WWE NXT UK 12 05 2018

Results courtesy of WWE.com

Episode 1:

Moustache Mountain and Travis Banks confront Gallus

The Coffey Brothers & Wolfgang kicked off NXT UK by reinforcing their edict of dominance over the brand. At the same time, the Gallus faction were clearly out to belittle British Strong Style, following a volatile altercation between the two factions last week.

Much to their surprise, however, they were soon interrupted by the returning Travis Banks, looking for payback after suffering an injury in a “mysterious” attack back in Cambridge. When Joe’s invitation for The Kiwi Buzzsaw to join him in the ring resulted in a three-on-one assault, Moustache Mountain quickly joined the fray and helped send the dangerous Scottish trio heading for the hills for the second episode in a row.

Fabian Aichner def. Mark Andrews

Although NXT’s Fabian Aichner began his NXT UK debut against Mark Andrews with a good sportsman handshake, their match ended as anything but a gesture of good will.

Early on, Aichner put the brakes on Andrews’ quick athletic offense with an excruciating backbreaker that sent the message that he wasn’t messing around.

Andrews gave as good as he received, including an earth-shattering hurricanrana for the near fall. But, Aichner’s devastating aggression was clear with maneuvers that included swinging the smaller Andrews backwards onto his neck and back with incredible force. Even Andrews’ Stun Dog Millionaire couldn’t put Aichner away. And when the high-flyer leaped off the turnbuckle at his opponent, Aichner managed to catch him in mid-air and leveled him with a brainbuster.

Andrews did avoid Aichner’s springboard moonsault in order to hit a DDT with attitude. Nevertheless, Aichner avoided his Shooting Star Press and escaped through the ropes.

Once outside the ring, the ruthless competitor showed his willingness to do anything to win when he unceremoniously hurled Andrews into the ring steps and delivered a vicious follow-up knee into the unforgiving steel. Although Andrews managed to beat the 10-count back into the ring, the damage had clearly been done and, with the help of a spinning powerbomb, Aichner picked up the huge pin fall.

Isla Dawn def. Nina Samuels

Though Nina Samuels unleashed a ruthless offense that grounded Isla Dawn early, The White Witch powered her way back with a series of harsh forearms, kicks and an impression back drop driver, before planting her opponent on the canvas with absolute authority for the win.

Eddie Dennis def. Tucker

Despite moments of impressive offense by Tucker that included a back elbow off the top rope and powerful clothesline, the former Headmaster Eddie Dennis continued to unleash his special brand of discipline, educating his opponent, in the end, with the Severn Bridge and the neck stop driver to remain undefeated.

Jordan Devlin def. Flash Morgan Webster

Though Flash Morgan Webster kicked off his showdown against Jordan Devlin with his always-innovative offense, The Irish Ace roared back with a major counterattack on his own that included maneuvers like the backstabber, standing moonsault, a beautiful inverted backbreaker and monster clothesline, before grounding him with an all-out assault on Webster’s ribcage.

Webster rocked Devlin with the MODern knee out of nowhere, despite the fact that his back was now in noticeable pain, an injury that would work against him for the rest of the match. The Modfather then rallied with a wicked clothesline and a pair of dropkicks, before hitting an earth-shattering inseguri that completely disoriented his Irish foe on the top turnbuckle, before followed-up with a hurricanrana from on high.

Though Devine roared back with a brutal facewash kick into the ripcord back drop driver, Webster answered with a headbutt that literally took Devlin out of the ring. He then followed that up with a body block off the ring steps, but further antagonized his injured back in the process. That setback caused Webster to slow his attack as he headed to the top rope, giving Devlin just enough time to raise his knees as his opponent attacked from above and finish Webster off with Ireland’s Call.

Episode 2:

Joseph Conners def. Dan Moloney

Though Dan Moloney surprised Connors early on with his very effective offense, an attack by Connors on his opponent’s ear and subsequent assault on the apron allowed him to firmly secure the advantage. Moloney eventually came back and delivered a notable spinebuster for the near fall. But, when Connors executed a creative sunset buckle bomb into the corner and then drove his prey into the canvas with Don’t Look Down, victory was a foregone conclusion.

“Bomber” Dave Mastiff def. “Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman

In an animalistic clash, “Bomber” Dave Mastiff locked horns with “Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman. Though Mastiff kicked things off with a dominant fashion, Hitman soon took charge and hurled himself at his opponent in the corner with a beast-like aggression true to his name. He then introduced his opponent to his excruciating fish hook along with several clubbing blows to the head.

The “Bomber” answered with a series of forearms, uppercuts and a vicious headbutt, before leaping onto his wild foe in the center of the ring.

Hitchman didn’t relent, though, ramming Mastiff in the corner so hard that he took the big man completely off his feet. But, when he charged in again for the follow-up, he ran straight into Mastiff’s boots. The big man then surprised Hitchman with a dropkick, before finishing him off with the Cannonball into the corner to walk away with another impression triumph.

Ligero def. Tyson T-Bone

In his match against Tyson T-Bone, Ligero had a hard time getting out of the gate early on. Though he hit a strong inseguri in the opening moments, T-Bone answered by taking his opponent off the apron and down to the ringside floor with a single punch. He then proceeded to punish his masked foe both inside and outside.

The Leeds Luchador used his quickness and agility to rail back, however, leveling T-Bone with an inseguri, dropkick, forearm combination, before hitting sliced bread on his tough opponent for the near fall.

But, when Ligero climbed the top rope, T-Bone avoided his aerial assault and went on to hit the overhead toss. This opened the door on ruthless onslaught that included a not-so-tender face washer.

Nevertheless, in the height of the action, Ligero evaded T-Bone’s pursuit and sent his opponent crashing into the turnbuckle. He then hit the cannonball senton outside the ring, before return to the ring to execute a splash off the ropes for the victory.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley def. Candy Floss

The first-ever NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley returned to her brand to hand-pick her first opponent as titleholder. That opponent … one Candy Floss. With an arrogant smile on her face, The Mosh Pit Kidd then set out to play with her opponent, that is until Candy surprised her with a dropkick that took the champ off her feet.

The young competitor paid dearly for the bold maneuver, as Ripley got serious in a hurry and proceeded to execute a major offensive that ended with the earth-shattering Riptide for the win.

Ripley was not satisfied, however, for after lifting her opponent off the canvas and raising her hand in a moment of apparent good-sportsmanship, the dominant titleholder suddenly unleashed a ruthless post-match assault on Candy from behind. Welcome to NXT UK, Miss

Travis Banks def. Wolfgang

Travis Banks returned to action in a main event clash against Wolfgang. Starting things off with a fierce attack in the early moments, there was no doubt that The Kiwi Buzzsaw was out for redemption after suffering a Gallus assault back in Cambridge.

Nevertheless, The Last King of Scotland soon got ahold of his prey and hurled Banks’ previously injured shoulder into the steel ring post and then into the steel ring steps, with a little Mark Coffey distraction mixed in for … good measure?

The resilient Banks fought through the pain, however, and roared back with a dropkick that sent his opponent outside the ring, followed by a high-impact aerial assault off the apron and a wicked stomp back to the squared-circle.

At that point, Mark Coffey again opted to play a part in the action, providing a second distraction that helped Banks catch a boot to the face, a back senton and a vicious spear.

In the final moments of the match, the resilient Banks hit a fierce kick on Wolfgang that convinced the Coffeys to once again get involved and they climbed up onto the ring apron. But this time, Moustache Mountain emerged to even the odds and swiftly dropped their adversaries back down again. Taking the lead from his assisting comrades, The Kiwi Buzzsaw dove through the ropes and sent both Joe and Mark crashing to the ringside floor. Though this opened the door for Wolfgang to hit Banks with a forearm as his opponent looked to refocus his attack on the apron, The Last King of Scotland’s attempt to bring Banks back into the ring with the suplex was thwarted by Trent Seven, who tripped him up while the official was distracted and allowed Banks to fall on his opponent for the pin.