WWE NXT UK 04 01 2021

WWE NXT UK results courtesy of WWE.com

Aoife Valkyrie def. Stevie Turner

Aoife Valkyrie claims that the wings she wears during her mesmerizing march to the ring represent “the ability to adapt to change and victory.”

And if her bout against the debuting Stevie Turner is any indication, Valkyrie won’t want to break up her pre-match routine anytime soon.

Turner nearly earned an upset win with a unique backstabber, but Valkyrie seemed to be reinvigorated after receiving a kick to the face, as she hit back with a series of strikes and earned another victory by driving her opponent headfirst into the canvas with a leg drop from the top rope.

Teoman def. Josh Morrell

Awe-inspiring entrances were something of a theme this week on NXT UK, as Teoman also captivated the NXT UK Universe right from the opening note of his scrambled entrance theme, pointing to what he calls his “evil eye” and swaggering his way to the squared circle to take on Josh Morrell.

Not much is known about Teoman, but he clearly doesn’t hold sportsmanship in high regard, as he surprised Morrell with a slap across the face and maliciously jumped on his opponent’s ankles.

After landing a pair of double stomps to Morrell’s back and sternum, Teoman cranked back on a crossface to claim the tapout victory.

Kay Lee Ray and Isla Dawn brawled with Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie

As NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray was quick to remind everyone, NXT UK took her request literally when she asked for “The Best in the World” by signing Meiko Satomura, who was defeated by The Scary Queen of Scots in a jaw-dropping title fight.

The self-proclaimed “forever champion” was promptly interrupted by the returning Emilia McKenzie, who said she was waiting for the perfect time to return and vowed that she would cross paths with Ray.

As McKenzie prepared to enter the ring, she was suddenly blindsided by Isla Dawn, who rained down right hands and boots to McKenzie, but as Dawn held McKenzie in place for Ray, Satomura hit the ring, and she and McKenzie ejected Ray and Dawn from the squared circle after a wild brawl.

After the melee, Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala caught up with Ray and Dawn in the backstage area and informed them that they will be battling Satomura and McKenzie in a tag team match next week on NXT UK Prelude!

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly def. Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan

Due to what can charitably be called “creative differences,” Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan certainly appear to be done teaming together.

Much to the chagrin of Jordan, Williams has used underhanded methods to claim wins on numerous recent occasions, while Jordan has repeatedly insisted that they earn victories fair and square.

And after teaming together for several years, the Williams-Jordan partnership imploded at the most inopportune time: right in the middle of their first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match against Pretty Deadly.

With the bout reaching a frenetic pace and Williams and Jordan unable to put away the champions, Williams turned to desperation when the official was knocked out, tossing one of the titles to Jordan and telling him to use it as a weapon.

After an argument, Jordan convinced Williams to momentarily get rid of the championship, but Williams soon picked it back up and shockingly struck Jordan across the back with it, teeing up Pretty Deadly to clobber Jordan with Spilled Milk for the win.