WWE NXT 05 25 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Cleveland, Ohio | Date: May 25, 2010

Matt Striker + WWE Pros + NXT Rookies: Matt Striker introduced all the WWE Pros (except for C.M. Punk and the released Carlito Colon). Matt said due to the events at Over the Limit C.M. Punk will not be joining them tonight. The pros took their seats on stage. Matt introduced the 4 remaining NXT Rookies. Matt congratulated them for making it to the semi finals. Matt said he knew that wasn’t enough because each one of them wants to win NXT and earn a championship match on PPV. Matt said the time to make an impact is fleeting because next week is the season finale. Matt said one of them will not make it to next week because they’re having another poll tonight. Matt said he wanted to give them an opportunity to talk directly to the WWE Pros and Universe. Wade said Justin could go home because he’s not man enough; it could be David Otunga because he reminds Wade of the Benny Hill show every time he’s in the ring, but he wants to see the ginger ninja go because he cannot stand his offensive hair. Justin said you could ask him the same question 3 times and he’ll give you 3 different answers but right now he would probably have to say David Otunga because he’s been in the ring with him and David doesn’t know what he’s doing. David said he’s not worried about Wade since he’s boring and there for the money. David said Heath irritates the mess out of him but he’ll let him stick around a little longer. David said Justin should get eliminated because he’s a glorified gymnast, but a deer in the headlights on microphone. Heath said Wade Barrett should go home because he doesn’t understand how that face is still on television with a nose as crooked as the road. Matt said they’ve allowed them to express themselves verbally but since it’s NXT they have to express themselves (Editor’s note: with pointless challenges) physically, so it’s time for a tag match!

R-Truth & David “A-List” Otunga defeated Christian & Heath Slater: Heath and Truth started off. They chain wrestled a bit before Heath took down Truth with a flying shoulder block. Truth fought back with an arm drag and tagged in David. David attacked Heath’s left arm but Heath began working on David’s left arm too. Heath tagged in Christian who took over on the arm. Christian hit a drop kick for 2. David kicked Christian in the midsection and tagged in Truth who got rolled up for 2. Truth hit a leg lariat for 2 and tagged David back in. David locked in a side headlock on Christian. Christian fought out of it and hit a flying European uppercut. Christian got the hot tag to Heath who exploded on David. David managed to knock Heath out of the ring but Heath fought back with a cross body block. David rolled through and pinned Heath for 3.

Michael Cole + Daniel Bryan: Michael had security guards standing around him. Michael said he wasn’t going to take up much time. Michael said there are 4 men trying to become the next breakout star and he understands that the program is not about him but he needs to address something that happened last week. They showed the video of Daniel attacking Michael Cole last week. Michael said he still has problems watching that. Michael said it’s been an extremely traumatic week for him and he’s been meeting with his team of attorneys and they have advised him to have security guards. Michael said he can sue Daniel Bryan for everything he’s worth but he’s going to be more of a man than that; Michael said Daniel could publicly apologize. Michael said if he doesn’t apologize, he’s getting taken to court. Daniel came out. Daniel said there’s no need for the security guards, he’s going to apologize. Michael said he doesn’t believe him. Daniel said being in the WWE is his dream and right now he doesn’t have a job. Michael said that was his own fault. Daniel said if this was what it’s going to take he’ll do it. Michael said he would be a man about it and shake his hand. Daniel admitted that he stepped over the line. Michael told the security guards they could leave but to wait outside the ring. Daniel said he’s sorry, really really truly sorry. Michael asked if it was all over. Daniel said it was and shook Michael’s hand. Daniel said he was sorry that Michael Cole is the worst announcer by far in the history of the WWE! The security guards got in the ring and Michael hid behind them. Daniel said Michael wants to be a man but can’t even escape a handshake. Daniel said a man hides behind security guards and an announce table. Daniel said since day one the WWE has been holding him back. Daniel said they stuck him with Miz, who is the worst announcer by far. Daniel said when Miz even bothered to show up; he would only talk about himself. Daniel said Michael Cole never earned the job or got it because he was good or skilled. Michael said the reason he ripped on Daniel is because Daniel didn’t deserve it. Daniel said he has more heart than anyone else. Michael said Daniel may be the best wrestler in the back, but he’s no longer in the competition. Michael told Daniel to take a look in the mirror and quit making excuses. Michael said to stop blaming management, himself, and The Miz. Michael said Daniel did not have what it takes to be here. Michael said Daniel calls himself the submission specialist and his catchphrase is “Tap or Snap” but the only person who tapped out is him! Michael said Daniel tapped out of this competition because he’s a loser, and losers have no heart! Daniel tried to attack Michael but the security jumped on him. Michael bailed from the ring and Daniel broke free. Daniel charged Michael Cole and tackled him hard! The security guards pulled Daniel up the ramp. Daniel started to leave and Miz began yelling at him. Daniel attacked Miz so the security guards had to pull them apart from each other.

Justin Gabriel w/Matt Hardy defeated Wade Barrett w/Chris Jericho: Matt Striker took over on commentary for Michael Cole. Wade Barrett still doesn’t have his own theme even though he won that stupid challenge several weeks ago. Wade tried to hip toss Justin but he landed on his feet and kicked Wade. Wade ducked a kick and threw Justin high up into the air. Wade Irish whipped Justin into the turnbuckle and got a 2. Wade hit a gourd buster followed with a big boot for 2. Justin started fighting back with kicks and a big roaring elbow. Justin hit a springboard cross body block for 2. Wade hit a springboard backbreaker variation. Wade put Justin on the top turnbuckle and got hit with a sunset flip powerbomb. Justin followed up with the 450 splash for 3.

Matt Striker & NXT Rookies & WWE Pros : Matt showed off the pros poll. Wade Barrett was #1 and David Otunga was #2. Matt told Justin and Heath to step forward. Matt said they have come so close, one will be going home and the other will make it to the season finale. Justin Gabriel was #3, Heath Slater is eliminated! Matt asked Heath to remind the WWE audience who his pro is. Matt asked Christian why Heath was eliminated. Christian said he thought the cards were stacked against Heath from the very start. Christian said he thought for sure Heath would win. Christian said a lot of guys are biased and he couldn’t really place a finger on what it was, but he sees bright things for Heaths future. Miz said the reason he feels that Heath is voted off is because he never let loose and gave them his all. Miz said when you come to WWE you come and bring it full throttle everyday. Miz felt that sometimes Heath was good but sometimes he was off. R-Truth said the truth is Heath busts his butt out there and does everything that is asked of him, but it’s survival of the fittest, so best luck next time. Chris Jericho said it was obvious Heath would lose; everyone will get eliminated except Wade. Chris told Wade he can’t keep losing to clowns like Justin. Chris told Wade to take his head out of his ass. Chris said its hard being the best but Wade is the best on NXT, so he should start acting like it. Heath said all things good must come to an end. Heath said he’s done far too much in such little time to be going anywhere. Heath said he’s the first Rookie to beat a Pro, and the first Rookie to win a challenge. Heath said Kane is the only one who ended his undefeated streak. Heath praised Chris Jericho for beating Rock and Stone Cold in one night, but he beat him! Heath said the plug may have been pulled on the one man rock band, but get ready for the encore, because he’s about to blow their minds.