WWE NXT UK 02 04 2021

WWE NXT UK results courtesy of WWE.com

Nina Samuels def. Xia Brookside

Nina Samuels entered her clash with Xia Brookside determined to pull out all the stops and ensure that she achieved payback after being defeated by her newfound rival during their last encounter in November.

“NXT UK’s Leading Lady” hit the ring with her assistant, who was dragging a quartet of Samuels’ bags to the ring, and told Brookside that she should be doing the same chores.  Brookside responded by tackling her to the mat and rained down right hands to the face.

Samuels got back on track by folding Brookside like an accordion with a back suplex and savagely stomping her in the corner, and even though Brookside fought her way out of a submission hold and sent Samuels flying across the ring with a headscissors takeover, Samuels clobbered Brookside with a handbag to claim the victory.

After the bout, Samuels rubbed salt in the wound by staring straight into the camera and claiming that “all a Brookside is good for is carrying my bags.”

Joseph Conners def. Josh Morrell

Joseph Conners, who credits “Bomber” Dave Mastiff for knocking some sense into him, looked like a new man before, during and after his bout against Josh Morrell.

Jinny, who has promised to “change the entire dynamic of NXT UK” through her alliance with Conners, made sure to have a mid-match ringside chat with Conners, touting his superiority over Morrell.

Conners seemingly took the message to heart, twice hurling Morrell into the bottom turnbuckle and claiming the win by flattening his foe with a ferocious neckbreaker.

Ilja Dragunov def. Tyson T-Bone via referee stoppage

Though heralded for his unpredictability and devil-may-care fighting style, Ilja Dragunov has been downright savage ever since coming up just short in an NXT UK Title Match against WALTER, most recently beating down Jack Starz.

And even though Tyson T-Bone claimed the early advantage against Dragunov by landing several punishing strikes, Dragunov once again snapped and claimed the win via referee stoppage when he ensnared T-Bone on the mat and brutalized his opponent with a rapid-fire series of vicious elbow strikes to the head.

Of course, Sam Gradwell certainly didn’t do any favors for Dragunov’s mental state, as he strolled to the squared circle in the middle of the match and relentlessly provoked the embattled competitor.

An enraged Dragunov attempted to get a piece of Gradwell after the match, but he managed only a kick to the side of his antagonist’s head before Gradwell escaped.

Joe Coffey def. Danny Jones

Danny Jones might be rethinking his strategy of striking Joe Coffey with an early slap the face.

Coffey, who enjoys trading haymakers enough as it is, was infuriated by the blatant sign of disrespect, and he blitzed his opponent with a barrage of fists and an overhead suplex.

The Iron King finished the job by shoving Jones into the corner and nearly taking his head off with All the Best for the Bells.

Following the win, Coffey addressed his issues with Rampage Brown, drawing his newfound rival to the stage. Brown delivered a simple message: “Anytime, anywhere.”

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin def. “Bomber” Dave Mastiff in a non-title match

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin, who confronted Sid Scala in the backstage area and told him to “find someone who can push me” earlier that day, seemingly got what he wanted when “Bomber” Dave Mastiff stepped to the plate.

And while Devlin was looking for a championship match against a fellow Cruiserweight, Mastiff pushed The Irish Ace to his limit in a non-title bout after claiming that Devlin was only keeping the championship warm for Trent Seven.

After receiving several fists to the face, Devlin tried to beg for mercy, but Mastiff responded by chucking him into the turnbuckles with such force that Devlin flipped over the top rope and crashed onto the ringside floor.

Unfortunately for Mastiff, he took himself out when he attempted a Cannonball at ringside, only to go head-over-heels through the ringside barricade when Devlin dodged.

Devlin continued to target Mastiff’s injured knee, and he scored the win with a cutter and a breathtaking 450 splash from the top rope.