WWE NXT 09 14 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole
NXT Hosts: Ashley Valance (ring announcer) & Matt Striker
Location: Detroit, Michigan | Date: September 14, 2010

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Primo Colon & A.J.: Vickie said after Kaitlyn embarrassed her last week; she’s invited someone onto the show to make her proud, Dolph Ziggler. The men started out. Primo drop kicked Dolph so he tagged in Kaitlyn. A.J. was mostly in control until Kaitlyn clotheslined her and tagged in Dolph. Dolph knocked Primo off the apron and wouldn’t let A.J. get by so she slapped him and tagged in Primo. Primo exploded on Dolph but ended up missing a splash and getting hit with the zigzag, giving Dolph the 3. After the match Dolph hugged Kaitlyn and Vickie looked crushed.

Jamie defeated Kaitlyn and A.J. and Maxine and Naomi and Aksana: Matt Striker was in the ring with the rookies. Matt explained that each diva had a chance to entertain the audience by telling a joke, the funniest joke winning. A.J. went first and told a dumb joke about blonds and said it was for Kaitlyn. Aksana told Maxine to listen and told her joke in Lithuanian (I think). Aksana told it again in English, something about 45 pounds being the difference between a wife and a girlfriend. Jamie told a knock knock joke that implied no one knew who Aksana was. Naomi asked what you would call a dog with no legs, but said it doesn’t matter because it wouldn’t come to you no matter what you called it. Maxine said she had 5 jokes with her in the ring. Maxine asked everyone if they thought A.J. was adorable and said she was like a girl scout. Maxine said girl scouts don’t last in the WWE. Maxine gave A.J. a 20 and told her to go get her some mints. A.J. and Maxine started fighting. Kaitlyn asked A.J. to be a part of her joke. Kaitlyn told a bad joke that ended with her smacking A.J. A.J. attacked her too and Matt told her to settle down. The fans totally crapped on this but there were a couple of cheers for Jamie. Michael Cole got up and started banging a gong. Michael said all of the rookies and Matt Striker and the fans should be gonged. Michael said except for him and Josh, this whole show should be gonged.

Jamie w/The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) defeated Aksana w/Goldust: Jamie went for Aksana’s arm but Aksana shoulder blocked her and hit a body slam. Aksana missed an elbow drop and Jamie went for the arm again. Aksana got out of an arm bar and began hitting clotheslines and forearms. Aksana missed a running splash and was rolled up for 3.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn + Vickie Guerrero : Dolph and Kaitlyn were talking backstage when Vickie came over and them they did an amazing job. Vickie told Kaitlyn to leave for a minute and asked Dolph why they were all over each other. Dolph said she was excited about winning for the first time. Vickie said if he does it again he’s going to lose all of her.

Kaitlyn defeated A.J. and Aksana and Naomi and Maxine and Jamie: They had to step through tires, go over some barriers, do 10 push ups, go across a balance beam, and push a cart up the stage. Kaitlyn was about to go when Vickie came out. Vickie said since Kaitlyn used Dolph to win her match, she needs to win the obstacle course. Vickie said since she’s the best pro of the season, she’s going to show her how to run the obstacle course with perfection. Vickie stretched for a really long time. Vickie did a good job on the tires but had a hard time getting over the highest barrier. Vickie did the push ups but messed up on the balance beam. Vickie fell down after the balance beam, got up and stormed away freaking out. Kaitlyn went next and finished in 36.5 seconds. Aksana went next and finished in 37.2 seconds. A.J. messed up several times on the push ups and finished in 46 seconds. Maxine messed up on the balance beam and finished in 39.1 seconds. Jamie finished in 36.8 seconds. Naomi messed up several times and finished in 57.4 seconds. Vickie came out and hugged Kaitlyn. Michael started banging the gong again and said this was ridiculous. Michael said the show was ridiculous. Michael said this show violates everything about his journalistic integrity. Michael said he was done with the entire show. Michael stormed off saying stupid under his breath like he was Randy Orton.