WWE Friday Night SmackDown 01 27 2023

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
January 27, 2023
Sames Auto Arena in Laredo, Texas
Commentary: Michael Cole and Wade Barrett
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with highlights of Monday’s Tribal Court from Raw.

An SUV pulls up at the arena and out come The Usos and Solo Sikoa.

Zayn comes out of a WWE truck wearing a hoodie. He whispers to Jey and tells him that what he did for him on Monday, he won’t forget that. Jey says he got him but Zayn says he got him. And if he ever needs something, he has him. Jey tells him they have orders not to speak with him as they hug and Zayn leaves.

We cut to the arena and out comes Rey Mysterio for his match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Karrion Kross with Scarlett

The bell rings and we are under way. Kross throws Rey accross the ring. Rey back to his feet as he runs to the ropes and hits Kross with a dropkick. Kross back up as Rey runs and Kross hits him with a clothesline. Kross throws Rey over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Kross to the outside as he lifts Rey up but Rey lands on his feet and he pushes Kross into the ring post. Rey gets back into the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Kross with a back breaker on Mysterio in the middle of the ring. Kross goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Kross places Rey on the top rope as Kross climbs the second rope. Kross tries to rip Rey’s mask off but Rey elbows him down. Kross trips Rey up and Rey in a tree of woe. Kross runs towards Rey but Rey lifts up and Kross hits shoulder first into the ring post. Rey back on his feet and he kicks Kross into the second rope.

Rey goes for the 619 but Scarlett trips him up. Kross runs towards Rey but Rey moves out of the way and Kross on the second rope. Rey hits him with a 619. Rey with a splash off the top rope. He goes for the cover but Kross kicks out. Both men on their feet. Kross with a suplex. He lifts Rey back up but Rey reverses it into a cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

We see a video package hyping up the Men’s Royal Rumble match.

Out comes WWE United States Champion Austin Theory.

-Commercial Break-

Austin Theory is in the ring and loud boos from the crowd. Theory says the champ is here and raises his title in the air. And not only did he retain his United States title on Monday but now because they are in the now, he is going straight to the Royal Rumble. And he is going to win the Royal Rumble.

The New Day’s theme hits and out come Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. Kofi tells him to hold up and that there are only three Austin’s he respectsa. Austin Creed, Stone Cold Steve and the city where he lives, in the great state of Texas.

Woods says he knows he is from Raw, the three hour show where they have to fill up the show. But here on SmackDown, it’s two hours and they have to cut to business immediately. They get in the ring and Kofi tells him he heard him say he was going to win the Royal Rumble. The New Day laugh. Woods says if not Theory, who? As the fans chant who. Kofi says they will win the Royal Rumble. Woods says when one of them wins the Royal Rumble, they all win the Royal Rumble.

Kofi says E too, as in Big E and not “Y tu” as in Spanish. Theory says he is the biggest star in the WWE. Out comes The Miz.

He says “biggest star in WWE”? He has been competing in Royal Rumble matches since before Theory hit puberty. Theory says that just means he is old as Miz gets in the ring. Miz says older, wiser, smarter and better than he will ever be. Miz says he will throw him over the top rope and win the Royal Rumble. The New Day start to laugh as Miz says there is nothing more dangerous than him with something on his shoulder. Woods says a chip. Miz says he will give him a taste of what it will be like tomorrow. Miz and Theory attack the New Day and out comes Bobby Lashley.

He gets in the ring and clotheslines Miz and Theory. He elbows Woods and slams Kofi into the ring. Lashley spears Theory and celebrates in the ring.

Lashley since Brock Lesnar interrupted his match against Theory at Raw, he will terrorize everyone at the Rumble. Brock Lesnar jumps the barricade and hits Lashley with an F5. Lesnar tells Lashley he will see him at the Royal Rumble.

-Commercial Break-

Lacey Evans vs. Jasmine Allure

The bell rings and we are under way. Evans throws Jasmine across the ring. Jasmine runs towards Evans but Evans with a drop toe hold. Evans does push ups in the middle of the ring as Jasmine gets back up. Evans with an arm bar followed by a knee to the face. Jasmine in the corner as Evans slams Jasmine’s head into the mat. Evans slams Jasmine’s right leg into the mat. Evans lifts Jasmine up but Allure rolls her up but Evans kicks out. Evans with a Woman’s Right. Evans with the Cobra Clutch and Jasmine taps out.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Evans cuts a promo after the match but the fans boo her. She says the Cobra Clutch is unbreakable. She tells them that they will be very mad tomorrow after she wins the Royal Rumble. Evans lifts Alore up and throws her over the top rope.

Kayla is backstage with Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. They talk about how it’s a big night and tomorrow is the Royal Rumble. Drew slaps Sheamus and tells him he thinks the winner will be Sheamus. And Sheamus slaps Drew and tells him he thinks he will main event WrestleMania. Both men compliment each other and chop each other in the process. Kayla says but tonight they take on Hit Row. Sheamus tells her they will send Hit Row back to Skid Row. Drew says when the lads are in town, they put up banger after banger after banger after banger.

-Commercial Break-

Tag Team tournament semi final: Drew McIntyre and Sheamus vs. Hit Row

As Drew and Sheamus are walking down to the ring, The Viking Raiders attack them from behind. They slam Drew into the barricade. Sheamus with right hands but the Viking Raiders throw him into the barricade. Erik with a knee to the face and Ivar with a splash on both Sheamus and McIntyre.

-Commercial Break-

We see a clip of Drew McIntyre and Sheamus walking to the back looking for the Viking Raiders during the commercial break. Out come Hit Row to the ring and Adam Pearce is in the ring. Pearce says Sheamus and Drew volunteered to be out of this match. Everyone will compete and they will face a replacement team.

Out come Braun Strowman and Ricochet.

Tag Team tournament: Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs. Hit Row

The bell rings and we are under way. Ashante and Ricochet start the match. Ricochet with a right hand and a chop to the chest. Ricochet to the ropes and a cross body. Right hands by Ricochet followed by an elbow drop. He goes for the cover but Ashante kicks out. Ricochet to the ropes and a drop kick onto Ashante as Ashante falls to the outside of the ring. Top Dolla distracts Ricochet and Ricochet with a kick knocks Top Dollar off the ring apron. Top Dolla distracts the referee as B-Fab grabs Ricochet’s leg and Ashante hits him with a drop kick. He goes for the cover but Ricochet kicks out. Right hands by Ashante.

An uppercut by Ashante and Top Dolla is tagged in. They double team Ricochet. Top Dolla goes for the cover but Ricochet kicks out. Ashante is tagged back into the match. A head lock by Ashante and a bodyslam by Ashante followed by an elbow drop. He goes for a back elbow but Ricochet ducks and a kick by Ricochet. He hits Ashante with right hands and Strowman is tagged into the match. Strowman with a big boot onto Ashante. In comes Top Dolla and Strowman clotheslines him to the outside of the ring. Strowman with a back body drop onto Ashante. Ricochet with a splash over the top rope onto Top Dolla on the outside of the ring. Strowman with the Monster Bomb onto Ashante. He goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winners: Braun Strowman and Ricochet

Kayla is backstage with Kevin Owens. He tells her he wants to right a wrong that happened two years ago at the Royal Rumble. He should have been champion but that didn’t happen. He says if he wants to win the title tomorrow, he has to take out as many members of the Bloodline before the Rumble as he can. In come the Usos but WWE officials break it out. Adam Pearce tells the Usos to leave, he doesn’t want to see them in the building.

-Commercial Break-

We cut backstage and the Usos are getting into the SUV. Jey answers his phone and asks the person he is talking to if he is still in town as he needs a favor. Jey hangs up and gets into the SUV.

The Wyatt Family’s old theme song plays. Out comes LA Knight dressed as a Wyatt Family version of Bray Wyatt.

LA Knight takes the hat and shirt off. He says the biggest moment in Raw history happened on Monday as he walked down to the ring and showed up. And like the turd in the punch bowl, out came the Undertaker to assist Bray Wyatt. The fans cheer as he tells them to shut up. He says no one wants LA Knight one on one. LA Knight tells Wyatt he has 24 hours until the Pitch Black match and he wants him to take every advice that the Undertaker has given him and to come out as any version he wants. When the lights go pitch black, as will he.

The lights go out and Wyatt is on a rocking chair on stage. He says they both know that LA Knight isn’t smiling on the inside. But it doesn’t even matter. The time for talking has come and gone. At the Rumble, he will finally get to meet the man that he has been looking for. He tells LA Knight to have a great night, laugh and joke because tomorrow, when the lights go out, he will see. Wyatt laughs.

Uncle Howdy is standing in between the crowd as the spotlight shines on him.

-Commercial Break-

Tag Team tournament: Legado Del Fantasma vs. Imperium

The bell rings and Kaiser with a right hand on Vega. Vinci is tagged in and a right hand by Vinci. Del Toro is tagged in and a right hand by Del Toro. A chop to the chest by Del Toro. He goes for a kick but Vinci blocks it and hits him with a clothesline. A head lock by Vinci as Kaiser is tagged in. Right hands by Del Toro followed by a kick to the head. Wilde is tagged in and as is Vinci. All four men are in the ring and a double clothesline by Imperium.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, a suplex by Kaiser onto Wilde. Kaiser with a kick to the face. He goes for the cover but Wilde kicks out. Vinci is tagged in and they double team Wilde. He goes for the cover but Wilde kicks out. Kaiser is tagged back in as he throws Wilde to the ropes but Wilde with a tornado DDT. Vinci and Del Toro are tagged in. Del Toro with a cross body off the top rope. Del Torro with a kick to the face. Kaiser gets in the ring and a double drop kick by Del Toro onto Imperium and they fall to the outside. Legado Del Fantasma with a double splash onto Imperium. Del Toro throws Vinci back into the ring. Vinci on the top rope but Del Toro with a hurricanrana. Del Torro is tagged in.

Del Toro hits Vinci with a splash and goes for the cover but Kaiser breaks it up. Del Toro with chops onto Kaiser and he throws Kaiser to the outside of the ring. Wilde slides to the outside but Kaiser slams him onto the mat. Vinci and Del Toro on the top rope. Vinci with a gorilla press off the top rope onto the mat. Vinci holds his right knee and Kaiser is tagged in. The Imperium Bomb onto Wilde. Kaiser goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Imperium

-Commercial Break-

Adam Pearce is backstage and in comes Charlotte Flair. She tells him Sonya is annoying and opportunities are earned, not given. But Sonya is persistent. She says she will give Sonya a title match. Pearce tells her next week, Charlotte Flair against Sonya Deville for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Kevin Owens vs. Solo Sikoa

The bell rings and we are under way. A head lock by Owens as Solo throws him to the ropes. A shoulder block by both men but no one moves. Solo to the ropes and Owens with a back elbow followed by a senton. Solo in the corner as Owens goes for a cannonball but Solo rolls to the outside of the ring. Owens to the outside as Solo slams him into the barricade and into the ringpost. Solo throws Owens into the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Owens with an atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Solo back up and Owens with a right hand but Solo with a headbutt. Owens with a DDT. He goes for the cover but Solo kicks out. Owens climbs the top rope but Solo with a right hand. Solo climbs the second rope. Solo goes for a suplex but Owens with a right hand. Owens with a headbutt and an elbow to the face as Solo falls to the mat. Owens with a frog splash off the top rope. He goes for the cover but Solo kicks out. Owens with a super kick onto Solo but Solo still standing.

Solo with a super kick but Owens with a super kick. He goes for the Stunner but Solo hits him with the Samoan drop. He goes for the cover but Owens kicks out. Solo goes for a splash in the corner but Owens moves out of the way. Owens hits Solo with two super kicks and a cannonball in the corner. Owens climbs the top rope and he hits Solo with the senton. He goes for the cover but Zayn drags Solo out of the ring. Owens looks at Zayn and Owens to the outside. Solo goes for the super kick on Owens but Owens moves out of the way and Solo hits Zayn with the super kick. Owens throws Solo into the ring steps.

Owens clears the announce table. He grabs Solo but Solo throws Owens into the ring post. Solo grabs a steel chair and he hits Owens with it. Solo climbs the barricade but Owens with a right hand. A head butt by Solo. Solo jumps but Owens hits him with a superkick. Solo runs onto Owens but Owens hits him with a powerbomb on the table but the table doesn’t break. Owens grabs the chair and looks at Zayn. He turns around and hits Solo with the chair. Owens throws the chair and walks away.

Winner: No contest