WWE NXT 07 27 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole
NXT Hosts: Ashley Valance (ring announcer) & Matt Striker
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas | Date: July 27, 2010

Matt Striker + Percy Watson & Alex Riley & Michael McGillicutty & Eli Cottonwood & Kaval & Husky Harris & “Lucky” Cannon: Matt welcomed the rookies into the ring. Matt said after tonight only 6 rookies would remain. Matt said the rookies would get to prove themselves physically later tonight, but right now they would get to prove themselves verbally. Matt said each rookie would get a chance to talk about whatever they felt like. “Lucky” Cannon wanted to talk about friends and said when he grew up he had no friends. Cannon said no one cared when he was hurt or sad, but now that he’s close to being in the WWE everyone cares. Cannon said he lost his childhood friend, nobody, and now thanks to nobody he’s become a somebody. Eli Cottonwood wanted to talk about eyes. Eli said there was something he could do that nobody else could do. Eli said he can look in the eyes of a giant, the champion, or the dead man himself. Husky Harris wanted to talk about husky. Husky said all he sees in his competition is a bunch of ripped guys who look like Tarzan and fight like janes. Husky said he doesn’t look like Tarzan, he looks like husky and fights like a tank with a Ferrari engine. Kaval talked about dreams. Kaval said he had a dream to perform in the WWE. Kaval said people told him he didn’t belong. Kaval said he was angry and competed for over a decade as Low-Ki and proved it wasn’t the size of the fighter, but the size of the fight he will bring. Michael McGillicutty said he would get to the topic later. Michael said he won the obstacle course challenge proving he is the man to beat. Michael said the only person who didn’t like him is Miz and asked Miz if he called him mediocre. Miz said Michael is mediocre. Michael said he was undefeated and challenged him to a match. Miz told Michael to get a contract first. Alex Riley talked about star bucks. Alex said if it was up to the pros he would have won the contest by a country mile. Alex said since it’s partially up to the dorks in the audience he has to take into account that they might be slightly entertained by Morgan Freeman (Kaval) or a poor imitation of Eddie Murphy (Percy Watson). Alex said he refuses to change who he is because if it is the WWE universe he might as well be the sun, because everything on the show revolves around him. Alex said there are no other stars, just star buck employees. Percy talked about having a good time. Percy said work hard, play harder. Percy said life is short and you have to keep doing your thing. Matt said someone would be eliminated.

“Showtime” Percy Watson w/Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Zack Ryder : Zack took control early on with a knee to the midsection but Percy fought back with a shoulder block. Zack jumped on Percy and began punching him and followed up by throwing him into the turnbuckle. Zack kicked the crap out of Percy and pinned him for 2. Zack put in a headlock but Percy managed to fight out of it. Zack threw Percy head first into the turnbuckle but Percy took down Zack immediately after with some drop kicks and a clothesline. Zack rolled to the apron and stunned Percy on it but missed the Rough Ryder. Percy hit a unique DDT and followed up with a big splash for 3.

John Morrison & Eli Cottonwood: John was telling Eli about always moving forward and never moving backward. Eli didn’t seem to get it. John showed Eli the video from last week of him screwing up on the obstacle course. Eli said he wasn’t an acrobat. John said Eli had an opportunity tonight with Michael McGillicutty. Eli said he had one word for Michael, moustache.

Michael McGillicutty w/Kofi Kingston defeated Eli Cottonwood w/John Morrison: Eli threw Michael into the turnbuckle but Michael began fighting back with his speed. Eli took down Michael and threw him back into the turnbuckle. Eli continued to dominate Michael until he was able to get Eli stuck on the ropes and attack his leg. While Eli was getting up Michael hit him with the swinging neckbreaker for 3.

Kaval & WWE Women’s champions Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) + Husky Harris: Lay-Cool were bugging Kaval when Husky knocked him out of the way. Kaval asked him what his problem was and Husky said Kaval wasn’t noticeable. Lay-Cool said Kaval was #1 and Husky asked Kaval if he needed his girlfriends to fight his battles. Kaval said he does all his talking in the ring and Husky challenged him to a match.

Husky Harris w/Cody Rhodes defeated Kaval w/Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) : Husky threw Kaval into the turnbuckle at the beginning of the match but Kaval fought back with his crazy kicks. Husky caught Kaval and hit him with a huge clothesline. Husky put in a reverse gut wrench. Kaval fought out of it and dodged a huge tackle. Kaval began kicking again but Husky took down Kaval with a big tackle. Lay-Cool got knocked off the apron which distracted Kaval long enough for Husky to hit an inverted vertical suplex. Husky hit the running senton for 3.

Matt Striker & Kaval & Alex Riley & “Lucky” Cannon & Percy Watson & Husky Harris & Eli Cottonwood & Michael McGillicutty: Matt said Michael McGillicutty was safe from elimination since he won last weeks challenge. Michael McGillicutty was ranked first. Kaval was ranked second. Alex Riley was ranked third. Percy Watson was ranked fourth. “Lucky” Cannon was ranked fifth. Matt told Husky and Eli to step forward. Husky Harris was ranked sixth so Eli was eliminated. Matt asked Eli if he had anything to say. Eli attacked Husky Harris. People tried to pull him off but he knocked them all back and stormed away. Matt asked Husky if there was something about him that isn’t connecting with the WWE universe. Husky said they’ve seen his war path and if that isn’t stepping up then he doesn’t know what is. Husky said this was his competition and he deserves to win. Matt asked Michael how he felt about being number 1. Michael said he’s on the right path and when it’s all said and done he will still be undefeated. Michael said he will go on to be world champion. Matt asked Alex how he felt about being jumped by Eli. Alex said he’s a better athlete than Eli and at number 3 he knows he is better than Husky and Cannon. Alex said he only has 2 more spots to climb. Michael and Alex began brawling and Eli came storming down again. Show ended with the rookies brawling.