WWE NXT 08 31 2010 (Season Finale)


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole
NXT Hosts: Ashley Valance (ring announcer) & Matt Striker
Location: Albany, New York | Date: August 31, 2010

Ashley Valance + The WWE Pro’s (MVP & Zack Ryder & John Morrison & Mark Henry & Cody Rhodes) + Alex Riley [introduced by Mike “The Miz” Mizanin] + Kaval [introduced by Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla)] + Michael McGillicutty [introduced by Kofi Kingston] + Matt Striker: All 3 finalists and their Pros came down to the ring. The eliminated rookies were all sitting in the audience and introduced them to the fans. Matt reminded us that the winner gets a championship match on PPV. Matt said tonight the pressure is times 2 because there are 2 eliminations tonight, obviously. Matt said the 3 rookies will have a triple threat match next. Miz and Alex started getting in people’s faces so Kaval kicked Miz and he and Alex were thrown from the ring.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The next season of NXT will be all Diva’s and Kelly Kelly‘s rookie was a girl named Naomi Night (aka Trinity McCray – a former cheerleader for the Orlando Magic). Apparently she’s athletic and likes to dance.

Alex Riley (w/Mike “The Miz” Mizanin) defeated Michael McGillicutty (w/Kofi Kingston) and Kaval (w/Michelle McCool & Layla): It followed the basic “one guy knocked down while the other two go at it” formula. Kaval was suplexed out of the ring and Alex knocked Michael off the apron to take over before commercial. Back from commercial Alex had Michael in a headlock but Kaval kicked him. Alex super kicked Kaval and went back to work on Michael. Alex managed to hit the ropes ribs first, and Kaval nearly pinned Michael with a springboard kick. Kaval tidal crush kicked Alex off the top rope and Michael nearly pinned Kaval. Kaval put the dragon sleeper on Michael but he managed to make it to the ropes. Kaval missed the tidal crush on Michael and was hit with a fisherman’s suplex but Alex broke up the 3 count and was kicked into the announce table. Michael went for the McGillicutter but Kaval hit the rolling Ligre kick. Alex pushed Kaval off the top rope and stole the pinfall on Michael to win the match!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Alicia Fox’s rookie is some snob named Maxine (aka Liviana from FCW) – she is powerful and knows what she wants.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Goldust’s rookie is a girl named Aksana (aka Zivile Raudoniene) – who says she is the prettest NXT Diva rookie.

Matt Striker & The Eliminated Rookies (Titus O’Neil & Eli Cottonwood & Lucky Cannon & Percy Watson & Husky Harris): Matt wanted to speak to each of the 5 eliminated rookies. Titus made fun of each of the rookies and said Alex Riley should win. Eli said Alex should win because he has everything and is the most likeable. Cannon said it didn’t matter because the show was flushed down the toilet the minute he was eliminated. Percy said Michael McGillicutty should win because he has the ability and works hard. Husky said Michael should win because Michael was born better.

Matt Striker + Kaval & Michael McGillicutty & Alex Riley: Alex Riley was eliminated. Miz freaked out on stage while Kofi and Lay-Cool made fun of him. Alex said the worst part of the show was listening to Matt Striker talk over him. Alex said his father was not a sports entertainer and he didn’t spend his youth wrestling in bars. Alex said he went to college and a few months ago no one even knew who he was but now he’s almost the next breakout star. Alex said it’s because he believes and they believe that he is the most talented kid in this contest. Alex said he would still bet the future of the WWE on himself.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Bella Twins’ rookie was ring announcer Jamie Keys (aka Brittany Beede)..

VIDEO PACKAGE: Primo Colon’s rookie is a girl named A.J Lee (aka Miss April from the indies). According to her she represents the nerds out there even though she sort of looks like a model.

Matt Striker + Michael McGillicutty & Kaval: Matt wanted them to tell each other why they should win and why the other should be eliminated. Michael asked Lay-Cool if they were being serious with the baby Kaval. Michael made fun of Kaval’s attire and the fact that it took him 13 years to get here. Michael said Kaval means flute. Kaval said Michael was set up perfectly to be a star whereas he came from a hard working middle class family. Kaval said he was just a young kid from New York (cheap pop). Kaval said it took him 13 years to be here but he’s earned his respect around the world. Kaval said he’s been in the ring with legends like Eddie Guerrero.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Apparently Vickie Guerrero is somehow considered a Pro. Vickie’s rookie is a 6’9″ beast by the name of Aloisia. I guess they needed someone to make Vickie look small. The WWE signed “Isis The Amazon” and she’s going to be on nXt Season 3 under the name “Aloisia”:

Matt Striker & Michael McGillicutty & Kaval + WWE Woman’s champion(s) Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) + Eli Cottonwood & Titus O’Neil & Husky Harris & Percy Watson & Lucky Cannon + WWE Pros (John Morrison & Montel Vontavious Porter & Kofi Kingston & Mark Henry & Zack Ryder & Cody Rhodes): The winner was Kaval! Lay-Cool came running down to the ring to celebrate with him. Matt asked Michael what was going through his mind. Michael thought it was ridiculous and said Kaval’s PPV match was going to suck. Michael said Kaval was nowhere near his level. Michael said his one goal was to become a world heavyweight champion but unfortunately he got eliminated and lost his guaranteed shot at a title. Michael said that was not going to stop him from becoming a future world champion. Michael said he’s the future of the WWE. Michael said he is the next big thing, the next generation, and starting from this moment on, this will be the start of the genesis of McGillicutty. Kaval thanked everyone. The rookies sitting in the audience came to the ring and jumped Kaval. The babyface Pros (MVP, Kingston, and Morrison) came down to the ring to try and help Kaval. Michael McGillicutty and Alex Riley came down to help the eliminated rookies. Eventually Kaval was left in the ring with Riley, McGillicutty, Cannon, and Harris. Cannon hit Kaval with a weird looking Attitude Adjustment variation and Husky hit Kaval with the running senton. Alex hit the TKO and Titus jumped in and hit a sit down spine buster while Lay-Cool watched, not able to do anything.