WWE NXT 03 02 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Wichita, Kansas | Date: March 2, 2010

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: They showed Matt Striker backstage. Matt welcomed everyone to NXT and said he was very excited about the concept of the show, then explained it again in case you didn’t hear WWE the first 500 times they’ve mentioned this show. Matt said no PRO can vote for or against their rookie.

Darren Young w/Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena) defeated David Otunga w/R-Truth: C.M. Punk looked like he wanted to kill himself. Otunga quickly took control of Young, but Young came back with a neckbreaker. Young acted cocky and locked in a chin lock, accidentally turning the crowd against him. Otunga belly to back suplexed Young to get out of that devastating transitional hold. Young knocked Otunga out of the ring and then drop kicked him while he was on the apron. Back from commercial Young had another Randy Orton chin lock on Otunga. Young continued to easily dominate Otunga, funny considering Otunga destroyed him last week. Young locked in another chin lock, but Otunga nearly got the pin getting Young into a school boy dodging a charging Young at the turnbuckle. Young locked in a 4th chin lock, but Otunga retaliated moments later with a clothesline. Otunga slammed into Young, knocking him out of the ring. Gallows and Truth started arguing outside the ring and Punk managed to trip up Otunga back in the ring, giving Young the chance to hit a weird looking full nelson slam for the win! The Straight Edge Society left Young in the ring after the match. Otunga shoved Truth after the match and stormed away.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed a video about Daniel Bryan, he talked about how he’s been wrestling for 10 years and how he was trained by Shawn Michaels, as well as his style of wrestling and his personality.

Daniel Bryan + Unified Tag Team & WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: A trainer was asking Daniel Bryan if his back was okay where he smacked it on the announce table last week when Miz walked in. Miz congratulated Daniel on his match last week, and said that Daniel learned last week that he was dirt, he was scum, and he is nothing in the WWE. Miz told Daniel to respect him and said that this weeks lesson is that even if you have a “boo boo” you still have to compete. Miz said that’s why he arranged a match between him (Daniel) and Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho’s rookie.

Matt Striker & David Otunga + R-Truth: Matt Striker asked David Otunga what happened out there. David said he got jumped, and claimed he would have won if Punk hadn’t grabbed his foot. Truth started yelling at David for shoving him and being a jerk and they started bawling! A bunch of referees made fools of themselves trying to pull them apart, instead of Matt Striker… the trained wrestler.

Wade Barrett w/World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho defeated Daniel Bryan: Before the match, Chris Jericho said it was time for all those failures to meet the new success story in the WWE, Wade Barrett! There was a video package about Wade Barrett, he was the biggest rookie out of all of them and he talked about being a European bare knuckle fighting champion, he also said he doesn’t mind torturing or hurting people if it earns him a paycheck. Chris joined commentary for the match. Daniel had his ribs all bandaged up. Wade worked on Daniels ribs the whole match, the only big offense he got was a huge running knee off the apron into Wades face! Wade won moments later with a move sort of like an attitude adjustment, only he slammed him forward instead of to the side. Match went about 2 minutes. After the match, Chris kicked Daniel in the ribs a few times and locked in the Lion tamer!

Christian & Heath Slater: They showed a video from earlier in the day of Heath Slater bragging to Christian about his win last week and how much the fans love him. Christian said there’s a difference between being confident and being over confident. Christian said David Otunga had a good match too, and Daniel Bryan didn’t even win his match but had a great showing! Christian said it’s great when the fans cheer for you, but Heath hasn’t earned that yet, those people cheering were his (Christian) peeps. Christian said Heath has big things ahead of him, he likes him, not very much but he does like him.

Matt Striker & Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel: Matt Hardy said NXT is all about first impressions and introduced his guests. Matt asked Justin what his impressions of Hardy were. Justin said Hardy was wonderful and he doesn’t even have words to describe it, he couldn’t think of a better mentor, or as he calls it, sensei. Matt asked Hardy what he thought of Justin, and what Justin would bring that other rookies wouldn’t. Hardy said Justin will bring a lot of high flying, exciting maneuvers. Hardy said Justin reminds him of a young Matt Hardy, and that their match was next.

Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel defeated William Regal & Skip Sheffield : Skip Sheffield was a lot bigger then Justin Gabriel but Justin was faster. Justin took control fairly quickly and tagged in Hardy. Justin and Hardy were in control, but after commercial Regal was dominating Justin. Regal yelled at Skip a lot after hitting the T-bone suplex on Justin, and missed Justin getting the tag to Hardy. Regal didn’t even let Hardy get in the ring by hitting him with the knee trembler and then punching him off the apron. Regal resumed yelling at Skip. When Hardy finally got back in the ring Regal tagged in Skip, Skip hit a splash and Mathews yelled out “Vintage!”, even though that was supposed to be their first look at him. Skip tagged Regal back in, who resumed hitting Hardy with uppercuts and knees, Hardy tried for the backslide pin but Regal easily got out of it and tagged in Skip. Hardy countered a powerslam but Skip tagged in Regal who stopped Hardy from getting the tag to Justin. Regal got caught up yelling at Skip, allowing Hardy to hit the twist of fate. Hardy tagged in Justin who won with a 450 splash!

Matt Striker & The rookies of NXT + Carlito Colon: Matt Striker started to talk about the rookies to close the show but Carlito walked in, spit apple in Heath Slater’s face. Carlito said “that’s cool!”, and walked away. Heath got mad and the show ended.