WWE NXT UK 03 12 2020

Commentary welcomes us to another edition of NXT UK. Today’s show takes place from Coventry, England. Finn Balor is here! He enters the ring to a huge ovation from the crowd. Balor says he didn’t come to boost ratings…he came for WALTER. Imperium’s music hits and the faction surround Balor in the ring. He fights them off and escapes before WALTER can get his hands on him.

Cut backstage to Piper Niven. She comments on Kay Lee Ray‘s successful title defense over Toni Storm in an “I Quit” match, but states that Ray is evil and that something needs to be done.

Hype video package for Tyler Bate plays. Back to the arena and our first contest is underway.

Pretty Deadly versus DeReiss Gordon/Dan Maloney

Gordon and Maloney work over Pretty Deadly, and continue to get the better of them throughout the bout. Maloney hits a brainbuster on Stoker that almost wins the match . Pretty Deadly get the heat on Gordon. Multiple pinfall attempts are made but Gordon continues to kick out. Hot tag to Maloney, who runs through Stoker with chops and lariats. Ripcord slam and back body drop in succession. Stoker escapes to the outside as Howley makes a blind tag. They connect with their finisher to win this opening contest.

Pretty Deadly win by pinfall

Elsewhere…Alexander Wolfe confronts General Manager Johnny Saint and his assistant Sid Scala. He says he wishes to face Balor in a matchup…they agree. NXT Cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin approaches after. Scala and Saint tell him he’ll be defending againsts Travis Banks in the upcoming weeks on NXT UK.

Ligero is out for our next contest of the day. He’ll be facing Noam Dar. Ligero called out Dar for his constant trash talking last week.

Ligero versus Noam Dar

Tie-up. Dar applies a waistlock. Ligero bounces him off the ropes…he kicks Dar to the mat, then nails a pescado. He drives his shoulders into Dar’s gut. Stiff chops from the luchadore. Fans heavily behind Ligero…he hits an inverted DDT for a nearfall. Dar dodges a penalty kick…pace picks up. Dar tries to sweep the legs but Ligero catches him in a cradle…close two. Both men up…Dar with an armbar. Ligero battles his way out of it and forces a pinfall attempt…another two. Dar goes for an uppercut…Ligero backslides off as Dar pulls at the horns on his mask. Ligero angrily nails Dar with a forearm. Ligero sets up for his C4 tornado DDT…he gets caught in the ropes…Dar takes advantage and sweeps the legs. He sets up in the corner…Nova Rolla connects. It’s over.

Noam Dar wins by pinfall

Interview with Travis Banks. He says he and Jordan Devlin have history that travels back to the first NXT UK Takeover Blackpool. He even recalls throwing himself off a balcony to hurt Devlin, and reminds him that he did not get pinned during the Worlds Collide Fatal-Four Way. He promises in two weeks to defeat Devlin and become the new NXT Cruiserweight champion.

Women’s division action is next. Amale battles Dani Luna.

Dani Luna versus Amale

Tie-up. Wristlock from Amale…she immediately transitions into a headlock. Luna bounces her off the ropes…waistlock takedown. Nice sequence of chain wrestling. Amale hits a back elbow, then goes back after the arm with a hammerlock. Reversal from Luna…running forearm connects. She picks Amale up and sends her flying with a fallawa slam. Kay Lee Ray appears out of nowhere and attacks Luna. Referee calls for the bell.

Dani Luna wins by disqualification

Post match Ray continues her assault on Luna. She sends her to ringside, then targets Amale by stomping her in the chest. She hops on the mic and puts every woman on the NXT UK roster on notice, especially since she rid the division of former champion Toni Storm. Luna tries to come after Ray, but she eats a superkick, then gets hit by Ray’s Gory Bomb finisher to end the segment.

Main event time. Finn Balor comes out first. Alexander Wolfe is second. No other members of Imperium accompany him at this time. Here we go.

Finn Balor versus Alexander Wolfe

Tie-up. Balor gains position and nails Wolfe with a quick forearm…he tries to force him to the mat. Balor targets the arm and cranks it. Wolfe with an athletic escape…he sunset flips over Balor but Balor rolls through and hits his signature basement dropkick that usually comes off that spot. Crowd is going crazy for Balor. Cobra clutch by Balor. Wolfe gets to the ropes and forces Balor to break the hold. He levels Balor with a cheap shot…Balor shakes it off and unloads some vicious stomps onto Wolfe. He traps Wolfe in the corner and hits a huge chop. Balor rolls up Wolfe for a two count. Balor goes to a corner but Wolfe is on him with body shots.

Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner of Imperium make their way out. They try to get involved but the referee tosses them from ringside as the Coventry fans continue to support Balor, and even shout silly chants about the UK champion WALTER. Balor takes advantage of the opening…he and Wolfe brawl. Balor catches him with an elbow to the neck…then sets up in the corner. Shotgun dropkick connects and Wolfe collides off the turnbuckles hard. Balor to the top…Coup De Grace lands. Balor is not done. He picks up Wolfe and shouts into the hard-cam. 1916. Wolfe can’t kick out.

Finn Balor wins by pinfall

Balor celebrates his victory as commentary asks how WALTER will respond. Wolfe lays in defeat.

That’s the show friends.

credit wrestlinginc.com