WWE NXT 06 15 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina | Date: June 15, 2010

Matt Striker + NXT Rookies + WWE Pros: Matt said on the heels of what happened last week there are a lot of unanswered questions. Matt said the best way to get answers was to get everyone out there. The NXT season 2 rookies came out, followed by the WWE Pros, who I have been calling the NXT pros for the longest time. Matt said he knows that they have a lot of questions and instead of explaining why they beat up the rookies last week, he’d rather have them tell the rookies themselves. MVP told them to relax. MVP said they can have angry looks on their faces but there won’t be a confrontation. MVP said last week was an initiation. MVP said it’s a privilege to be a WWE Superstar and no one’s just going to give it to them. MVP said whether they think it’s fair or not they paid for the transgressions of their pros and it will make them stronger. MVP told them to work hard to learn because they’ll work hard to teach them. MVP said this season they’re going to do things the right way. MVP asked them if they were prepared to move forward. The pros hugged their rookies. Matt said the pressure was really going to increase because in 2 weeks the pros and fans are going to vote. Matt said in 5 weeks there will be an elimination. Matt told Kaval to step forward with Alex Riley. Matt said it’s all about opportunity and tonight they have an opportunity because they are going to face each other next.

Alex Riley defeated Kaval (w/Michelle McCool & Layla) : Lay-Cool told the fans to look at their cute and cuddly rookie. Lay-Cool joined commentary. Alex Riley used his size to shoulder block Kaval hard. Kaval kicked Alex multiple times. Kaval continued to use his kicks and brought down Alex with a running kick. Kaval took down Alex with a snapmare and locked in a head scissors. Kaval was hung up on the ropes hard by Alex. Back from commercial Alex Riley had a crossface chickenwing on Kaval. Kaval stomped on Alex’s foot but ran into a blue thunder driver. Alex locked in his cross face again. Kaval fought out of it and double foot stomped on Alex’s chest. Kaval kicked Alex in the chest and the back of the head. Kaval was back dropped onto the apron and locked in a dragon sleeper on the ropes. Alex ran into a somersault kick. Kaval went for a double stomp off the apron but missed. Alex hit Kaval with a TKO and pinned him for 3. Matt congratulated Alex on his victory and asked Alex how he was feeling. Alex said Miz won the U.S championship again and is busy partying in L.A. Alex said Miz offered him to come party too but politely declined because he could take care of this all by himself. Matt asked Lay-Cool what they thought of the match. They clapped and Michelle said she wasn’t used t losing but he did a good job and with their guidance he’ll be flawless. Matt asked John Morrison what he thought. John said Miz isn’t here and isn’t partying in Los Angeles he’s at a lipo consult. John said Alex looked confident. John said Kaval had great kicks and said they both did a good job tonight. Zack Ryder said he only cares about his rookie but finds the new ring announcer hot.

Titus O’Neil + Zack Ryder: A security camera showed Titus in the locker room when Zack walked in and told him to learn to control his temper. Zack said he was going to make sure Titus wins this.

Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty defeated Mark Henry & Jason “Lucky” Cannon: Mark Henry and Kofi started off but Michael decided he wanted to start off. Michael got behind Mark and locked in a side headlock but Mark pushed him away and then hit a gorilla press slam. Cannon tagged in. Cannon went for a side headlock but Michael pushed him away and hit several arm drags. Michael tagged in Kofi who went for the arm of Cannon. Kofi took down Cannon and hit a big standing splash. Kofi tagged Michael back in who hit an elbow. Cannon rolled out of the ring so Kofi and Michael drop kicked Mark off the apron. Back from commercial Michael took down Cannon and locked in an arm bar. Michael wound up running into a big boot for 2. Cannon took down Michael with a side headlock. Cannon tagged in Mark. Mark took down Michael with a head butt and tried to splash him in the corner but missed. Mark locked in a front chancery and tagged Cannon back in. Cannon started taking down Michael a lot and going for a lot of pins. Cannon went for a cross body but missed and was hit with a swinging neckbreaker. Michael pinned him for 3. Matt asked Kofi what he thought of his rookie. Kofi said he did alright for himself. Kofi said he’s gotten a chance to know Michael and he’s a man with something to prove and tonight he took a step in the right direction. Matt asked Mark what he thought of Cannon. Mark said Cannon has a lot of potential but a long way to go. Matt asked Cody Rhodes what he thought. Cody told Cannon he had a real dumb look on his face and he just lost. Cody said the guys who win the matches make more money than the losers, which is what Cannon is tonight. Cody asked how he went from being a CFL star to a wrestler. Cody told Cannon he was all style and no substance. Mark said Cody acts like he’s way better than Cannon, so he should put his money where his mouth is. Matt ran up the ramp and told Cody not to walk away. Matt asked Cody if he accepts. Cody said if he’s aptly named he’ll be lucky to last 5 minutes. Cody accepted but he needs a week. Matt asked Cody what we can expect from him. Cody knocked Matt Striker off the ramp and walked away. For some reason Matt needed all this help up even though he used to be a wrestler.