WWE NXT UK 01 23 2020

Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. General Manager Johnny Saint and Sid Scala are in the ring. Imperium, led by champion WALTER, meet them there. Scala says thanks the fans for making the NXT UK brand the fastest growing in the history of WWE. Scala presents WALTER with a new championship title. WALTER says it’s about time management got rid of the physical belt that was polluted by Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne. He calls his belt the greatest prize in European history. WALTER then addresses the Undisputed Era for disrespecting the sacred mat when they attacked at Takeover Blackpool II. “This may be a job to you…but to us it’s serious. To us…it’s personal.” WALTER promises to hurt Undisputed Era badly when they meet at Worlds Collide.

Commentary shows us the match graphic for the fatal-four way cruiserweight title matchup for Worlds Collide. Angel Garza defends against Isaiah Scott, and two NXT UK guys. Travis Banks faces Brian Kendrick in today’s main event to determine one of those spots.

Preview for Worlds Collide. Special look at the theme song “Fury” by the band Wage War.

Ligero is out for our first contest of the evening. His opponent…Jordan Devlin. Winner of this match will also be added to the Worlds Collide NXT cruiserweight title match.

Ligero versus Jordan Devlin

Devlin gets into Ligero’s face and grabs his mask…Ligero decks him and unloads a flurry of strikes to start. Pace picks up…Ligero rolls Devlin up with a school-body for a two count. Corner lariat and widowmaker by Ligero. Another cover…only two. Devlin catches Ligero with a boot. Uranagi and standing moonsault from Devlin for a nearfall. He disrespectfully steps on Ligero’s face and mounts him for a ground and pound. Devlin goes for the Saito-suplex…Ligero blocks it and lariats Devlin to the outside. Ligero follows him out…he tries to get fancy by standing on his head on the apron but Devlin makes him pay by superkicking him. Devlin keeps the pressure on by whipping Ligero into the steel steps. Back in the ring…Devlin hits a belly-to-back suplex. Cover…Ligero stays alive. Elbow to Ligero’s head, followed by a hard Irish-whip into the turnbuckles. Modified backbreaker by Devlin. He chokes Ligero with his boot…Ligero falls to ringside to recover as Devlin plays to the crowd. Fans begin chanting for Tyler Bate upsetting Devlin. Ligero just beats the count…he rolls right into an elbow from from Devln. Arm-submission applied.

Ligero hits a jawbreaker to create separation. He connects with a superkick to Devlin’s gut, then drops him with a standing lariat. He builds up momentum…Devlin goes for the sling-shot cutter…Ligero has it scouted and takes Devlin down with a sling-shot stunner for a nearfall. Ligero tries for the C4 tornado DDT…Devlin rolls out of the way and surprises Ligero with a Spanish-Fly. Ligero shakes it off and forearms Devlin in the back…Devlin fires back with a half-nelson exploder. Ligero with a cradle out of nowhere…Devlin counters into a stacked pin and puts his feet on the ropes but the referee catches him. Ligero nearly wins it with a victory roll…Devlin breaks free…Devlin-side but Ligero DDTs him! He climbs…top rope splash lands. Devlin gets a shoulder out on the pinfall attempt. Fans giving both men a nice ovation. Back and forth striking…Devlin gets dumped to the apron…slingshot cutter connects this time. Devlin-side…and that’ll do it.

Jordan Devlin wins by pinfall and will challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Title at Worlds Collide

Updated match graphic adding Devlin in with Isaiah Scott and champion Angel Garza.

Backstage…women’s champion Kay Lee Ray is asked about her upcoming matchup at Worlds Collide. She says that she plans on walking away victorious just like she did at Takeover. As she leaves…Imperium tells the interviewer that they should focus on forces more important. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews walk by and tell Imperium they’ve never even been tag champs. This leads to an agrument, but nothing gets physical.

Commentary tells us that Eddie Dennis will return next week to address the NXT UK unvierse.

Advertisement for Royal Rumble.

Promo from Finn Balor. He says that his Worlds Collide opponent, Ilja Dragunov, reminds him of himself, but doesn’t believe that Dragunov should be in the ring with him. “If you come for the Prince…you better not miss. At Worlds Collide…I will put you down.”

Josh Morrell is out next. He’ll be taking on Dragunov.

Josh Morrell versus Ilja Dragunov

Tie-up. Dragunov with a quick waistlock takedown. He targets the arm…Morrell showing off his athleticism with an escape but Dragunov stops him in his tracks with a fight pose. Shoulder bump takes Morrell down. Huge jumping kick from Dragunov. Morrell lands a few uppercuts…Dragunov responds with a backfist and his signature rope assisted lariat. Pump-handle powerbomb. Dragunov calls for it…torpedo headbutt. This one is over quick.

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall

Post match Dragunov gets on the microphone. “I’m a man of a few words, but the words I choose…the words I use…I use them very very VERY carefully. So Finn Balor…Prince…at Worlds Collide I will make you realize what Ilja Dragunov can do.” Gallus make their way out to interrupt Dragunov. Joe Coffey tells Wolfgang and his brother Mark to give him a minute alone with the “mad Russian.” Coffey says that at Takeover Blackpool his team retained their tag team titles, but he lost and feels like he let his boys down. Coffey enters the ring and says that Dragunov is partly to blame. “The Gallus fam appreciate what you’ve done for us up until Takeover.” Coffey tells Dragunov that he is representing not only NXT UK at Worlds Collide, but his Kingdom. “However…once you take care of the Prince…you have something to settle with the Iron King.”

Elsewhere…Imperium (minus WALTER) knock on General Manager Johnny Saint and Sid Scala’s door. Aichner asks for a tag match against Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. Saint whispers in Scala’s ear. Scala tells them that the match will be a six-man tag, Barthel, Aichner, and Wolfe versus Andrews, Webster, and a partner of their choosing.

Also announced or next week…the Hunt takes on Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

Main event time. Travis Banks is out first. The Brian Kendrick is out second. Here we go.

Travis Banks versus Brian Kendrick

Kendrick slaps Banks across the face. Banks responds with leg kicks and rolls Kendrick up for a nearfall. Kendrick slides the outside to regroup. Back in the ring Banks kicks Kendrick in the back, then nails a PK. Shoulder thrusts from Kendrick. Banks sweeps Kendrick and connects with a dropkick. Kendrick to the corner…Banks hits a running dropkick, followed by a cannonball. Kendrick to the outside again…suicide dive by Banks. Back in the ring Banks hits a missile dropkick into a stomp in the corner for two before hitting the Kiwi Crusher. Kendrick catches Banks on a second suicide dive attempt and suplexes him onto the arena floor. Referee is counting…Banks just beats it. Kendrick applies the Bully Choke…Banks in trouble. He slings Kendrick off and nails a flying lariat. Enzuigiri by Kendrick for a near fall. Banks superkicks Kendrick and they counter each other’s finishers before Kendrick hits Sliced Bread…Banks kicks out! Banks hits a sliced bread of his own, followed by the Kiwi Crusher. It’s over.

Travis Banks wins by pinfall and will challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Title at Worlds Collide

Match graphic for Worlds Collide is updated, showing that Angel Garza will now defend the NXT cruiserweight title against Isaiah Scott, Jordan Devlin, and Travis Banks.

That’s the show friends.

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