WWE 205 Live 09 04 2020

WWE 205 Live results courtesy of WWE.com.

WWE 205 Live results: Sept. 4, 2020: Legado del Fantasma pummel Lorcan, Burch and Ever-Rise in jaw-dropping ambush

Legado del Fantasma brutalized Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch and Ever-Rise in a sickening display, Ariya Daivari edged Tehuti Miles in an edge-of-your-seat singles bout, and Mansoor continued to roll.

Ariya Daivari def. Tehuti Miles

Fanny pack and all, Tehuti Miles was still flashing his one-of-a-kind fashion as he strutted to the ring for his clash with Ariya Daivari on 205 Live. Once the bell rang, however, Miles also showed an improved focus, perhaps heeding the advice of The Brian Kendrick, who last week told Miles, “Drop the ego, and you’ll be a star.”

While Daivari talked trash in the early goings, even going so far as to deride Miles as a “piece of trash,” the WWE Performance Center standout allowed his actions to speak for him, as he unleashed a flurry of strikes and twice sent Daivari sailing into the turnbuckles with a pair of powerful Irish whips.

After dropping his opponent with a DDT and kipping up, Miles nearly sent Daivari through the canvas with a spinebuster and came within an eyelash of a three-count via a roll-up, but Daivari kicked out, drilled his foe with a superkick and connected with his trademark Hammerlock Lariat to pick up the victory.

After the bout, Daivari offered a handshake, but when Miles was about to accept it, Daivari Dinero pulled his hand away and shouted at Miles to get out of his ring.

Mansoor def. Colby Corino

Mansoor has been on an absolute tear since returning to the purple brand in July, and he kept the good times rolling with a convincing victory against Colby Corino.

Mansoor absorbed a few elbows to the head in the early goings, but he quickly recovered with an inverted atomic drop and a thunderous clothesline.

Corino took control by tripping Mansoor off the second rope and kicking Mansoor while he was on the canvas, but Mansoor countered with a northern lights suplex before positioning Corino on the top rope and planting him with a unique neckbreaker. Mansoor landed a final high-impact maneuver in the center of the ring to seal the 1-2-3 and remain undefeated on 205 Live.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Ever-Rise ended in a no-contest when Legado del Fantasma attacked

Prior to Ever-Rise’s rematch against The Brit-Am Brawlers, Matt Martel and Chase Parker made a beeline for the commentary table to chastise announcer Vic Joseph, who may have inadvertently alerted the official that Ever-Rise was using illegal tactics last week, potentially costing them the win.

Ever-Rise brought that same intensity to their match, keeping Oney Lorcan isolated in the early goings with some quick tags, unique tandem maneuvers and a snap suplex from Parker.

After finally receiving a tag, Danny Burch hit the ring like he was fired out of a cannon, tattooing Martel with a pair of clotheslines and a vicious German suplex.

Just as The Brit-Am Brawlers were starting to roll, Legado del Fantasma stormed the ring, and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar’s crew immediately made their presence known by blasting Parker with a steel chair. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza pounced on the unsuspecting Lorcan, Burch and Martel, repeatedly striking them with a steel chair and carrying out a savage beatdown.

Legado del Fantasma continued the uncomfortable, prolonged ambush by placing duct tape over the mouths and eyes of Parker and Martel. As 205 Live concluded, Escobar looked into the camera and claimed, “This is my show,” as he and his comrades stood over their vanquished foes.