WWE NXT 04 06 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Chicago, Illinois | Date: April 6, 2010

Matt Striker + NXT Rookies: Matt Striker introduced the 8 NXT rookies to the stage in the order they are ranked. Matt went over the rules like always. Matt said Darren Young & David Otunga weren’t happy about their numbers, and mentioned that Otunga hosted RAW last night. Matt said RAW was entertaining, and wanted to know why Otunga walked away from an opportunity to hold the Unified tag team titles. Otunga said as host he could do whatever he wanted, and he had to make a decision. Otunga said he could have tagged in a whimpering Cena, taken Miz’s head off, and won the titles, then celebrated together with Cena. Otunga said the problem is together, he doesn’t share the spotlight with anybody. Otunga said he did the smart thing and did a favor for the NXT pro Miz. Otunga said Miz could help him win NXT, he can get his title shot, and the spotlight would be back on him. Matt saw no problem with it. Matt asked Daniel Bryan if he deserved to be in first place. Daniel said he wasn’t sure, but does Miz deserve to be a pro, does Otunga deserve to be the guest host of RAW, does Michael Cole deserve to take Jim Ross’s place as commentator? Daniel said the answer is no, he doesn’t deserve to be the best, but he’s going to do his very best to be a WWE Superstar. Matt said he admired being humble, but he’s in first place, so the answer should be yes! Matt said he hasn’t heard much from #7, Michael Tarver. Matt asked Michael if Daniel deserved to be in first place. Michael said he doesn’t, he deserves to be a target; just like everybody else. Michael said Daniel needs to make sure he gets out of his way, because up until this part he’s followed the rules, and waited for his opportunity. Michael said now he’s taking his opportunity, he’s a pit-bull off his leash, he doesn’t care who your married to or where you’ve been, he’s the most dangerous man in NXT, period! Matt said whomever finishes last in the poll in the coming weeks, will be eliminated. Matt said in order to see if they have what it takes to be a WWE Superstar, he’s going to test their mental and physical abilities with weekly challenges. Matt showed them a keg. Matt said the keg was filled with liquid, weighing over 160 pounds. Matt said each of the rookies would have to carry the keg all the way around the ring and over the yellow line in a limited amount of time. Matt said whoever does it the fastest will win! Obviously.

Heath Slater finished faster than the other NXT Rookies to win the weekly challenge: Matt decided to start with #1 Daniel Bryan. Daniel did it really awkwardly with a huge goofy smile on his face in 24.9 seconds. Wade Barrett went next and did it easily in 14.9 seconds. Justin Gabriel went next and surprisingly did it in 13.6 seconds! Heath went next and did it in 12 seconds. Next up was David Otunga, who did it in 14.1 seconds. Skip Sheffield was next and he lifted it onto his shoulders and did it in 12.4 seconds. Michael Tarver went up next and dropped the keg twice so he was disqualified. Darren Young was last and he finished in 13.4 seconds, making Heath Slater the winner. Matt asked Heath how he felt. Heath said he was going to blow their minds in NXT. Matt said the best part about NXT is you never know what’s going to happen, and now Heath gets to main event tonight, against Kane! Kane stared Heath down and made his turnbuckle pyro go off.

Matt Striker & Skip Sheffield: Matt said Skip Sheffield was the odds on favorite to win that challenge, and asked how he felt. Skip said he should have won, and that the keg was rigged. Skip said the people weren’t ready for him. Skip said they all know nice guys finish last, so ‘Skip Sheffield’ is done being a nice guy!

Darren Young defeated Daniel Bryan: Darren Young tried to take over but Daniel Bryan threw him out of the ring, hit him with a baseball slide, and followed up with a running knee off the apron. Daniel threw Young back into the ring and hit him with a missile drop kick, followed by the cattle mutilation! Young got out of it and walked into several pin attempts. Young slapped Daniel and Daniel retaliated with a huge smack! Young grabbed Daniel and somehow pinned him for 3!

Justin Gabriel defeated Michael Tarver: Michael Tarver kneed Justin Gabriel to the gut several times, followed by a body slam for 2. Tarver locked in an abdominal stretch, but Justin got out pretty quickly. Justin hit a flurry of kicks, followed by a springboard cross body block, Justin got ready for the 450 but Tarver pushed Justin and tried for a superplex. Justin easily took down Tarver again and hit the 450 splash for the win!

Wade Barrett defeated David Otunga: David Otunga tried to out wrestle Wade Barrett but was punched, head butted, and kicked in the back for his efforts. Otunga tried to fight back, but was thrown from the ring, and slammed against the apron. Otunga began getting fired up, moving out of the way of a running knee, and hitting a reverse atomic drop. Otunga rolled up Wade for 2, and hit him with a neckbreaker. Wade pulled Otunga off the middle rope and hit the forward attitude adjustment for the win a moment later.

Kane defeated Heath Slater: Heath tripped Kane at the turnbuckle and hit a missile drop kick, followed by a cross body block, but was kicked in the skull and thrown out of the ring soon after. Kane punched and kicked Heath around before locking in a headlock. Heath got out and managed a sunset flip for 2, before being hit with a sidewalk slam. Kane continued to destroy Heath before finally hitting the chokeslam for 3.