WWE NXT 2010 06 29


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania | Date: June 29, 2010

Ashley Valence + NXT Rookies (Michael McGillicutty & Alex Riley & Husky Harris & Titus O’Neil & Percy Watson & Eli Cottonwood & Lucky Cannon & Kaval) + Matt Striker: Ashley welcomed everyone to NXT and explained that voting has opened. Ashley introduced the NXT Rookies. Ashley said tonight was the first major step in their journey. Ashley reminded them of Wade Barrett, who was never ranked below #2. Ashley said tonight there’s a surprise, not only are they revealing the NXT poll, but they’re also eliminating the rookie ranked last. Ashley said making an impact is something they have to do. Ashley said there was one surefire way to avoid being eliminated. Matt Striker said it was time for the first rookie challenge; the keg carry. I thought they agreed these challenges are dumb.

“Lucky” Cannon won with 12.7 seconds: Michael McGillicutty went first and dropped the damn thing twice in a row so he was disqualified. Matt asked Michael his thoughts. Michael said it was way heavier than normal kegs but he would be in first place by the end of the night anyway. “Lucky” Cannon carried it across in 12.7 seconds. Percy Watson carried it across in 13 seconds. Eli Cottonwood carried it across in 13.3 seconds. Kaval said in all seriousness it weighed just as much as he did so he wasn’t going to bother hurting his body unless it’s in the ring. Titus O’Neil tripped and fell, then laughed about it. Titus said this is one of the reasons you don’t drink and if you do you shouldn’t drive. Husky Harris dropped it and said Striker was pretty brave for even saying a word to him. Alex Riley carried it across in 13.8 seconds. Cannon said he felt awesome for winning. Cannon said what he lacks in size and speed he makes up in heart.

Montel Vontavious Porter w/Percy Watson defeated Husky Harris w/Cody Rhodes: MVP tried to shoulder block Husky but couldn’t take him down. MVP locked in a side headlock but Husky fought out of it twice. MVP rolled up Husky with a school boy for 2. MVP jack knife pinned Husky for another 2. Husky took a cheap shot at MVP but MVP fought back and hit Husky with a hard yakuza kick. Back from commercial MVP was locking in a crossface chicken wing like hold that everyone seems to do in the WWE, I really need to find out the correct name for that hold. Husky dodged a flying forearm from MVP and took him down with a big rock bottom. Lucky locked in a rear naked choke but MVP quickly got out of it. Husky dropped 2 elbows and a running splash onto MVP. Husky hit a vertical suplex and 2 body slams on MVP. Husky put in a reverse bear hug and began punching and clotheslining MVP after he fought out of it. MVP rolled out of the way of the running senton. MVP took over and hit ballin’. MVP pinned Husky moments later after hitting a flat liner. Husky wouldn’t shake MVP’s hand after the match.

Kaval & Michael McGillicutty & Lucky Cannon defeated Alex Riley & Titus O’Neil & Eli Cottonwood: Michael and Eli started off. Michael used his speed and agility to his advantage but Eli took him down with a big clothesline. Eli tagged in Titus and Michael tagged in Cannon. Cannon attacked Titus’s left arm but Titus fought back with a forearm. Alex grabbed Cannon by the hair and Titus hit a big clothesline. Titus tagged in Alex. Alex wouldn’t let Cannon tag anyone and tagged Eli back in. Eli hip tossed Cannon across the ring. Titus tagged in and dropped Cannon with a body slam. Alex tagged in and took down Cannon with a snap mare. Cannon finally threw Alex into the turnbuckle and tagged in Kaval. Kaval destroyed Alex with a tidal crush kick. Titus and Eli picked up Kaval and threw him out of the ring. Michael took down Alex with a swinging neckbreaker and Cannon attacked Titus. Kaval hit the flying double stomp onto Alex for 3.

Matt Striker & NXT Rookies (Michael McGillicutty & Alex Riley & Husky Harris & Titus O’Neil & Percy Watson & Eli Cottonwood & Lucky Cannon & Kaval): Matt said the moment they’ve been anticipating is upon them. Matt said Cannon had immunity since he won the keg challenge. Kaval was ranked 1 in the poll. Percy Watson was ranked 2 for some illogical reason. Michael McGillicutty was ranked 3. Alex Riley was ranked 4. Lucky Cannon was ranked 5. Eli Cottonwood was ranked 6. Matt told Titus and Husky to step forward. Husky Harris was ranked 7 so Titus O’Neil gets eliminated. Matt asked Titus how he felt. Titus said he’s had to deal with lots of obstacles just like the fans. Titus said he still wants all of them to understand and remember that life is a game and you must take each opportunity you can to make it a win. Titus did the dog bark one more time before leaving.