WWE NXT 05 18 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Date: May 18, 2010

Matt Striker + NXT Pros : Matt said normally he would introduce the NXT rookies but tonight he’ll be introducing the NXT Pros! Matt introduced Chris Jericho, Christian, C.M. Punk, William Regal, The Miz, and Matt Hardy. Carlito Colon and R-Truth were absent for some reason. Matt wanted the pros to explain what they were looking for in the next breakout star. Miz said he was looking for someone that has the potential to attract a larger audience than the WWE already has. Miz said you need the “It” factor to be in the WWE. William Regal said he’s looking for adaptability because to be a WWE star you have to be able to adapt to anything like he does. William said one minute he’s funny and the next minute he’s jumping down someone’s throat and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. William said you have to have good in ring skills as well as interview skills. Punk said he would love to explain what he looks for but his moral compass dictates that he doesn’t need to speak to the people there because he lost his appetite and will to be in front of those people. Christian said he’s looking for somebody who can capture the imagination of the fans and take the competition themselves. Christian said he needs someone to show them the “It” factor. Matt said they need to be a great athlete, need to be able to talk, need to have a great character, have the “It” factor, and to be able to survive in the locker room. Chris Jericho said he’s looking for somebody who will make him want to pay money to see them, with one exception there’s not one NXT Rookie he would pay money to see, much like how he would not pay to see any of those hypocrites anywhere. Matt said now that they know what the Pros are looking for; the Rookies have a chance to deliver.

Wade Barrett w/Chris Jericho defeated Darren Young: Wade shoved Darren and was tackled in return. Wade got out of the ring and when Darren tried to follow he was attacked on the apron. Wade slammed Darren into the apron and put him back in the ring. Wade hit Darren with a big boot back in the ring for 2. Darren rolled out of the way of an elbow drop and started to fire up. Darren tried to set up the full nelson slam but Wade lifted Darren up and put him on the top turnbuckle. Darren hung up Wade on the ropes and went to the top turnbuckle but Wade pushed Darren and hit the forward Death Valley Driver for the win moments later.

Matt Striker & Michael Tarver & Daniel Bryan: Matt introduced the 2 rookies who were controversially eliminated last week and replayed the video of them getting eliminated last week. Matt said they had a week to think about what happened. Matt asked Michael his thoughts. Michael said he was told the competition would be judged by a pros poll yet he was eliminated by WWE management. Michael said WWE management is a bunch of easily intimidated pencil pushers who are threatened by Michael, which is why they didn’t eliminate him personally. Matt said a lot of critics are questioning the fact that Michael wouldn’t participate in the weekly challenges, and that he said he should be eliminated, voting himself off. Michael said if 8 limousines pulled up in front of you, and they all looked the same except one, you would pick the one that stood out. Michael said he was told to succeed in the WWE you need to stand out and be different. Michael said everyone remembered him because he was intriguing and different. Michael said he was revolutionary and gave them all something different. Matt thanked Michael Tarver mid promo and moved onto Daniel. Matt asked Daniel his thoughts after seeing that footage. Daniel said he was eliminated by WWE management, not the pros for a couple reasons. Daniel said when he came to WWE he heard about the politics, and how Vince McMahon likes big guys and the guys they make themselves. Daniel said he is a self made man; he was not invented by the WWE machine. Daniel said he thought they would want a guy who makes them the most money. Daniel said they need to pick people who are the best for this job, and the best person for this job is him. Matt asked Daniel to answer the critics who say he eliminated himself. Daniel said blessed are the meek. Daniel said he doesn’t need to tell people how good I am because when you see him wrestle you know how good he is. Daniel said all the pros know how good he is, and even though Miz doesn’t like to admit it, he knows that Daniel is better than him. Miz said Daniel is an indy star who hasn’t done anything in the WWE. Miz said he’s the first person in the WWE to hold the U.S and Unified titles at once. Daniel said if Miz thinks he’s so good he should come down to the ring and prove it. Daniel said one thing he doesn’t miss about NXT is Matt Striker constantly interrupting him. Daniel said there’s one person who won’t acknowledge how good he is. Daniel said Michael Cole keeps saying he doesn’t have the “It” factor or any personality, because Michael Cole is a parrot. Daniel said Michael has Vince McMahon in his ear all the time telling him what to tell everyone. Daniel said he has more personality in his little finger than Michael Cole has in his entire being. Daniel said Michael Cole is a poor mans replacement for J.R and started attacking Cole!!! The referees pulled Daniel away and the show went to commercial.

Justin Gabriel w/Matt Hardy defeated Heath Slater w/Christian: Michael Cole complained the majority of the match about Daniel Bryan before leaving. Heath hit Justin with a reverse atomic drop and then the camera followed Cole leaving. Back from Cole Heath and Justin were fighting on the outside. Back in the ring Justin kicked his way out of a submission hold and hit a spinning heel kick. Heath hit a big spine buster for 2. Justin hit some more kicks followed by the 450 splash for 3.

Skip Sheffield: Skip said he was eliminated off of NXT because they viewed him as a threat and are intimidated by him. Skip said it’s just like survivor; they took out the biggest baddest threat first.

Matt Striker & NXT Pros & NXT Rookies: Matt said the WWE Pros have cast their votes and that one of their dreams was about to come to an end. Wade Barrett was #1, David Otunga was #2, and Heath Slater was #3. Matt told Justin and Darren to step forward. Justin Gabriel was ranked #4, sending Darren Young home! Matt asked Darren was his thoughts were. Matt gave Darren the mic and told him to go on stage and tell the Pros what he thought. Darren said he was hoping this day wouldn’t come but not only does he want to thank the fans in attendance but he also wants to thank the fans at home. Darren said the difference between him and the other Rookies is he has respect for the Pros. Darren said he’s not going to come up there and holler or cry, he just wants to say thank you. Darren said NXT is over for him. The fans seemed happy to see him go. Darren looked upset. Darren said this is not the last time you will see Darren Young. Matt said they were down to the final 4 and next week the competition will truly intensify.