WWE NXT 04 20 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Uncasville, Connecticut | Date: April 20, 2010

Matt Striker + NXT Rookies : Matt welcomed everyone to NXT, and introduced the rookies. Matt said this week they would test balance and striking abilities, with rock em sock em rookies (they would stand on top of a little stool like platform and knock each other off American Gladiator style with some poles that had cushioning on the end). Matt said the winner would receive global exposure on WWE.com with a feature that would begin at midnight.

Heath Slater defeated David Otunga: Heath knocked David off pretty easily.
Skip Sheffield defeated Wade Barrett: Wade fell into Skip’s platform and they both fell off but Wade fell first so Skip was the winner.
Daniel Bryan defeated Michel Tarver: Michael dropped his pole and walked away.
Darren Young defeated Justin Gabriel: Justin lost his balance very quickly.

Justin Gabriel defeated David Otunga w/R-Truth: David quickly took Justin down and then struck a pose. They wrestled back and forth a few more minutes before Justin threw David from the ring with a head scissors and then hit a running swanton over the top rope. Moments later Justin hit a sunset flip pin and David yelled for R-Truth to grab his hands or push the rope forward but Truth wouldn’t so Justin managed to roll him up and win. R-Truth was smiling about it.

Skip Sheffield defeated Heath Slater: Skip beat Heath fairly quickly using his power and strength.
Darren Young defeated Daniel Bryan: I can’t really write much about these because they’re obviously worked and aren’t really interesting.

Darren Young w/Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena) defeated Michael Tarver (w/Carlito Colon) and Skip Sheffield: Michael cut a promo before the match saying if silence is golden than his words are invaluable. Michael said he was done being overlooked and won’t play by the rules. Michael said he didn’t come here to dance on a balloon like a monkey. Michael said he’s like a bulldog off a leash and he’s issuing a challenge. Michael dared any one in the back to come out and face him. Skip came out and told Michael to turn his upper lip south. Skip said his coach is stuck in Europe but he’s going to do him proud and face Michael. C.M. Punk came out with SES and Darren Young. Punk said Skip and Michael weren’t the only ones looking for competition. Punk said Darren is looking for competition too. Punk said last week Darren made a lovely demonstration of what competition is when he beat Luke. Punk said that he believes in survival of the fittest and competition. Punk said he wouldn’t do this for his own sick kicks; he does this to Luke and Darren to keep them on the edge. Punk said now Darren gets a chance to continue his own momentum and he’s also in the finals of the little stick fighting thing. Punk said Darren is going to continue his winning ways because this just became a triple threat. Both Skip and Michael tried to work together on Darren but Darren managed to throw them both out of the ring. Back from commercial both of them were attacking Darren again. Finally Skip went for the pin and Michael pulled him off to end the truce. They took turns trying to pin each other before Skip threw Darren hard into the steel ring post. Eventually Darren got back in the ring and threw Skip out. Darren got on the top rope after taking control but Luke pushed him off. Tarver tried to punch Darren but Darren ducked it and hit a full nelson slam for the win!

Skip Sheffield defeated Darren Young: They both fell off at the exact same time, Matt Striker said Skip won but then changed his mind and said they had to have a rematch. Skip won this time pretty easily.

Heath Slater defeated Chris Jericho w/Wade Barrett: Chris slapped Heath and he exploded, hitting Chris with a bunch of punches before Chris took him down and took complete control. Heath gained some momentum after rolling out of the way of a lionsault. Chris put a thumb in Heath’s eye and tried to hook in the walls of Jericho but Heath countered it into a roll up and actually won! Chris went nuts after the match and threw things around and yelled at the ref.