WWE NXT UK 12 12 2018

NXT UK Results courtesy of WWE.com.

NXT UK results Episode 1, Dec. 12, 2018: Joe Coffey overcomes Trent Seven in hard-fought matchup

In an explosive main event, Gallus’ Joe Coffey reigned supreme over Moustache Mountain’s Trent Seven. Plus, Triple H, Johnny Saint and Sid Scala unveiled the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, Flash Morgan Webster overcame Fabian Aichner, Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams, and Isla Dawn set her sights on the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

The highly anticipated NXT UK Tag Team Championships were unveiled

The latest episode of NXT UK kicked off with COO Triple H, General Manager Johnny Saint and Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala unveiling the new NXT UK Tag Team Championships and sending a message to all ambitious tandems that they must spend the coming weeks impressing Mr. Saint in pursuit of the titles.

Flash Morgan Webster def. Fabian Aichner

After Fabian Aichner cut corners to pick up his a win in his NXT UK debut against Mark Andrews last week, Flash Morgan Webster took offense and accepted Aichner’s challenge for a match.

The fight spilled outside the ring as Aichner launched The Modfather into the barricade with brutal aggression, but when he was ready to plant his knee into Webster on the steel steps, mirroring his questionable efforts one week earlier, Andrews was on-hand to stop it. Webster recovered in time to execute a quick reversal on Aichner for the pinfall!

Isla Dawn def. Killer Kelly

With her mystical mind focused on getting to NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley, Isla Dawn targeted Killer Kelly’s left leg from the get-go. Though Kelly roared back with a suplex and a running basement dropkick into the corner, the damage had been done.

After The White Witch broke her opponent’s cravat three-quarter nelson with some solid kicks to the injured leg, she executed a backdrop driver and a vicious knee before finishing Kelly with a suplex/gut-wrench suplex combination.

As the dust cleared, Isla declared that she was gunning for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. When The Mosh Pit Kid emerged, she made it clear that if Dawn stepped into the ring with her with the title on the line, she’d walk out empty-handed.

Zack Gibson & James Drake def. Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams

With the NXT UK Tag Team Titles unveiled, Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams looked to impress General Manager Johnny Saint against Zack Gibson & James Drake.

Despite the fast and furious offense of Jordan and Williams, their efforts proved insufficient against the experience of the self-proclaimed “Young Grizzled Veterans,” who worked together with brutal efficiency.

Though Williams tagged into the match in the crucial final moments, the crafty Gibson delivered a quick strike that took the legal man out of the action before he could enter the ring. This freed up Liverpool’s No. 1 and Drake to completely neutralize Jordan before turning their attention back to The Lucky-In and finishing him with Ticket to Mayhem.

Joe Coffey def. Trent Seven

The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang have been at war with Moustache Mountain for weeks, and the bad blood intensified when Gallus carried out a vicious backstage assault that allowed them to punish Trent Seven’s knee under a utility box.

In the early moments of his one-on-one matchup against Joe Coffey, Seven found himself at an immediate disadvantage in his quest for retribution when his leg buckled beneath him. Clearly, the knee was still in bad shape.

When the other members of Gallus climbed up on the apron, Tyler Bate stepped into the ring in defense of his partner, and it wasn’t long before he was battling Mark Coffey and Wolfgang all the way to the backstage area, leaving Seven and Joe Coffey to truly settle things themselves.

Coffey wasted little time refocusing his attack on his opponent’s injured knee, but Seven heroically fought through the pain with a superplex and the Figure-Four Leglock. In response, Coffey executed a devastating belly-to-belly suplex off the apron and onto the ringside floor.

Back in the ring, Coffey continued to punish Seven’s knee, locking in the excruciating Boston Crab, but Seven wouldn’t tap out and somehow reached the ropes. Although the resilient competitor fired back on The Iron King yet again, when he attempted to lift Coffey on his shoulders in the final moments, his leg finally gave out, and Coffey capitalized with the match-ending All the Best for the Bells.

NXT UK results Episode 2, Dec. 12, 2018: Dave Mastiff wins battle of undefeated against Eddie Dennis

In a battle between two undefeated forces of nature, “Bomber” Dave Mastiff reigned supreme over Eddie Dennis. Plus, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang asserted that Gallus was the team to beat in the race for the NXT UK Tag Team Titles, Jinny took down Xia Brookside, and Joseph Conners overcame Jack Starz.

Mark Coffey & Wolfgang def. Ashton Smith & Ligero

One episode after the unveiling of the NXT UK Tag Team Titles, Gallus sent the message that they are the team to beat, as the ruthless Mark Coffey & Wolfgang worked together to pick up the victory over Ashton Smith & Ligero.

Though Smith hit an earth-shattering crescent kick that looked to finish off Mark Coffey in the final moments of the match, Wolfgang prevented the pin by pulling his opponent off his partner at the last second. Ligero was ready with aerial retribution on The Last King of Scotland, but the dye was already cast, as Coffey decimated Smith with a powerful kick to the jaw for the convincing tag team victory.

Joseph Conners def. Jack Starz

Robbie Brookside’s “star pupil” Jack Starz came to NXT UK for competition, only to suffer an all-out onslaught at the hands of “the manic obsessed” Joseph Connors. Though Starz launched a late-match rally, Conners shut him down with the bucklebomb into the corner and the devastating Don’t Look Down into the canvas.

Jinny def. Xia Brookside

With each competitor looking to stake their claim to a WWE NXT UK Women’s Title Match, Xia Brookside battled Jinny.

Though the athletic nature of Brookside was apparent throughout the match, Jinny’s ruthless assaults paid off when Brookside’s back gave out during a submission attempt, paving the way for The Fashionista to close the door on her opponent with A Touch of Couture.

Zack Gibson & James Drake stake their clam on the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

The self-proclaimed “Young Grizzled Veterans” came before the WWE Universe to make it clear that they will soon be known as the first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

“The Bomber” Dave Mastiff def. Eddie Dennis

Two undefeated forces of nature — Dave Mastiff and Eddie Dennis — waged war in an incredible main event.

The human demolition derby of a contest lived up to the hype, as both daunting competitors unleashed their arsenals. Mastiff delivered an earth-shattering Superplex off the top rope, and Dennis displayed amazing strength by picking up “The Bomber” and swinging him around his body before sending him crashing to the canvas.

Dennis again defied logic when he lifted all 322 pounds of his foe off the turnbuckle and nearly delivered his Severn Bridge before dropping Mastiff off his back at the last second. Though Dennis recovered with a fierce clothesline, Mastiff soon took charge with a headbutt/German suplex combination before finishing off Dennis with the Cannonball Senton to remain undefeated.