WWE NXT 03 09 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Seattle, Washington | Date: March 9, 2010

R-Truth & David Otunga defeated Daniel Bryan & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Matt Striker was shown backstage before the match started. Matt welcomed everyone and explained the show concept….again. Miz said before the match that he had a pep talk for Daniel. Miz said Daniel is 0-2 and hasn’t proved anything to anyone. Miz said last night he was jumped, and that if Daniel lets him down tonight, Miz will personally make sure he never achieves his goal of becoming a WWE superstar, and he will have Daniel thrown off of NXT. Daniel tried to get a handshake from R-Truth but all Truth did was dance around. Truth took over after a clothesline and tagged in Otunga. Otunga almost immediately tagged Truth back in and Truth knocked Daniel out of the ring, and then through Miz out right after him. Truth got Otunga to throw him over the top rope onto Daniel and Miz! Back from commercial Daniel had Truth in a chin lock variation. Daniel hit a huge knee to the midsection on Truth and then tagged in Miz. Miz tried to isolate Truth from Otunga but Truth ultimately got the hot tag and Otunga exploded on Miz. Daniel blind tagged himself in and exploded on Otunga, hitting a huge double stomp on Otunga and a flurry of kicks. Daniel tried for a sunset flip pin but Otunga wouldn’t go down so Daniel hooked in a heel hook instead. Otunga was on the verge of tapping but Miz tagged himself in by smacking Daniel on the top of the head, and then slapped Daniel across the face! Daniel shoved Miz and while the ref was distracted pulling Daniel away Truth kicked Miz in the face and Otunga followed up with a urinage for the win! After the match Miz yelled at Daniel and threatened to have him thrown off of NXT. Daniel faked Miz out by pretending to swing at him and Miz jumped back!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Heath Slater talked about how he wasn’t ready for Carlito surprising him last week. Heath whined about it and said if it was him with the apple he would have chucked it at Carlito and that Carlito better watch out.

Matt Striker & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Daniel Bryan: Matt reminded Miz that Miz lost the match, not Daniel, and asked him if he let Daniel down. Miz said he was the U.S champion, and the Unified tag team champion, tag team means 2 people, so where was Daniel? Daniel stormed in and said every single one of his (Miz) tag team partners has carried him. Miz said he’s the pro, and he’s the talent of every tag team he’s ever been in. Daniel said if Miz is so talented, then how come he’s the one who lost tonight. Daniel shoved Miz and walked away!

Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel + World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett: Hardy said for the second week straight Justin is in the main event. Hardy said Justin is in the record books forever. Hardy said Justin is the first Rookie to defeat a Pro and that Regal has been wrestling for the last 25 years, but lost to a beautiful 450 splash. Justin said it’s because he has a great sensei and asked if Hardy would have done anything different. Hardy said Justin followed his plan to perfection and to do the same thing tonight. Chris and Wade walked in. Chris said Justin did pretty good last week, but not good enough for this week because Wade Barrett is his protégé, and he’s huge. Chris said Justin better be on the top of his game tonight because he’s the best in the world at what he does and Wade is his protégé. Justin said he respects Chris but he’s not intimidated by Wade. Chris told Wade to tell him what was going to happen to him tonight. Wade said last week he destroyed the fan favorite Daniel Bryan, and Justin isn’t even the fan favorite. Hardy said Justin was going to beat Wade, and that he would see them both out there tonight.

Heath Slater w/Christian defeated Carlito Colon w/Michael Tarver: Carlito said he heard what Heath said about what happened last week, and that Heath should be honored that Carlito spit in his face. Carlito said Heath should be begging him to spit in his face again. Carlito chewed up the apple but Heath ducked the apple spit! Back from commercial Carlito had Heath in an arm submission. Carlito got distracted and was thrown from the ring from Heath! Carlito dropped Heath with a big kick and tried to throw Heath out of the ring but Heath stayed on the apron. Heath went for a sunset flip but Carlito stomped on his head! Heath took control after dodging Carlito at the turnbuckle, but after getting some offense in Carlito grounded him with a spinebuster. Carlito went looking for his apple but Christian was holding onto it! Christian threw it to Tarver and Carlito got distracted long enough for Heath to almost pin him! Heath won moments later reversing a roll up pin attempt into his own!

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Serena & Luke Gallows) + Darren Young: Punk was talking to Serena and Luke about how Darren lost without their help but won with it, Punk was wondering if Darren noticed the pattern, all while Darren was standing right there. Darren said he respects Punks straight edge lifestyle, but wants to know why he can’t be himself. Punk asked Serena and Luke who the pro and rookies were. Punk said he could lead a horse to water, but he can’t make the horse drink. Punk said straight edge can make anyone a winner, or Darren can do things his way and see how it turns out for him!

Justin Gabriel w/Matt Hardy defeated Wade Barrett w/World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho: Justin used his agility to his advantage but was quickly caught by Wade who slammed him into the turnbuckle and began destroying him. The fans began chanting USA even though neither wrestlers were from the states. Wade continued to work on Justin’s back. Justin reversed a superplex attempt into the 450 splash to win! (Editor’s note: according to Michael Cole the splash was from out of nowhere, even though a blind man could tell what he was about to do). After the match Chris knocked Hardy out of the ring, and hit the code breaker on Justin. Chris locked in the lion tamer and the show ended with Wade posing.