WWE NXT UK 09 24 2020

NXT UK results courtesy of WWE.com.

WWE NXT UK results Sept. 24, 2020: Kay Lee Ray retains NXT UK Women’s Title after all-out war with Piper Niven

Kay Lee Ray is still standing tall as the NXT UK Women’s Champion after a grueling battle with Piper Niven, though she made have paid the price with a potential knee injury for it. Elsewhere, NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER defeated Saxon Huxley in his return to the ring and things got physical when Pete Dunne presided over the Heritage Cup Drawing.

NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER def. Saxon Huxley in a Non-Title Match

After not competing for more than six months, WALTER made up for lost time in a hurry with a viciously dominant win over Saxon Huxley. The Ring General nearly won by count-out after laying Huxley out with a powerbomb on the apron, then later finished him off with a massive butterfly superplex and another powerbomb.

Pretty Deadly def. The Hunt

Pretty Deadly won in cunning fashion, with Sam Stoker capitalizing on a distraction by Lewis Howley to roll up Wild Boar for the victory. They were joined by interesting company afterward in the form of Eddie Dennis, who shared a word with Pretty Deadly, his intentions unclear.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray def. Piper Niven

This grueling battle between former best friends left both competitors completely spent by its end. Kay Lee Ray appeared to sustain an injury when her running knee strike instead found the steel steps. Officials were set to remove KLR from the match for examination — that was until she blasted Piper Niven with a massive slap and the bout continued.

But KLR’s hurt knee proved costly several times, particularly when she tried to execute The Gory Bomb. Later on, The Scary Queen of Scots barely draped her boot across the bottom rope to beat the three-count after Piper Niven hit the Piper Driver.

KLR sacrificed her injured knee when she drove both into Niven’s midsection to counter a Vader Bomb attempt. Moments later, The Scary Queen of Scots evaded a running corner senton by Niven, who instead landed back-first on the turnbuckle that had been exposed earlier in the bout. Kay Lee Ray took advantage to cover Niven, ensuring that the longest NXT UK Women’s Championship reign in history would continue.