WWE NXT 02 23 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Date: February 23, 2010

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & The NXT Rookies: The Miz asked his protege, Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson, who was about half the size of everyone there), to come forward. The Miz said Daniel was an internet darling and a star on the minor leagues, and that Internet bloggers say he is ready for the WWE. Miz asked Daniel if he was ready and Daniel said yes. Miz said in the WWE you have to be ready for anything, Miz told Daniel to go out to the ring and introduce himself, tell everyone who he is, and to show some personality and charisma. Daniel said he could do that and Miz said he could even go out to his music, and to have a good catch phrase. Miz wished Daniel good luck! Miz said the WWE Universe didn’t know that Daniel is as dry as the desert and that if he doesn’t do a good job Miz will slap some personality into him!

Matt Striker: They showed Matt Striker backstage, he said when he got the offer to work for NXT he jumped. Matt said for the opportunity for insight into the personality (or lack thereof) of the rookies of NXT. Matt said he would be waiting backstage to get reactions from Daniel Bryan or to pick up the pieces.

Daniel Bryan + Unified Tag Team & United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Daniel Bryan thanked everyone for his reception, especially considering his WWE PRO is Miz! Daniel said to all his fans he wants to say sorry, he wishes his pro was William Regal! Daniel said he was supposed to introduce himself. Daniel said he’s been wrestling all around the world for the last 10 years and he finally has a WWE opportunity. The Miz came out to interrupt! Miz said he can tell this will be a lot of fun. Miz said he has a lot of work cut out for him. Miz made fun of Daniel’s charisma and Daniel said if Miz didn’t watch what he said he would submit him right now! Miz said that was cute, and that even if Daniel is a submission machine he has no charisma or personality and asked Daniel how he would succeed in the WWE. Daniel said what he thought he would do is go on a reality show, get a fohawk , and then come out and act like an idiot, Daniel added, “but that’s already been done, by Miz!” Miz said Daniel should try a catchphrase on him like “I’m The Miz and I’m awesome!”. Daniel said to give him a minute to think of something as cool as saying he’s awesome. Daniel said if Miz and him were ever to step in this ring and fight Miz would have 2 options, he either “tap, or snap!” Miz asked the WWE Universe if Daniel Bryan showed personality or charisma. Miz asked if Daniel even deserved to be in the same ring as him, the fans cheered for all 3. Miz said he doesn’t think so, and that Daniel failed. Miz smacked Daniel in the face and walked away! Daniel said there will be a time where he slaps him back!

Matt Striker & Daniel Bryan: Matt Striker said Daniel was just embarrassed in front of the WWE Universe and asked his thoughts. Daniel said he didn’t think it was embarrassing, and that at some point he will get him back, and that he slaps a lot harder then Miz does! Matt said Miz is Daniels mentor, and that the WWE is all about respect and with all due respect to Daniel, how can he say that? Daniel said he has been in the business twice as long as Miz has. Matt said Daniel hasn’t been in the WWE for a minute, and asked him if he wants to be a star. Daniel said he does, and that he can on his own! Matt said he will have to listen to Miz, but that he admires his confidence.

Christian & Heath Slater defeated Carlito Colon & Michael Tarver : Carlito said before the match that with his knowledge, skill and his mentorship, Michael will become the next WWE breakout star. They showed a video about him. Michael said they call him Mr. 9.1 seconds, because he can knock out anyone in 9.1 seconds. Michael talked about his boxer background, and that he trained a lot. Michael said it doesn’t matter how big a person is, if you take out the head the body shall fall. Michael said he’s been through a lot, including sleeping in a car and wrestling for 20 dollars, but that he has a lot of ability he feels the world needs to see. Michael said he feels like he has an angel on his shoulder (even though he just said he used to live in a car). Next they showed a video package about Heath Slater, who has stupid hair and an annoying face. Heath said he has a rock star and likes to showboat a lot. Heath said he’s wanted to be a WWE superstar ever since he was born, and that it is the only thing he has ever wanted to do. Now to the match. Heath started against Carlito. Carlito quickly tagged in Michael who started jabbing Heath in the ribs. Michael Irish whipped Heath across the ring and Heath hit a springboard clothesline! Michael toe dragged Heath into the ropes and Carlito kicked Heath in the head! Carlito and Michael began working on Heath a lot, not letting him get a tag to Christian. Finally Heath hit a huge powerslam on Michael and they got the tags to their PRO partners. Christian tried for the killswitch several times but Carlito kept getting out of it and tagged in Michael. Michael Irish whipped Carlito into Christian but Christian got the elbow up! Heath pulled Carlito out of the ring and Christian easily hit the killswitch on Michael to win!

David Otunga w/R-Truth defeated Darren Young w/ Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena): They showed a video before the match of Punk saying he didn’t want to be there and that if Young wants his help he better accept straight edge into his life. They never even bothered to show a video about Young, who had the worst hair in the world. Next they showed a video about David “A-List” Otunga. David said people know who he is, and that he is engaged to actress Jennifer Hudson. David said he has been to the white house twice, he has no weaknesses, and that he is the best looking of everyone. David said he is more intelligent, studied at Harvard law school, and continued to praise himself. David said he doesn’t care how the WWE Universe will react to him, and that he doesn’t fail ay anything. David said if you don’t know him, you should, and to Google him. Otunga quickly destroyed Young with an awkward looking spine buster.

World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho w/Wade Barrett defeated Daniel Bryan w/ Unified Tag Team & U.S Champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Jericho said he wanted Wade to introduce him. Wade said he was Europe’s number 1 bare knuckle fighter and that it is an honor to be paired with Jericho. Wade said he doesn’t care where any of them has been, Jericho has been there first, and has won a title there. Jericho told him to hurry up, Wade introduced him. Bryan went for a handshake but Jericho would have none of it. Michael Cole was playing the HEEL announcer for a change, taking shots at Daniel, saying he has never heard of him and that selling out high schools means nothing. Daniel and Jericho began wrestling back and forth and Matt Striker came out to ask Wade what he was learning watching Jericho. Wade said Jericho is quality, Striker restated the question, and Wade said he would learn to be the best in the world watching. Daniel knocked Jericho out of the ring and did a suicide dive but Jericho sort of caught him and slammed him into the announce table hard enough to leave a big welt on his side. Daniel went for a springboard body block back in the ring but Jericho grabbed his legs and tried for the walls of Jericho! Daniel countered it into a leg/heel lock type move! Jericho managed to get to the ropes and break the hold. Jericho hit the code breaker a moment later and locked in the lion tamer for the win! After the match Miz got in the ring and beat up Daniel!