WWE Friday Night SmackDown 06 09 2023

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
June 9, 2023
Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa.
Commentary: Michael Cole and Wade Barrett
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with clips of last week’s show when Solo Sikoa hit Jimmy Uso.

Live in the arena, Paul Heyman is in the ring with Solo Sikoa. As Heyman is introducing himself, out comes Jey Uso to the ring.

Jey gets in the ring as the fans chant “Uso”. He tells Solo that he let a lot of thing slide. But stabbing their big brother in the back is something you don’t do. He doesn’t know if he can forgive Solo for that and he throws his microphone onto Solo and he tells him to say what he has to say.

Heyman tells Jey he has it all wrong and here is why. It’s not Solo’s fault, it’s not Heyman’s fault, it’s not Roman’s fault, it’s not Jey’s fault, this is all Jimmy’s fault. It’s Jimmy’s fault because he made up his own mind and not just for himself but for Jey too. Heyman tells Solo to take a step back. Heyman tells Jey he is no physical threat, he is taking a chance standing close to him.

When Jimmy kicked Roman, he did not ask Jey about it, he was not in on it, says Heyman. Jimmy pulled the trigger for them because he is the older brother. No disrespect to Jimmy but Jimmy always resented Jey because Jimmy is in on the fact that Roman wants to groom Jey, the right hand man, to be the next Tribal Chief.

Heyman says it was never going to be Jimmy and Jimmy has known it since day one and he has resented Jey for it ever since. He tells Jey that he will prove the truth. Tonight, at Roman’s request, he has arranged a match that sets Jey’s trajectory to becoming the next Tribal Chief. Tonight, he brings gold back to the Bloodline. But it’s not tag team gold. Unfortunately, thanks to Jimmy, there is no more tag team in the WWE known as The Uso’s.

But he will defeat Austin Theory for the WWE United States Championship. His path to becoming the heavyweight Champion starts tonight and it starts with him beating Austin Theory. Then, Roman will publicly groom him some day, when the time is right, Jey Uso will become the Tribal Chief.

But he needs his answer now. He gives Jey the microphone and Jey says he will take him up for the United States challenge. Heyman extends his hand as Jey hesitates. He looks at Heyman and looks at Solo. Jey looks around at the crowd and they chant “no” as he leans onto the ropes. Jey says he will get back to him on the handshake and leaves the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Money in the Bank qualifier – Santos Escobar with Rey Mysterio vs. Mustafa Ali

LA Knight walks down to the ring and joins the commentary team before the match. The bell rings and we are under way. Both men exchange chops to the chests. Ali with a hurricanrana and Escobar falls to the outside of the ring. He grabs Ali and slides him to the outside. Escobar with a chop to the chest. Escobar places Ali on the ring apron but Ali with a headbutt. Escobar pushes him onto the ring post and Escobar with a hurricanrana off the ring apron onto the floor. Escobar throws Ali back into the ring and goes for the cover but Ali kicks out. Ali rolls back to the outside of the ring and Escobar with a suicide dive. Escobar climbs the top rope and he hits a cross body onto Ali.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Ali is on the outside of the ring and Escobar jumps off the top rope but Ali hits him with a drop kick. Ali throws Escobar back into the ring. Ali climbs the top rope and he goes for the 450, Escobar moves out of the way, Ali lands on his way and runs towards Escobar in the corner but Ali hits face first onto the turnbuckle. Escobar drops him head first onto the mat. He goes for the cover but Ali kicks out. Escobar with the double knees. He grabs Ali but Ali rolls him up and Escobar kicks out. Ali with a tornado DDT. He goes for the cover but Escobar kicks out. Ali climbs the top rope but Escobar with a kick slows him down. Escobar on the second rope. Escobar with a Phantom Driver off the second rope. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Santos Escobar

The rest of the LWO come out and celebrate with Rey and Escobar.

Jey is backstage and in comes Sami Zayn. He tells Jey the time they had together, that was some of the best time of his whole career, his whole life. He knows it was the same for Jey. And in a different world, they would still be doing it. But that couldn’t happen because of the Tribal Chief and with the Tribal Chief, bad things happen. That’s when the manipulation kicks in. Zayn says he did it too, he put the family first, just like Jey. But it was never enough, he had his loyalty tested. The same thing he is doing to Jey. He tells him he has a big decision to make and he hopes he wins the United States title to show them that they need Jey more than Jey needs him. But no more Jimmy and Jey and no more Uso’s if he goes with them.

Zayn tells him to go with his heart, not what is being put into his ear. Jey looks at him and walks away.

-Commercial Break-

Kayla Braxton introduces the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. Kayla welcomes them to SmackDown and Ronda’s music hits and out come the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Shayna tells them she wants clarification. She says Fyre and Dawn want to call themselves as Champions. She asks how much they know about the history of those titles.

Shayna says she is the reason those titles were even created. Technically, those Shayna Baszler tag team titles are hers. Ronda says she has been crunching some numbers and they are running through the division fast, they will end up hungry soon. And it made her realize that this division is not big enough for the two of them. Ronda says they want their titles.

Fyre and Dawn start to laugh and they say title vs. title, they accept. Fyre and Dawn with right hands on Ronda and Baszler as all four women fight in the ring. Fyre and Dawn throw Ronda and Shayna out of the ring and stand tall.

We cut to Michael Cole and Wade Barrett who talk about the passing of Iron Sheik. A tribute video to the Iron Sheik airs.

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Money in the Bank qualifier – Bayley with IYO SKY vs. Michin with AJ Styles

The bell rings and we are under way. AJ Styles is on commentary. Bayley throws Michin to the outside and slams her into the announce table. Bayley mocks AJ Styles as Michin hits her with a dive off the ring apromn. Michin throws Bayley back into the ring and rolls her up but Bayley kicks out. Michin with right hands and she runs to the ropes and hits Bayley with a hurricanrana. Michin with a DDT. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Michin with kicks to the face and Bayley onto the ring apron. Bayley grabs Michin by the hair and slams her into the ring post. Bayley hits her with the Rose Plant. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Bayley

AJ Styles stands up and Scarlett gets in his face. She blows red powder in his face and Karrion Kross, standing behind him in the audience, gets him in the Kross Jacket. Michin runs towards AJ as Scarlett jumps the barricade and Kross lets go of the Kross Jacket.

We cut backstage and Bianca Belair is talking to Adam and she is angry. Adam says tonight he is presenting Asuka with a new Women’s Championship and she can’t have Asuka. He is telling her not to attack Asuka tonight. Bianca tells him he wants her to do nothing. Adam Pearce says she is in line for a rematch but to leave it alone for tonight. Bianca says he is giving her a rematch, she will not get involved.

-Commercial Break-

The OC are backstage and Michin says they will get Kross and Scarlett.

Back in the arena, Adam Pearce is in the ring and he is about to unveil the new Women’s Championship as he introduces Asuka to the ring. Pearce says on behalf of WWE, it is his pleasure to present the WWE Women’s Championship as she gives him the Raw Championship. It’s the same look as the Raw Championship, all white with a gold back cover.

Charlotte Flair’s music hits and out she comes.

She stands in the ring and Asuka is confused. Pearce asks her what she is doing, he thinks he knows but she needs to get in line. Flair tells him “excuse me, I don’t wait in line. I made the line”. She tells Asuka that no one respects her more than her, no one. She knows what Asuka can do but she wants that Championship. And she is challenging her for the title.

Asuka speaks in Japanese as Charlotte tells her “really?” and Asuka says she accepts. Flair tells Pearce when he makes that match official, he can put the Raw title around her waist too. Asuka goes for the blue mist, Flair moves out of the way and kicks Asuka out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Jey is backstage and in comes Heyman. He tells Jey that he got him, it was a cliffhanger. He tells Jey he needs his passport because he will fly Roman’s private jet to Money in the Bank. And he needs his suit measurement because next week there will be a triple celebration. Roman Reigns will be there, the new United States Champion and number three, a public acknowledgement that Jey Uso shall be groomed by Roman Reigns himself as the next Tribal Chief.

Jey is smiling as Heyman extends his hand. Jey says he loves it, new United States Champion and to count him in. But he doesn’t know why Heyman is so happy because if he is in the Bloodline, that means Heyman is out of the Bloodline. Jey walks away.

Pearce is backstage on the phone and in comes Bianca Belair. He tells her he will figure it out, she has his word. She tells him he better.

Baron Corbin says he hopes they are enjoying the show. He looks at Hayes and Williams, of NXT who are in attendance and tells them he is going to put one on as he will defeat Butch and go on and win Money in the Bank again.

Money in the Bank qualifier – Butch vs. Baron Corbin

The bell rings and we are under way. Butch with a drop kick and a kick to the face. Butch climbs the second rope and he hits Corbin with a tornado DDT. He goes for the cover but Corbin kicks out. Butch climbs the top rope and goes for a moon sault but Corbin moves out of the way. Butch lands on his feet and Corbin with a back breaker. Right hands by Corbin. He goes for End of Days but Butch lands on his feet and hits Corbin with a kick. Corbin on the ring apron but Butch grabs Corbin’s fingers and twists them. Butch runs towards Butch
but Corbin hits him with a right hand. Corbin talks trash to Hays and Williams. He gets in the ring, Corbin goes for a chokeslam but Butch rolls him up and gets the pin.

Winner: Butch

Corbin goes after Hayes and Williams as WWE officials break it up.

-Commercial Break-

The Brawling Brutes are celebrating backstage. Megan asks Butch how he is feeling and he says he is going to win and they are going to celebrate in the UK. Corbin interrupts them and says it wasn’t fair as he is attacked by Cameron Grimes.

Money in the Bank qualifier – Shotzi vs. IYO SKY

The bell rings and we are under way. Bayley distracts SHotzi as IYO SKY attacks Shotzi. She grabs Shotzi but Shotzi lands on her feet. She turns around and IYO SKY with a kick. She climbs the second rope and stomps on Shotzi’s hand. IYO SKY slams Shotzi’s arm on the top rope. She climbs the top rope and jumps but Shotzi moves out of the way. Shotzi with a bulldog followed by a knee to the face.

Shotzi with a suplex. IYO SKY in the corner and Shotzi slams into her. IYO SKY rolls to the outside and Shotzi with a suicide dive. She throws IYO SKY back into the ring. Shotzi climbs the top rope as Bayley get son the ring apron and distracts Shotzi. IYO SKY with a right hand. IYO SKY goes for a suplex but Shotzi slams her face first onto the mat. IYO SKY distracts the referee as Bayley pushes Shotzi and Shotzi’s neck hits the top turnbuckle and she lands on the mat. IYO SKY climbs the top rope and hits her with a moon sault. She goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winner: IYO SKY

Kayla is bavkstage with Austin Theory. He tells her he was the last one to find out about his match. It’s disrespectful. But he doesn’t make excuses. He has had no time to prepare but these days, he keeps getting wins. And Jey will return to the Bloodline as the loser he is. And if Heyman is looking for someone new, to watch Austin Theory Live next week.

-Commercial Break-

Zayn is backstage and in comes Kevin Owens. Zayn says he spoke to him but he doesn’t know. Owens tells him to focus on the tag team titles and in come Pretty Deadly. They ask them to defend their titles against them. Owens ask who they are. In come The Brawling Brutes, The O.C., the LWO, the Street Profits and Adam Pearce. They all argue about having title opportunities.

Owens starts to yell and every one is standing too close and he freaks out as Zayn tries to calm him down. Adam Pearce says next week they will have a gauntlet match and the winners of that gauntlet match will face Owens and Zayn for the Tag Team titles.

-Commercial Break-

WWE United States Championship Match – Austin Theory (c) vs. Jey Uso

The bell rings and we are under way. Theory with a head lock as Jey throws him to the ropes but Austin with a shoulder tackle. Theory runs to the ropes but Jey with a right hand. Jey clotheslines Austin to the outside of the ring. The fans chant “Uso” as Jey goes to the outside and he throws Austin over the announce table.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Jey with a jumping neck breaker in the middle of the ring. He goes for the cover but Austin kicks out. Jey runs towards Austin but Austin trips him up. Theory hits him with a drop kick. He goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Theory with a right hand and Jey hits him with a super kick and Theory falls onto the referee. Jey climbs the top rope and he hits Theory with the Uso Splash. He goes for the cover but there’s no referee. Pretty Deadly show up from no where and hit Jey with right hands. Out comes Jimmy Uso. He hits them with superkicks. Solo runs down and he hits Jimmy. Solo goes for the Spike but Jey blocks it. Jimmy goes for the super kick on Solo but Solo moves out of the way and Jimmy accidentally super kicks Jey. Jimmy and Solo fight to the outside of the ring. Theory covers Jey and the referee counts to three.

Winner: Still United States Champion, Austin Theory

Jimmy talks to Jey in the ring as Solo and Paul Heyman stand watching on the outside of the ring. The fans chant “Uso” as Jey pushes Jimmy away. Jimmy tells him he didn’t mean it and was trying to help him out. Jey leaves the ring as he looks at Heyman and Solo. Heyman tells Jey he is sorry. Jey looks at them all and leaves to the back as Heyman has a smirk on his face and he calls Roman Reigns on his phone.