WWE NXT UK 03 19 2020

Nigel McGuinness and Andy Shepard welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Colventry, England. The lights go out and women’s champion Kay Lee Ray makes her way to the ring for our opening contest. She’ll be facing Dani Luna in singles-action.

Kay Lee Ray versus Dani Luna

Tie-up. Luna with a waistlock takedown. Another one. Fans split cheering for both women. Ray cuts Luna off with a kick to the shin, followed by a running lariat. She ties her up with a modified abdominal stretch and nails Luna across her exposed chest. Middle-rope dropkick from the champ for a nearfall. Luna shakes it off and hits a vertical suplex. Ray counters a firemans carry and superkicks Luna in the back of the neck. She sets Luna up…Gory Bomb. That’ll do it.

Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall

Afterwards Ray continues her assault on Luna. Another Gory Bomb attempt but Piper Niven runs Ray off.

Video footage of Finn Balor running into Tyler Bate backstage is played. Cut to Bate asking General Manager Johnny Saint and his assistant Sid Scala for a matchup with Balor. They tell him that he’ll be competing in a 20-man battle royal to determine a new number one contender for the NXT UK championship. Bate is intrigued.

Commercial for WrestleMania 36 featuring The Fiend versus John CenaDrew McIntyre versus Brock Lesnar, and Bill Goldberg versus Roman Reigns.

Promo from Nina Samuels. She’s watching Aoife Valkyrie’s vignette. “I don’t care for this new girl stealing my spotlight. Next week…I’m going to show miss Aoife Valkyrie who the true leading lady of NXT UK is.”

Back to the arena…Joseph Conners makes his way to the ring. He’ll be battling Ridge Holland.

Ridge Holland versus Joseph Conners

Tie-up. Holland has the clear power advantage. Conners catches Holland with an elbow but Holland throws him into the corner. He connects with an uppercut, then slams Conners hard to the mat. Clubbing blows from Holland. Conners surprises him with a jawbreaker. He goes for a crossbody but Holland catches him…Holland goes for a charging attack…he ends up falling over the top rope. Suicide dive from Conners. Back in the ring Conners hits a flying crossbody from the top. Conners targets Holland’s leg and attempts to wear the big man down. He traps the leg off the ropes and stomps it down, then follows it with a leg DDT. Rolland tries an Alabama slam…Conners cradles him…two count. He keeps going after the leg…slamming it off the ringpost. Takedown from Conners gives him full control…he goes for a spinning-toe hold…Holland pushes him off with his good foot…Belly-to-belly from Holland. Another one. Headbutt and lariat combo. Holland bulldozes Conners right out of the ring. Conners hits a springboard flatliner for two. Holland manages to power Conners up for Northern Grit. It’s over.

Ridge Holland wins by pinfall

Backstage Mark Andrews is holding his knee after being attacked by an unknown assailant. Flash Morgan Webster and Dave Mastiff hover over him giving him support. Gallus walks up, with Webster thinking that they were responsible. Joe Coffey says he had nothing to do with it, but that Webster and Mastiff need to find another partner for their six-man tag main event.

Special video package on Ilja Dragunov.

Kassius Ohno is out for the next bout of the day. He’ll be taking on Kenny Williams.

Kassius Ohno versus Kenny Williams

Tie-up. Ohno grabs a cobra clutch and powers Williams to the mat. Williams reverses the maneuver and switches to a wristlock. Nice sequence of chain wrestling…Ohno charges and hits a running knee to Williams’ gut. Snapmare…Williams catches Ohno in a sunset pin…Williams with a headscissor, then rocks Ohno with an uppercut. Crossbody from Williams but Ohno catches him…Williams transitions into a crucifix pin…two count. Williams tries a springboard maneuver…Ohno puts his foot up to block the maneuver, then whips Williams down from his arm. Now in control…Ohno works over Williams’ hand…joint manipulation…he slaps Williams in the head. This wakes Williams up…he unloads a flurry of strikes…Ohno to the apron…Williams sends him to the outside with a dropkick. He comes off the ropes…wrecking ball dropkick and suicide dive in succession. Ohno tries to recover but Williams keeps the pressure on with a coffin drop. Back in the ring…Williams hits a running knee for a nearfall. Ohno rocks Williams with a discus elbow, then applies the Kassius Clutch. Williams is out.

Kassius Ohno wins by referee stoppage

A-Kid is interviewed. Noam Dar interrupts. This leads to Kid challenging Dar to a singles matchup on next week’s show. He agrees, and promises to send Kid to outer space after he hits his Nova Roller.

A flashback to Jordan Devlin winning the NXT cruiserweight championship and successfully defending it on weekly NXT television. Devlin has returned to NXT UK to continue to defend the gold, with his first opponent to be long-time rival, Travis Banks. The match is made official for next week’s show.

Main event time. Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, Wolfgang) is out first. Dave Mastiff, Flash Morgan Webster, and their new partner replacing Mark Andrews….Trent Seven…are second. Here we go.

Gallus versus Flash Morgan Webster/Dave Mastiff/Trent Seven

Wolfgang and Seven begin. Wolfgang runs through Seven with a shoulder block. Seven fires back by hitting a crossbody and hip-toss. Legdrop and tag to Webster. Webster goes for a pin but Wolfgang powers out and brings in Mark. Frankensteiner from Webster sends Wolfgang to the outside. He then goes back to Mark and hits a moonsault. Webster takes out Joe on with a springboard dropkick. However, Mark gets the advantage and he and Wolfgang nail Webster with tandem offense to slow the pace down. Headlock from Wolfgang. Gallus wear Webster down by keeping him in their corner and utilizing quick tags. Flying crossbody from Wolfgang. Webster eventually makes the hot tag to Mastiff. He and Joe have a huge showdown that riles the crowd up. He wins the first exchange with a huge discus lariat. Huge powerbomb but Wolfgang breaks the pin up. Seven chops Wolfgang in the leg, then hits a DDT. Suicide dive to Mark but Mark catches him and chokeslams him to the arena floor. Back in the ring…Joe and Mastiff collide heads….Mastiff nails a samoan drop…Webster out of nowhere with a swanton. Cover…close two. He rocks Mark with a thrust knee…Gallus triple teams Webster…discus lariat…that’ll do it.

Gallus win by pinfall

Gallus celebrates at the entrance path.

That’s the show friends.

credit wrestlinginc.com