WWE NXT UK 02 11 2021

WWE NXT UK results courtesy of WWE.com

Meiko Satomura def. Isla Dawn

The WWE Universe has waited with bated breath for several months in anticipation of seeing the legendary Meiko Satomura compete in an NXT UK ring, and the world-traveled veteran somehow still exceeded the considerable expectations in her debut match against Isla Dawn.

Flashing an icy stare to her debuting opponent, Dawn claimed a brief advantage with a suplex in the early goings, but she was soon dazed after falling victim to a series of rapid-fire strikes and kicks.

“The Final Boss” claimed the victory with a ring-rattling superplex from the second rope, a vicious DDT and Scorpio Rising, a savage kick to the back of the head.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray watched the match from a distance and offered a round of applause following Satomura’s win before lifting her title over her head and getting into a lengthy staredown with Satomura.

Sha Samuels lashed out on Noam Dar’s “Supernova Sessions”

Though Sha Samuels seemed cool, calm and collected when he first joined Noam Dar’s “Supernova Sessions,” he suddenly exploded, decrying his fellow NXT UK Superstars and demanding more respect.

And when Sid Scala joined the set, he too drew the ire of Samuels.

Dar made what he called a “humble suggestion,” pitching a match between Samuels and A-Kid for the Heritage Cup Championship, and Scala promised to speak to NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint and take it under consideration.

Piper Niven def. Amale

Respect seemed to be a theme on this week’s edition of NXT UK, and Amale showed absolutely none for Piper Niven at the start of their match, getting in her face and striking her with a slap that was immediately returned by Niven.

Joseph Conners, who cost Niven her No. 1 Contender’s Match against Jinny, soon hit the scene, distracting Niven and allowing Amale to take the upper hand by slamming her opponent’s head against the turnbuckle.

Niven nevertheless recovered in time to deliver a cannonball and the devastating Piper Driver for the victory, drawing a seemingly condescending clap from Conners.

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster def. Primate & Eddie Dennis in a Tag Team Street Fight

Fed up with always having to play the numbers game, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster took matters into their own hands, attacking and injuring Wild Boar (just as he had done to each of them).

The duo confessed their deed to Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala and produced Boar’s mask to let him know they were serious, and Eddie Dennis was forced to take Boar’s place in the Street Fight.

Unfortunately for Andrews and Webster, Primate and Dennis had a trick up their sleeve as well, as they savagely attacked each of their opponents in the backstage area, driving Andrews through a table and dragging Webster to the ring for a prolonged two-on-one assault.

Despite absorbing tremendous punishment and several belt lashings from Dennis, Webster refused to accept defeat, giving Andrews enough time to recover, moonsault from a stage fixture and crash onto his opponents from 20 feet in the air.

The ensuing melee featured unspeakable mayhem, including a malicious two-on-two chair fight, Dennis cracking Webster across the back with a Kendo stick, a Stundog Millionaire from Andrews to Dennis, a sickening attack on Andrews’ previously injured knee, Andrews and Webster raining down Kendo stick strikes on Dennis, and Primate suplexing Andrews inside-out on the ringside floor.

Dennis and Primate seemed set to slam Webster through a table, but Webster took down Dennis with a hurricanrana. Seconds later, Andrews dodged a charging Primate, who crashed through a table in the corner.

Webster and Andrews finally claimed the win (and mercifully ended the savage brawl) when they simultaneously landed a 630 splash and a shooting star press, respectively.