WWE Friday Night SmackDown 01 19 2024

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
January 19, 2024
State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.
Commentary: Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with highlights of last week’s main event between The Bloodline, Randy Orton, AJ Styles and LA Knight.

Live in the arena, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso are at the arena entrance and Roman Reigns arrives with Paul Heyman. Roman asks Heyman if it’s fixed and Heyman said it isn’t. Roman replies by telling him and that’s why he is here, to fix it again. Roman walks away with Heyman and Solo says he will fix everything.

Nick Aldis stands in the ring with a table and four microphones. He welcomes everyone to the show and to the contract signing for the fatal four way match at the Royal Rumble. He introduces AJ Styles to the ring. AJ Styles gets in the ring and signs the contract right away. Aldis welcomes LA Knight and out he comes to the ring. LA Knight gets in the ring, he looks at AJ Styles and signs the contract. Aldis introduces Randy Orton toe the ring. Orton grabs the pen and signs the contract and the fans chant “Randy”. Orton looks and points at the crowd. Aldis introduces the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Out comes Paul Heyman with a microphone. He introduces himself and he tells Nick Aldis that his Tribal Chief just arrived and they have not had the chance to show the contract to their attorney. The fans boo Heyman and he says he hasn’t even looked at the agreement. And unfortunately, Roman Reigns will not sign that contract this evening. The fans continue to boo.

Aldis says that Roman not signing the contract is fine and he will simply make it a triple threat match for the vacant Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Heyman walks down to the ring and the fans chant “Randy”. Heyman tells Aldis that he cares deeply about him, he halfway respect and admire the mediocre job that he has done on SmackDown and he does it looking really good at it in these Paul Heyman wanna-be custom suits. Heyman says no matter how good he looks, he cannot sell this to the board of directors and he cannot sell it to Roman Reigns, who calls the shots. Heyman says Roman should be defending the title in a one on one match at the Royal Rumble. LA Knight tells him to shut the hell up.

He tells Heyman that this should be a one on one match, he had Roman pinned at Crown Jewel and his cousins saved him. If Heyman says one more word, he will cut bacon off his back. This should be his rematch, instead you have AJ Styles and Randy Orton and they jump in front of the line.

AJ Styles tells him that the Bloodline tried to end his career and Knight walked over his dead body to get that match with Roman and he lost. He tells Knight he is lucky to be in this match. LA Knight says if there is anyone with a horse shoe, it’s AJ Styles. He tells AJ that he should really watch the base in his voice when he talks to him. AJ tells him that they are not just fighting Roman, they are fighting each other. LA Knight and AJ continue to argue. AJ Styles hits LA Knight with a right hand and they fight to the outside of the ring.

WWE officials try to break it up as they fight to the back. Orton grabs Heyman by his tie and he tells Heyman he sees what he is trying to do and it won’t work. He tells him that later tonight, he is going to beat Solo and after that, he is going to reintroduce to Roman Reigns the three most dangerous letters in all of sports entertainment, RKO. Orton’s music hits and he leaves the ring.

We cut backstage and see Logan Paul with his United States Championship.

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Nick Aldis is walking backstage and AJ tells him he wants LA Knight tonight. Aldis makes the match.

LWO with Zelina Vega vs. Santos Escobar, Angel and Humberto

The bell rings and we are under way. Carlito and Angel start the match. Angel to the ropes but Carlito hits him with a chop to the chest. Del Toro is tagged in and he hits Angel with right hands. Del Toro on the ring apron, he jumps off the top rope and hits Angel with a hurricanrana. Wilde is tagged in and they double team Angel. He goes for the cover but Angel kicks out. Humberto gets in the ring and he is thrown to the outside. Santos gets in the ring and he is thrown to the outside. Wilde and Del Toro jump over the top rope onto Escobar, Angel and Humberto.

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Back from commercial, Escobar goes for the cover on Wilde but Wilde kicks out. Angel is tagged in and they double team Wilde. Angel with a drop kick and Humberto is tagged in. He gets Wilde in a head lock but Wilde with a jaw breaker. He runs to the ropes and hits Humberto with a DDT. Carlito is tagged in and he knocks Humberto down. Angel gets in the ring but Carlito hits him with a drop kick. Carlito with a spine buster onto Humberto. He goes for the cover but Santos breaks it up. Escobar distracts Carlito but Humberto knocks Carlito down. All six men fight in the ring. Carlito slams Angel down. He grabs Humberto and Escobar tags himself in. Carlito hits Humberto with the backstabber. Escobar rolls Carlito up and gets the pin.

Winners: Santos Escobar, Angel and Humberto

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Pretty Deadly. They tell her they are better prepared this time and have spent the last week studying Butch and Bate. They are pretty smart boys and have never been better prepared.

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Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits are backstage. They cut a promo on the Final Testament. They tell them if it’s a fight they want, to just name a time and place.

Pretty Deadly vs. and Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate

Butch is introduced as Pete Dunne before the match and he gets a pop from the crowd.

The bell rings and we are under way. Bate and Wilson start the match. Dunne is tagged in and he clotheslines Wilson. Dunne twists Wilson’s fingers and arm. Bate is tagged back in and they double team Wilson. Bate with the airplane spin, Prince gets in the ring and he is knocked down. Bate slams Wilson onto the mat and Wilson rolls to the outside of the ring.

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Back from commercial, Pretty Deadly double team Bate in the corner. Wilson goes for the cover but Bate kicks out. He grabs Bate but Bate gets to his feet and he kicks Wilson away. He slams Wilson down and Dunne is tagged in. A release German suplex onto Wilson. Prince is tagged in and he is knocked down. Dunne slams Wilson onto Prince. Bate is tagged in and an elbow onto Prince. Dunne is tagged in and they double team Prince. Bate with a splash onto Wilson on the outside. Dunne with the Bitter End onto Prince. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Pete Dunne and Tylor Bate

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Pretty Deadly are backstage and in comes Kayla. They tell her they prepared for Butch but they brought in someone they have never seen. They storm out yelling.

Back in the ring, Kevin Owens is in the ring for the KO show. He welcomes Logan Paul to the show and the fans boo.

The KO show with Logan Paul

Owens begins to talk and Logan thanks Kevin for inviting him to his show. He would say he is honored but he is not. He calls it an excuse of a show. He tells Kevin it is his show now, he is the show. He tells Owens he is glad he is invited because he owes him a proper thank you because Owens is the reason that Logan is in the WWE. Owens says if he is going to blame him for that, he will have to explain. Logan says he has a clip and to roll it.

We see a clip of WrestleMania in 2021 where Kevin Owens hit Logan Paul with a stunner. Logan says three years ago, he went to his first ever WrestleMania and Owens embarrassed him in front of 70,000 people. He says that was the moment he knew he had to prove to them that he belongs here. He thanks Kevin for that.

Owens tells Logan it happened but he barely remembers doing that. Of course for Logan, it’s his first WrestleMania but for him, he has been doing this for almost 25 years and for him, he is just one of many that he has stunned. And going into that WrestleMania, this is just another celebrity guest but it turns out that Logan stuck around. He gives Logan credit for putting in the work and he became way better at this than anyone would have ever thought. But as good as Logan is, he is not one of them. He is not a Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens.

Logan laughs and says thank Good he is nothing like them. He is one of one. He is the greatest story teller of a generation. Logan hyped himself up and he says Kevin Owens is just Kevin Owens. The fans chant “Logan sucks”. Owens says he heard everything Logan had to say about him on commentary throughout the weeks. But he can’t come out and say everything he wants about Logan and there is a lot he cannot say and it’s because Logan is protected. Logan was offered all the tools to hopefully win a title because of the attention he brings. And Logan sued the tools and became United States Champion. But it is a joke that has gone on for too long and he is putting an end to it at the Royal Rumble. Logan tells him he was not listening to any of that. He tells Owens to look at his arm, it is protected. And the only reason he was able to knock him down was because of that cast. Logan says he knocks people out clean.

He says it will only take him one second to KO him. Owens tells Logan there isn’t a punch he can throw that will keep him down for three seconds. And he heard Logan talk about a lawsuit about the cast and he will give him his word that he will not have his cast on at the Royal Rumble and he will take it off now. Owens takes his cast off and Logan Paul knocks him down with a right hand. Owens gets back to his feet and Logan Paul is surprised. Owens asks Logan if that is it and Owens takes Logan down with right hands. Logan rolls to the outside and Owens grabs him but Logan slams Kevin’s broken right hand into the ring post. Logan grabs his United States Championship and stands on the ring steps above Owens.

We cut to the back and the Bloodline are standing. Roman says he gives Jimmy opportunities and he sends Heyman to the ring alone. Roman gets angry but Solo gets in Roman’s face. He says last week was on him, he named him the Tribal Heir for a reason and tonight he will show Roman that he will fix it. Solo looks at Jimmy and walks away. Jimmy looks at Roman and leaves.

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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship – Kayden Carter and Katana Chance (c’s) vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn

Damage CTRL are at ringside and Bayley joins the commentary team. The bell rings and we are under way. Fyre and Dawn attack Carter to start the match. They double team Carter and Dawn is tagged in. She goes for the cover but Carter kicks out. Dawn grabs Carter but Carter rolls out of the way and tags Chance into the ring. Chance knocks Fyre off the ring apron and hits Dawn with a hurricanrana. Carter is tagged in and they place Dawn onto the top rope. In comes Fyre who breaks it up but Carter hits her with a super kick. Carter and Chance double team Dawn. Carter goes for the cover but Fyre breaks it up. Carter throws Fyre onto the ring apron and Dawn slams Carter onto the mat. Fyre is tagged in. Carter kicks Dawn to the outside but Fyre rolls her up but Carter kicks out. Fyre grabs Carter and lifts her up but Carter with the destroyer. Carter tags Chance in and they land the Afterparty. Chance goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

Asuka and Kairi Sane get in the ring after the match holding the Women’s Tag Team Championships. They go face to face with Carter and Chance and give them the Championships.

We cut backstage and AJ Styles is with The OC and they tell AJ that they still have his back.

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The Final Testament cut a video promo talking about Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits. Kross says that they will see them face to face in the ring next week.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Carmelo Hayes. He tells her that unfortunately, things like last week happened where the match ended early. He says he didn’t win but he didn’t lose. Hayes will ball out because that is who he is. In come Austin Theory and Grayson Waller. Theory says Hayes almost injured him and as a reward, Hayes gets to talk in his city. Hayes challenges him to a match next week and Theory says he has a lot going on. Waller stops Theory and tells him that he has nothing and Theory accepts. Hayes says he will go talk to Nick Aldis. Theory looks at Waller and tells him he has to stop doing that.

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AJ Styles vs. LA Knight

The bell rings and we are under way. LA Knight throws AJ face first into the second turnbuckle. LA Knight with a suplex. He goes for the cover but AJ kicks out. LA Knight grabs AJ Styles and both men exchange chops. AJ with a forearm and kicks. AJ with a back breaker. AJ to the ropes and LA Knight hits him with a powerslam. AJ rolls to the outside of the ring. LA Knight gets to the outside, AJ jumps onto the ring apron and hits LA Knight with a knee to the face. AJ throws LA Knight into the barricade. AJ walks towards LA Knight but LA Knight throws him into the barricade. He slams AJ;s head into the announce table.

Jimmy Uso walks down to the ring and LA Knight looks at Jimmy and walks towards him. Jimmy begins to walk back. LA Knight walks towards AJ but AJ hits him with a kick to the side of the head. Solo shows up behind LA Knight and Solo hits him with a Samoan Spike. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: LA Knight by disqualification

Solo throws AJ Styles into the ring steps. He throws AJ Styles into the ring and hits him with a Samoan Spike. Solo grabs a microphone and says two down, one to go. He calls out Randy Orton to the ring.

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Randy Orton vs. Soloa Sikoa

Nick Aldis is at ringside. The bell rings and we are under way. Solo with a right hand and Orton falls into the corner. Solo slams into Orton and Orton falls to the outside of the ring. Solo to the outside and he slams Orton into the ring steps.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Orton slams Solo onto the announce table. He grabs Solo but Solo slams Orton face first onto the ring apron. He throws Orton into the ring. Solo gets on the ring apron and Orton kicks him. Orton places Solo on the second rope and hits him with the hanging DDT. Jimmy Uso walks down to the ring but LA Knight hits him from behind. AJ Styles comes out and he throws Jimmy Uso into the LED boards. Orton hits Solo with the RKO. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton

LA Knight and AJ Styles get in the ring and all three men are face to face. LA Knight knocks AJ Styles down with a right hand. Orton hits LA Knight with the RKO. AJ Styles gets to his feet and Orton hits him with the RKO. Orton looks at the ramp and turns around, Roman Reigns hits him with a Superman Punch. Roman smiles and looks at Aldis. He tells Aldis to bring him the contract. Aldis gives Roman the contract. Roman signs it and smiles. He throws the contract on the floor towards Aldis. Reign goes for the spear on Orton but Orton hits him with the RKO and the fans cheer. Orton’s music hits and he stands tall in the ring.