WWE 205 Live 11 29 2016

WWE 205 Live Results
November 29, 2016
Columbia, South Carolina
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Opening video package highlights the Cruiserweight division, then we go to the intro video. Commentary welcomes us to the show, alongside NXT star Austin Aries, who says that until he is cleared to compete, he will be commentating, then once he is cleared, he will win the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

All of the Cruiserweights are introduced on the rampway, including Rich Swann, TJ Perkins, Jack Gallagher, The Bollywood Boyz, Ho Ho Lun, Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar, Ariya Daivari, Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, Akira Tozawa, Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik and champion Brian Kendrick, who holds up the Cruiserweight title belt in front of Swann.

We go to video spotlighting The Bollywood Boyz, Gurv and Harv Shira, talking about their Indian heritage, their influences and doing this for their blind grandfather. They want to bring Bollywood to the WWE.

The Bollywood Boyz (Gurv and Harv Shira) vs. “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese and “The Trail Blazer” Drew Gulak

Code of the Cruiserweights adhered to as the bell sounds. Nese attacks Gurv as the bell sounds. Gurv takes over, Harv tags in, double sledge to Nese’s arm. Harv back in, Bollywood Boyz with a double hiptoss and a double basement dropkick for 2. Nese tags in Gulak. Harv with an armdrag to Gulak. Gulak with a chop, Nese provides distraction, allowing Gulak to hit a Shotgun Dropkick. Series of slingshot stomps by Gulak, followed by a slam into the ropes for 1. Nese in, running elbow gets 2. Body scissors applied, Nese mocks the Bollywood Boyz. Gulak in, Indian Deathlock applied, then switches to shots from the mount. Nese in, chinlock applied. Harv counters a suplex with a neckbreaker. Gurv and Gulak get the tags in. Top Rope Double Sledge and chops by Gurv. Nese tags in, but Gurv with a spinning heel kick to Gulak. Gurv sends Gulak into Nese and hits a clothesline, forcing Gulak to DDT Nese for 2. Nese drives Gurv into the corner. They head up top, but Gurv knocks Nese off and hits a crossbody, but Gulak breaks up the pin. Gulak sent outside, Harv wipes out Gulak with a springboard turnaround crossbody. Nese stops a dive by Gurv with a body attack for 2. Gulak tags in, Gurv sends Gulak into Nese and DDT’s Nese. Harv tags in, double superkick by the Bollywood Boyz on Gulak for the win.

Winners: The Bollywood Boyz by pinfall (Double Superkick)

Bollywood Boyz celebrate their win after.

Gulak and Nese are interviewed after. Gulak calls the Bollywood Boyz “Bollywood Bozos” and that “Bollywood is not a real place.” Nese says that the ropes were “greasy and loose” and he and Gulak can’t be expected to work under those conditions with those “Dancing with the Stars rejects.”

Video package spotlights Noam Dar, who is the youngest member of the Cruiserweight division at age 22.

Brian Kendrick is interviewed about his title defense tonight. Kendrick says that Rich Swann has a bright future, but he will crash and burn tonight. When he makes that mistake, he will capitalize. TJ Perkins walks in and says Kendrick still owes him a rematch, but good luck tonight.

Video package spotlights Gran Metalik.

Ariya Daivari vs. “The Extraordinary Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

Code of the Cruiserweights adhered to before the bell. Gallagher takes down Daivari and poses while applying a double wristlock into a bridge. Daivari with a side headlock, but Gallagher slips out with a handstand. Daivari goes downstairs, but Gallagher does a handstand on the turnbuckles. Gallagher with a Monkey Flip for 2. Gallagher takes down Daivari and ties him up in a pretzel. Daivari is stuck in this position until Gallagher hits a running punt to the posterior to get Daivari loose. Gallagher sent outside, then Daivari with a knee drop as Gallagher gets back in for 2. Neckbreaker by Daivari for 2. Running knee to the back by Daivari for 2. Chinlock applied. Gallagher slips out of a slam and hits two dropkicks and a running crossbody for 2. Rolling elbow by Daivari, but Gallagher hits a headbutt to the neck.

Running corner dropkick by Gallagher gets the win.

Winner: “The Extraordinary Gentleman” Jack Gallagher by pinfall (Running Corner Dropkick)

Gallagher celebrates his win after.

Video package spotlights Lince Dorado, who notes that he is a hybrid luchador.

Video package spotlights Rich Swann before the main event, who talks about his trials and tribulations growing up, losing both parents by the age of 16.

Main Event for the WWE Cruiserweight Title: “The Wizard of Odd” Brian Kendrick (c) vs. “All Night Long” Rich Swann

Pre-match intros for this one. Code of the Cruiserweights adhered to before the bell. Kendrick takes down Swann early, working over the arm. Swann with a side headlock. Swann with a series of evasions, followed by a dropkick for 2. Kendrick comes back with a back suplex. Running boot by Kendrick, followed by a running corner forearm. Swann fights back with chops, but Kendrick with forearms. Swann comes back with a Tiger Bomb. Kendrick blocks a back suplex with elbows, but Swann blocks the Sliced Bread #2. Victory Roll by Swann for 2. Kendrick rolls outside to regroup. Swann with a baseball slide, then leaps onto the barricade and wipes out Kendrick with a somersault senton. Back in, Swann gets 2. Kendrick blocks a wheel kick by Swann and hits a Saito Suplex for 2. Kendrick locks in the Captain’s Hook, but Swann quickly gets to the ropes. Swann gets out of a Dragon Suplex and hits Kendrick with a Backdrop Driver. Referee checks on Kendrick as Swann nails him with a right hand, sending Kendrick onto the apron. They head up top, with Swann looking for a superplex, but Kendrick blocks it. Kendrick then hits a neckbreaker, sending Swann neck-first across the top turnbuckle and crashing down outside. Referee checks on Swann, then begins his 10 count. Swann just barely gets back in before the count of 10. Snap Suplex by Kendrick for 2. Dragon Suplex by Kendrick for another 2. Captain’s Hook locked back in, but Swann tries to block it. Kendrick switches to a Japanese Stranglehold, with his knees driven into Swann’s back. Swann slips out of the Saka Otoshi takeover, then hits a Michinoku Driver for a close 2. Swann drills Kendrick with the Wheel Kick, then goes for the Standing 450, but Kendrick gets the knees up. Inside Cradle by Kendrick for 2. Captain’s Hook locked back in. Swann crawls over and is somehow able to reach the ropes. Kendrick doesn’t break, Swann sends him to the apron. Right hand by Swann, then they head back up top. Kendrick bites Swann’s wrist and then hits Super Sliced Bread #2, but Swann kicks out! Kendrick cannot believe it!

Swann avoids Kendrick going again for the Captain’s Hook and hits three straight Wheel Kicks to win the title.

Winner and NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: “All Night Long” Rich Swann by pinfall (Wheel Kick)

Swann celebrates his title win after as we see replay of the end of the match. Swann is interviewed after, thanking the WWE Universe and dedicating the title win to his late mother.

Kendrick is then interviewed after, saying that this was supposed to be the biggest day of his life, he was robbed. Perkins played mind games with me and I didn’t lose, this won’t be the end, mark my words.

Swann continues to dance and celebrate his title win as the show closes.