dominik and powerbombs him over the top rope to the outside. Rey hits Roman from behind with a kendo stick.

Rey checks up on Dominik but Roman knocks him down as WWE officials run down to the ring.