WWE Friday Night SmackDown 11 25 2022

Friday Night SmackDown Results
November 25, 2022
Amica Mutual Pavilion (Providence, RI)
Results by: Chris Gerics of Wrestleview.com

AEW Dynamite Recapper Chris Gerics tagging in for Roy Nemer tonight!

Then. Now. Forever.

Friday Night SmackDown comes to you LIVE from Providence, RI as Michael Cole and Wade Barrett welcome us to the show. The night kicks off with Damage CTRL in the ring!

Bayley has a mic and runs down the crowd for Thanksgiving and she says “it’s her time, now get out here cause we are going to war!” Bianca’s music hits and she’s joined by her team as they make their way to the ring. Bianca has a mic and says” There’s 5 of you and 4 of us, we didn’t come alone…”

BECKY LYNCH’S MUSIC HITS!!!!! The Man is back! She strolls down to the ring to join the team and they all get in the ring and start brawling!! Everyone is throwing shots at each other as Bayley and Becky are front and center. Bex-Ploder on Bayley! She powders out of the ring as Rhea and Becky stare off now. Rhea slowly gets in the ring as the faces back up Becky. Rhea eggs her on but Damage CTRL pull her back. Lynch’s music hits as Team Belair celebrate in the ring.

Commentary talks about the Men’s WarGames Advantage match as well as Shotzi & Raquel vs. Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey; as well as Bray Wyatt explaining his actions last week. Up next is a World Cup Semi-Final Match!


We see a promo video hyping up Survivor Series: WarGames to the tune of “War Pigs” then we cut to what previously happened with the Women’s WarGames match.

SmackDown World Cup Semi-Final: Butch vs. Santos Escobar

Butch made his intro just before the commercial break; Santos is out next accompanied by the rest of Legado Del Fantasma as they smugly make their way down and we see a pre-match interview. Santos says tonight, he is going to tame this animal and put him on his back.” Sheamus and Ridge are with Butch to keep the odds fairly even.

They immediately lock up as Santos ducks in the corner. He takes Butch down and lays in the stomps. Headlock takeover by Santos as Zelina joins commentary. Butch fights out and starts the joint manipulation and stomps his elbow and goes right back but Santos fights off with a kick for a two count. Santos in control with an arm lock, as they go back and forth before Santos ducks out and takes a breather. Butch follows up with a chop and tries to go to the top but Escobar pushes him off as we go to commercial!


Back from the break, both men firing elbow shots as Butch has the advantage with a double knee to Santos’ elbow and then stomps the hands and finishes with a vicious roundhouse kick! Butch then hits a moonsault on Cruz and Wilde then Escobar takes out Butch! Double Knees in the corner by Santos followed with a big kick to the head. Up top now but Butch slaps him off; Butch starts bending the fingers and snaps one! Santos takes a tumble to the floor as the Brutes and LDF face off. Butch takes them out AGAIN with a moonsault. Butch with a tornado DDT on Santos! 1….2…NO! We see video on the Tron of McIntyre and Owens being attacked; The Brutes follow to the back and Santos takes out Butch for a two count! Security separates all the men as they keep trying to brawl.

In the ring, Butch has Santos in an armbar but Zelina distracts the ref. Cruz and Wilde take out Butch and Santos hits the Phantom Driver! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Santos Escobar

Post-match, Legado Del Fantasma celebrate as we see a replay of the finish. They celebrate up the ramp as commentary talks about Bray Wyatt’s behavior. We cut to Bray Wyatt apologizing after headbutting LA Knight two weeks ago, including footage of the attack. They also show the slaps by Knight as well and Bray’s vacant stare as a heartbeat plays in the back. We cut to LA having been attacked with everything last week as we go to commercial.


Bray Wyatt Addresses LA Knight Situation

The Fireflies are out! The haunting piano of Shatter is heard as we see the doorway for Bray Wyatt. The lamp appears and we see Bray smile and walk into frame. He slowly makes his way to the ring observing the crowd and soaking in the adoration. Finally, he gets in the ring and laughs as the crowd sings along. He blows out the lamp and the music cuts.

“My name is Bray Wyatt. I like to think that I have a grip on what people think I am. When I go places, I know people will talk and whisper behind my back and it doesn’t bother me. I pretend I don’t hear it but I understand. My entire life I’ve been looked at like a rabid animal, and know what most people wanna see. The Monster. They just wanna see The Fiend.” He asks them if they wanna see the show but that’s not the man he wants to be anymore. “Believe me, it’s very hard to explain what I had to go through man. I know that what I’ve given to you; violence is the only language I can speak. I have to be truthful. I did not attack LA Knight.” Uncle Howdy appears. “Open your eyes, they can make you believe anything, he’ll make fools if you listen to him. Wake up.” It interspersed footage of old Bray Wyatt.

We cut to LA Knight “Lemme talk to ya. I didn’t get to enjoy Thanksgiving, cause 7 days ago minding my own business, I remember being pulled out of a pile of trash. Now that human trash bag can vomit his lies to the world. It took me everything to come here. If I could appear in front of him I’d ask whose game is it? LA Knight’s.” He walks off and the Wyatt logo appears.

Hit Row’s music hits as they make their entrance for their match next!


Tag Team Match: Hit Row vs. The Viking Raiders

Valhalla is Here! The Viking Raiders along with Sarah Logan make their way down to the ring. She is referred to as Valhalla now; They pose in the ring as vicious as ever.

Ashante and Ivar start as Ashante tries to start with a flurry of shots and a dropkick but Ivar runs him over and hits the boots. Erik tags in and they just club away as Erik screams at Ashante. Erik with an elbow and a vicious shoulder tackle. Erik stares down Top Dolla and just lays out Ashante with one right hand. Ivar tags in and they double team with a big knee strike. Erik back in and Ashante avoids a suplex and Top Dolla in! He tackles Ivar and boots down Erik. Ashante tags in but Ivar dumps Top Dolla over. Ashante up top and misses something right into a spin kick! Erik takes out Dolla and they hit Ragnarok! 1…2…3!

WINNERS: The Viking Raiders

Post-match the Viking Raiders pose in the ring as commentary then wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. They run down Dominik “Punk spoiled brat”Mysterio according to Michael Cole; we cut to the attack on Rey Mysterio by Dominik and Rhea in his house. Rey shuts them out as Rhea breaks in and we see them viciously assault Rey and smash a picture and break a broom over his injured leg! They laugh and walk off.

Ricochet makes his way down to the ring as we see a tale of the tape; including Strowman having a size 16EEEE shoe; WOW!


We cut to see LA Knight attacked again with a roadie box and smashed against a door.

SmackDown World Cup Semi-Final Match: Ricochet vs. Braun Strowman

Braun’s music bellows out and the Monster Among Monsters makes his way to the ring. Strowman fist bumps the fans. Braun screams in Ricochet’s face as they square off. Braun throws him in the corner immediately and Ricochet gets patted on the head; so he slaps Braun! Strowman chokes him into the corner and catches a springboard. Ricochet attacks the legs and flips out of a Strowman catch; multiple dropkicks and Strowman down on the floor. Big dropkick and Braun into the barricade! Braun runs back and kills Ricochet over the announce table. He drags Ricochet to the ring and drops the elbow for a two count. Braun whips Ricochet hard in the corner and follows up with a clothesline and a MASSIVE biel.

Braun just manhandles Ricochet as GUNTHER makes his way down to the ring. Strowman talks trash to him and welcomes him in. Imperium try to attack Strowman. Rollup by Ricochet 1…2…3!!!!!

WINNER: Ricochet

Post-match, Imperium celebrate and then surround Braun. GUNTHER with a big boot to Braun! They triple team him as Ricochet looks on. He looks conflicted but runs down to make the save! The numbers game catch up to them as Imperium attack Ricochet and GUNTHER stomps Braun. Killer chop by GUNTHER to Ricochet. Strowman fights them off and they bail. Imperium laugh as Braun stares at Ricochet in the corner. He walks over to him and looks at the crowd; he offers his hand! He helps Ricochet up and thanks him for the assist and raises his hand.

We see Kevin Owens’ reveal as the 5th man and the brawl that happened last week including a Stunner on Roman Reigns! We see Sami walking back and knocks on Bloodline’s Door. Owens walks up and Sami tries to shoo him. Jey is spying as Kevin asks him what happens when you do something that pisses them off. He asks “how many times did I have to bail you out Sami? What do you think Roman will do to you, you see what he does to his own blood. Just think about it. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait for them to turn on me, I’d strike first.” Sami looks conflicted and Jey asks him “Where you been we could have used you. Lemme ask you, you talk to anyone?” Sami says “No, I just got here. I am talking to you now is that okay?” Jey says it’s cool and Sami goes in the locker room. Jey looks infuriated.


We see highlights from earlier about Becky Lynch’s return as the fifth member of Team Belair at WarGames. We cut to Becky walking backstage as Kayla asks about her first match back being WarGames. “The last four months I spent thinking how I could destroy them, and tear them limb from limb. Everyone’s tough until the man comes around, everyone wants to go to war until the man comes around.”

Video package for WarGames showing all the highlights from the NXT WarGames match as well as the general landscape and structure of the match. We see video hyping up the Women’s match followed by the Men’s. Michael Cole runs down the rules.

We cut to the back as Ronda and Shayna attack Shotzi and Raquel; they throw them into a bunch of crates and then sandwich Raquel’s arm in a roadie box and slam it!!!! They walk off as she cries out like it’s broken.


Because of the attack, Raquel was taken to a hospital for an X-Ray for a possible broken arm. Ronda and Shayna make their way to the ring to a chorus of boos. Ronda has a mic “We’re here” Shayna agrees; Ronda says “Looks like no match and accidents happen on purpose sometimes.” They both laugh and tell Shotzi to stay at the kiddie table and they walk off. Shotzi’s music hits and she bee-lines to the ring.

She slides in and it looks like a handicap match.

Handicap Match: Shotzi vs. Shayna Baszler & Ronda Rousey

Shotzi immediately takes out Shayna and lays shots into Ronda. She throws shots to both ladies and takes out Ronda but Shayna with a big kick for a one count. Ronda tags in and hits a running knee then an armbar on the ropes. Shayna focuses on the arm and attacks the hand as well. She mounts her on the back and lays shots.

Raquel’s music hits! She comes down with a bad arm and tags in.

Women’s Tag Team Match: Shotzi & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shayna Baszler & Ronda Rousey

She knocks Ronda down and tees off on Shayna. Shayna tries for an armbar but Raquel powers out. Ronda blind tag and goes after the arm. Ronda just starts pulling the shoulder nearly out of the socket as Shayna takes out Shotzi as Ronda hits an Cross Armbreaker and Raquel taps.

WINNERS: Shayna Baszler & Ronda Rousey

We see The Usos talking backstage as your main event is next!


Next week we’ll see the World Cup Finals with Ricochet vs. Santos Escobar! We see Kayla in the back and Shotzi says Raquel’s arm is broken and her elbow is dislocated. Shotzi says she was ready to come out alone, because she’s tired of Shayna and Ronda and is thankful for Raquel having her back. “Shayna, you’ll have a front row seat when I tear Ronda apart and Ronda I am gonna shock the world when I beat you senseless.”

Kevin Owens’ music hits as does Drew McIntyre’s! The Brutes comes out followed by Sheamus and Drew as they get a huge pop and Drew raises the sword to the crowd. All five men pose in the ring as Drew’s pyro goes off.

Men’s WarGames Advantage Match: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. The Usos

Sami and Solo accompany The Usos down to the ring in their 495th day as champions. They all swagger their way to the ring and get in to pose themselves. They all separate to their respective corners as Jimmy and Sheamus start.

Sheamus with headlocks to start then a short arm clothesline. Drew tags in and they double team Jimmy for a one count. Drew with a shot in the corner then a chop; Sheamus in again for another double team and Jey gets taken out too. The teams face off at ringside as we go to commercial!


Back from the break, Sheamus and Jimmy are fighting but Jey blind tags and Sheamus goes over the top then Jey takes out Sheamus. Jey tells Sami to back up, and Kevin Owens eggs Sami on “That’s what I am talking bout.” Jey with shots to Sheamus in the corner and Jimmy chokes him as the ref’s distracted. Both Usos in and they wishbone Sheamus; Sheamus punches back and hits a tilt-a-whirl side slam on Jimmy. Drew tags in and he hits a series of clotheslines then a neckbreaker on Jey. Jimmy hits a step-up enziguiri and a back elbow. McIntyre comes back with a AA Spinebuster for a two count! Neckbreaker to Jimmy as he kips up and signals for the Claymore. 3…2….1 but Jey distracts. Jimmy knocks Drew out and Jey tags in as both Usos take out McIntyre with dives then throw him into the steps!


Back from commercial, Jimmy is punching at Drew but Drew fights back but immediately gets taken out by a boot in the corner. Jimmy hits a big hip attack a la Umaga and poses. He smirks and goes again but Drew explodes with a lariat! Both men down as both teams look for a hot tag. Jey and Sheamus in as Sheamus clears house. Takes out Jimmy and then Irish Curse on Jey. 10 Beats of the Bodhran by Sheamus! Crowd counts along as he just lays in a total of 17 shots! Drew and Sheamus have the Usos now looking for double Beats but they fight out and take Sheamus out. Drew with a Claymore on Jimmy! Superkick to Drew then takes out Sheamus; the legal man. Sheamus with a massive knee for a two out of nowhere!

Sheamus fires up for the Brogue Kick but Sami on the apron and Sheamus gets superkicked! 1…2…NO! Sheamus barely kicks out. Jey heads up top for an Uso Splash but Sheamus chops him down. Sheamus up top now as Solo distracts the ref and Sami takes Sheamus out! Jey with a splash! 1…2……NO!!! Both teams start fighting at ringside as Drew FLIES OVER THE ROPE!!!! He wipes everyone out as Sami has the belt but Kevin stops him! He smiles and grabs it! He won’t let him do it and “needs to grow balls.” Sami face washes him and Kevin rolls him in the ring! The referee ejects Sami!!! Owens with a Stunner to Jey! Brogue Kick! 1….2…3!

WINNERS: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Post-match Sami is stunned ringside as we see highlights of the end of the match. The Brutes, Drew and Owens all stand tall in the ring as the Bloodline recoup on the ramp as Jey stares daggers into Sami and the show goes off the air.