WWE Friday Night SmackDown 03 29 2024

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
March 29, 2024
Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.
Commentary: Corey Graves and Wade Barrett
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with highlights of The Rock attacking Cody Rhodes from last Monday on Raw.

We cut to the arena and out comes Randy Orton for his match.

Tag Team Match – Randy Orton and Kevin Owens vs. Pretty Deadly

The bell rings and we are under way. Owens and Wilson start the match, Owens with an elbow and a senton. He goes for the cover but Wilson kicks out. Prince is tagged in and Owens tags Orton into the match. Orton with right hands and he gets Prince in the corner. Orton climbs the second rope and hits him with right hands. Kit distracts Orton and Orton knocks him down to the outside. Orton on the outside, Prince distracts him and Kit pushes him into the ring steps.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Owens with chops and right hands onto Prince. Owens with an atomic drop and a DDT. He goes for the cover but Prince kicks out. Owens climbs the top rope and goes for a swanton but Prince gets his knees up. Kit pulls Orton off the ring apron but Orton with right hands. He slams Kit onto the announce table. Prince with right hands onto Orton. The referee is distracted and Logan Paul comes from under the crowd and he hits Owens with brass knuckles. Prince gets in the ring, goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

Randy Orton gets in the ring and yells at Kevin Owens, asking him what happened. Orton sees the highlights on the titan tron and he looks under the ring. The crowd instructs Orton as to where Logan Paul is hiding. Orton goes to the outside and the fans chant “RKO”. He pulls Logan from under the ring and hits him with right hands and slams him onto the barricade. He places Logan Paul on the announce table but Pretty Deadly attack Orton from behind. They throw him back into the ring. Pretty Deadly get in the ring and grab Orton but Owens hits Prince with a Stunner and Orton hits Kit with an RKO. Logan Paul stands at ring side and Orton chases him around the arena into the crowd. Orton chases Logan to the back and Logan gets into his car and drives off.

-Commercial Break-

A pre-recorded video of IYO SKY cutting a promo talking about Bayley airs. She says Bayley loves to play the victim but her hypocrisy disgusts her. She knows Bayley played a role in her being a champion but she made Bayley relevant. Her and Dakota felt obligated to keep her around and they outgrew her. IYO says there was a time where Bayley was her friend and she will regret that for the rest of her life. And she hopes that after WrestleMania, she will never see her again.

As IYO is standing up, Bayley attacks her and hits her with lighting equipment. They both fight with people breaking up the fight.

SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis is in the ring holding a contract. He says they have a monumental piece of business but before that, he asks who is ready for WrestleMania and the fans cheer. Aldis says when he became SmackDown General Manager, he wanted to make this show the number one wrestling show. And he believes that the acquisition of the following superstar takes him a giant step forward to that goal. He introduces the new member of the SmackDown roster, Jade Cargill.

The lights go out, smoke fills the entrance part of the ramp and her music plays. Jade steps out wearing wrestling gear, flexing and the lights go on.

She walks down to the ring, signs a sign from a young fan and walks into the ring. The fans cheer her and she flexes in the middle of the ring with the spotlight on her. She signs the contract with Nick Aldis next to her and he hands her a microphone.

She says “if you ask me Nick, it’s about damn time”. Jade says since they finally put pen to paper, “let me make myself crystal clear. We have one of the best female roster in the world. But they’re not Jade Cargill. They’re not the headline, they are not a once in a lifetime superstar. And let me give you another weather update, the storm has arrived.”

Her music hits, she flexes and we cut to the back.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Damage CTRL. Dakota asks what Jade has done except stand there and Bayley will be embarrassed at WrestleMania. Btu the best part of SmackDown tonight will be when she beats Bianca tonight. She says Bianca got into their business, she went through two years of Damage CTRL beat downs and if she was the smartest, she would not have gotten involved in their business.

-Commercial Break-

Nick Aldis is walking backstage and he bumps into Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre. They try to pitch a creative idea to him and in comes AJ Styles. He asks Aldis if LA Knight will be there tonight, Aldis tells him that he asked LA Knight not to be there tonight. AJ tells Nick that he should have told LA Knight not to be there and not ask.

WrestleMania 40 qualifying match – The Street Profits vs. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller

The bell rings and we are under way. Ford and Waller start the match. Ford with an elbow to the face onto Waller but Theory distracts him. Theory is tagged in and Dawkins is tagged in. All four men fight to the outside and Dawkins sends Waller flying over the announce table.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Dawkins with a T-Bone suplex onto Waller in the ring. Theory is tagged in and Ford is tagged in. Ford with a spinning elbow off the top rope onto Theory. A running clothesline by Ford followed by a back drop. A standing moon sault by Ford. He goes for the cover but Theory kicks out. Dawkins is tagged in and they hit him with the Blockbuster. Dawkins goes for the cover but Waller breaks it up. Waller throws Ford to the outside. Dawkins with a right hand onto Waller. Theory rolls Dawkins up but Dawkins kicks out. Dawkins goes for the DDT but Dakkins with a sit down powerbomb. Ford is tagged in. We see Bobby Lashley and B-Fab down backstage and Karrion Kross tells The Street Profits they are missing a good party right now. Dawkins walks away and Ford is distracted. He goes for a frog splash off the top rope but Theory gets his knees up. He rolls Ford up and gets the pin.

Winners: Austin Theory and Grayson Waller

AOP attack The Street Profits after the match and out comes Karrion Kross with Ellering and Scarlett. AOP attack The Street Profits and out comes Bobby Lashley to the ring. Lashley with a clothesline on Kross but AOP attack Lashley. They hold Lashley and Kross hits him from behind. He yells at Lashley telling him that now no one goes to WrestleMania.

We see a clip of last week’s match between Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar with Dominik Mysterio interfering.

Out come Legado Del Fantasma to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Santos says he hates to be that guy “but I told you so”. He says not to forget that he put Rey Mysterio on the shelf for months and he knows he didn’t get the amputation like he wanted but he got the next best thing. He got to beat Rey in the center of the ring last week. He says Rey is the greatest luchador of all time or at least he was. He says he out smarted Rey and all it took was one phone call to a man that despises him just like he does.

Dominik Mysterio’s music hits and out he comes to nuclear boos from the crowd.

Dominik gets in the ring and shakes their hands. Loud boos from the crowd and Santos tells them to shut up. He thanks Dominik and he says he wants to apologize. He knows they didn’t see eye to eye first but Dominik was right. Dominik is about to speak and loud boos from the crowd.

He tries to speak again but lous boos again. He says he will do everything in his power to make that dead beat dad’s life a living hell. Escobar begins to talk and Rey’s music hits.

Out comes Rey Mysterio with the LWO.

All 10 wrestlers stand in the ring. Rey tells Dom what a shame, he truly believed that he was done fighting him and the fans chant “LWO”. Rey says now that Santos dragged him into this and Dom wants to be part of it, he came to the realization that this moment of having them both in front of him, is truly a divine intervention.

Rey says he now has the opportunity to beat some respect into both of them. Rey challenges Santos Escobar and Dominik against himself and a partner of his choosing in a tag team match at WrestleMania. Dominik asks Rey “which one of these dorks is going to be the one?” Rey says it’s the newest member of the LWO, Dragon Lee.

Out comes Dragon Lee to the ring. Zelina Vega and Elektra are face to face, Karmen taps Zelina on the head and Zelina slaps her. Santos with a big boot onto Rey and they all fight in the ring.

Bianca is backstage and in comes Naomi. She tells Bianca she has her back just like Bianca had her back last week. Bianca tells her if there is a time to take down Damage CTRL, it’s now. Naomi tells her they will get them starting tonight.

-Commercial Break-

The Judgment Day is backstage and Rhea says she did not know Dominik was going to be out there. In comes Dominik and he tells them he wanted to make them proud and handle business. Finn asks Dominik if there is anything else he needs to tell us. Dominik says he needs to see a doctor and JD says he will take him.

Damian says this WrestleMania is too important for them as a group and as individuals. Rhea asks Priest if there is something he needs to tell her. Finn says the only thing is that WrestleMania will belong to the Judgment Day.

WrestleMania 40 qualifier -New Catch Republic vs. Angel and Humberto

We cut to the match and it is already under way. Angel and Pete are in the ring. Pete with a snap German suplex. Tyler is tagged in and he Angel tags Humberto. Tyler with a head scissor take down and Humberto falls to the outside. Pete with a kick onto Humberto on the outside. Tyler with a splash onto Angel and Humberto on the outside of the ring.

Back from commercial, New Catch Republic double team Humerto in the ring. Tyler lifts Humberto up on his shoulders and spins him, Angel tags himself in and Angel with a super kick onto Tyler. Angel knocks Pete off the ring apron. Angel with a spring board moon sault onto Tyler. He goes for the cover but Tyler kicks out. Humberto is tagged back into the match. He places Tyler on the top rope and Angel is tagged in. Angel and Humberto climb the second rope and they gorilla press Tyler onto the mat. Angel goes for the cover but Pete breaks it up. In comes Humberto and Pete with a spike DDT. Angel with a running knee onto Pete and Tyler. Angel lifts Tyler but Tyler lands on his feet and hits him with a right hand. Pete is tagged in and they double hit him with the Double Tyler Driver. Pete goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: New Catch Republic

We see clips of the main event from Raw and The Rock attacking Cody Rhodes.

Paul Heyman is backstage, he says “by order of the Tribal Chief”. The Final Boss took out Cody Rhodes by order of the Tribal Chief. Jimmy says “and by orders of the Tribal Chief”, Jey won’t make it to WrestleMania. Solo tells Jey he will see him next week, by order of the Tribal Chief.

-Commercial Break-

AJ says it has been a little over a week. He says the fans are the reason LA Knight went to his house and assaulted him. He should have had him rot in jail and miss his first WrestleMania but he has bigger plans for LA Knight. He says he will expose him for the overachieving, under talented, piece of trash that he is. He guarantees that LA Knight is there tonight. AJ looks at the ramp and asks LA Knight if he will come down the aisle. He calls LA Knight out to the ring. AJ says he can be up in the arena with the idiots, he can be the camera man for all he knows. AJ rips the head set off the camera man but it’s not him and he leaves the ring.

The fans chant “LA Knight”. A man in a hoodie jumps the rail and security stops him. AJ rips the hoodie off and it’s not LA Knight. AJ tells him the security to get him out of there. AJ asks if they are done with the games. He says he will not be playing any games at WrestleMania. The camera pans to the side and we se LA Knight wearing a wig, a hat and glasses. LA Knight attacks AJ and they fight into the ring.

LA Knight stomps onto AJ in the corner. LA Knight runs to the outside and grabs a chair. He swings it at AJ but AJ rolls to the outside and jumps the rail.

LA Knight stands on the announce table. He tells AJ to run, hide and do anything he needs to but at WrestleMania, he will not ask or tell him, he will know who’s game this is with everybody saying and the fans chant “LA Knight, yeah”.

A video of Tiffany Stratton praising herself airs. She says carrying the burden of perfection is not as easy as she makes it look.

-Commercial Break-

Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai

The bell rings and we are under way. Bianca with right hands and she throws Dakota across the ring. Bianca runs towards Dakota but Dakota with a big boot. Dakota goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out. Both women get up and Bianca with a suplex. She hits her with a second suplex and goes for a thrid but Dakota lands on the ring apron. Dakota with a kick and Bianca falls to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Bianca with a vertical suplex. She gets Dakota in the corner and Bianca climbs the second rope, hits Dakota with right hands. Bianca slams Dakota into the mat. Bianca goes for the moon sault but Dakota moves out of the way. She grabs Bianca by the hair but Bianca wins the tug of war and she hits Dakota with an elbow to the face. Bianca with a moon sault. She goes for the cover but Dakota kicks out. She lifts Dakota up but Dakota flips and Bianca hits the turnbuckle. Dakota goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out. Dakota goes for a kick but Bianca grabs her by the foot and slams her. Both women with right hands, Dakota goes for a scorpion kick, Bianca moves, she goes for KOD but Dakota lands on the ring apron. She goes for a kick onto Bianca but Bianca moves and Dakota kicks the ring post. Bianca climbs the second rope and she pulls Dakota up and hits her with a suplex into the ring.

Bianca with a spear. She lifts Dakota up and hits her with KOD. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Bianca Belair

The Kabuki Warriors run down and attack Bianca. Out comes Naomi to the ring. She knocks Kairi down and hits Asuka with right hands. Kairi hits Naomi from behind with a bat. Bianca gets up but Dakota hits Bianca from behind. Damage CTRL continue to attack Bianca and Naomi.

Jade Cargill’s music hits and she walks down to the ring. Jade gets in the ring and she kicks Asuka down. She lifts Dakota up and hits her with a power bomb. She lifts Kairi Sane up and slams her face first ont other mat.

Damage CTRL roll to the outside with Jade Cargill, Naomi and Bianca Belair standing in the ring and SmackDown goes off the air.