WWE 205 Live 09 18 2020

WWE 205 Live results courtesy of WWE.com.

WWE 205 Live results: Sept. 18, 2020: Ariya Daivari leaves his imprint on a wild 205 Live

Ariya Daivari debuted Daivari’s Dinero Division and dominated three newcomers, also Danny Burch battled Tony Nese in a hard-fought clash.

Daivari’s Dinero Division

Ariya Daivari def. Eli Knight, Ariya Daivari def. Bobby Flaco, Ariya Daivari def. Jason Cade

Ariya Daivari put his money where his mouth his by creating Daivari’s Dinero Division and offering up $10,000 to any newcomer who could pin or submit The Persian Prince. Daivari quickly dispatched of Eli Knight and Bobby Flaco dishing out a Hammerlock Lariat for each competitor. The final challenger Jason Cade went on the offensive early trying to cash in on the opportunity. Cade put up a much tougher fight than the first two competitors, but Daivari was able to rally back and land one more Hammerlock Lariat to keep his status on 205 Live and his bank account secure.

Tony Nese def. Danny Burch

The last time Danny Burch squared off with Tony Nese an attack by Ariya Daivari on Oney Lorcan derailed the match and The Premier Athlete chose not to capitalize on the opening. Burch would go on to win that match thanks to Nese’s honorable but misguided tactical decision. With Daivari sitting on commentary for this showdown, The Persian Prince’s presence loomed over the match. The clash was an impressive display of skill between the outstanding Cruiserweights as Nese and Burch traded huge blows. Burch delivered a blistering clothesline to The Premier Athlete that almost locked up the match for the British brawler. This time Daivari distracted Burch and Nese didn’t hesitate this time and crushed his opponent with a Running Nese for the win.