WWE NXT 09 21 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & C.M. Punk
NXT Hosts: Ashley Valance (ring announcer) & Matt Striker
Location: Bloomington, Illinois | Date: September 21, 2010

NXT Rookies (Kaitlyn & A.J. & Maxine & Naomi & Aksana & Jamie) + Vickie Guerrero + WWE Unified Diva’s champion(s) Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) + Kelly Kelly: C.M. Punk replaced Cole on commentary. Matt said in 2 weeks one of them would be eliminated. Matt said last week was huge for Jamie because she won the joke off and her first match. Matt said Kaitlyn was victorious in the Diva obstacle course. Vickie Guerrero came out. Vickie said Kaitlyn was only impressive last week because she showed her how to run the course. Vickie said it’s her leadership skills that have made Kaitlyn successful. Vickie said tonight Kaitlyn is facing Jamie. Vickie said to make sure Kaitlyn doesn’t mess up she’s invited some of her close friends to coach her. Lay-Cool came out. Lay-Cool told Kaitlyn she should be thankful she has Vickie as a pro. Michelle said Kaitlyn could trust them. Michelle said they were the reason Kaval won NXT. Lay-Cool made fun of Jamie for having The Bella Twins as pros. Lay-Cool said Maxine scares her, told Aksana to speak English, told A.J. she looks like a mouse, and made fun of Naomi for having Kelly as a pro. Kelly told Lay-Cool they can’t come to NXT and act like they run the show. Kelly challenged Lay-Cool and Kaitlyn to a tag against her, Naomi, and Jamie. Lay-Cool accepted.

A.J. defeated Kaitlyn & Maxine & Aksana & Jamie & Naomi: Matt Striker said one of the most important things to being a Diva is timing so they’re going to play musical chairs. Matt reminded us that whichever Diva wins the most challenges gets immunity from elimination. Kaitlyn was eliminated first. Jamie was eliminated second. Maxine was eliminated third and she flipped out on Aksana. Aksana was eliminated next, followed by Naomi. A.J. won.

Goldust & Aksana: Goldust said the video they did for Aksana was awesome. Aksana said she got a letter from immigration saying there were problems with her papers. Aksana started crying but Goldust told her she would be just fine. Goldust showed her his breathing techniques.

A.J. w/Primo Colon defeated Maxine w/Alicia Fox: Maxine threw A.J. down and pulled on her hair before A.J. took over and hit a roundhouse kick. Maxine drop toe held A.J. into the ropes to take over. Maxine worked on the throat of A.J. A.J. made a comeback and won with a brainbuster. Michael Cole came out after the match telling people to go ahead and boo him. Michael said he knows that the majority wants him to return to NXT. Michael said he realized that NXT without him is unwatchable. Michael said he’s decided to bring back journalistic integrity to this show. Michael hugged Punk and sat down.

A.J. defeated Jamie & Naomi & Aksana & Maxine & Kaitlyn : Matt said each diva would be given a random topic and 60 seconds to speak on it. Jamie went first, her topic was teeth. Jamie said they don’t want to hear about teeth. Jamie said they’d rather hear about how she’s going to rock their world. Jamie said she can bring more passion and dedication than everyone else. Jamie said this competition is about a strong athletic woman, not weak girls who pretend like they can fight. Jamie said she’s going to prove what sexy, smart, and powerful truly means. Naomi’s topic was toupee. Naomi said she couldn’t think of anything to say about a toupee. Naomi asked if they were there to wrestle. Naomi said she’s there to show how good she is and doing this isn’t going to prove that. Matt said Naomi and Jamie were disqualified. A.J. had to talk about caffeine. A.J. said she loves caffeine. A.J. said she doesn’t need it for a natural high because she loves this business and is natural dynamite. Aksana’s topic was llamas. Aksana said she loved blue eyes. Aksana asked Matt to explain what a llama was. Aksana asked Matt to show her what a llama was. Aksana also didn’t know what a camel was. Maxine’s topic was foot. Maxine said she can use her foot to squash A.J. Maxine said if she gets another match with A.J. she’ll squash her with her foot. Kaitlyn’s topic was ignition. Kaitlyn said she was picturing everyone in their underwear. Kaitlyn said underwear gets her ignition running. A.J. won.

Kelly Kelly & Naomi & Jamie defeated Michelle McCool & Layla El & Kaitlyn w/Vickie Guerrero: Layla and Kelly started. Kelly smacked Layla and jumped on her. Jamie tagged in so Layla made fun of her. Jamie kicked Layla and body slammed her. Kaitlyn tagged in and walked right into a kick. Kaitlyn speared Jamie but missed an elbow drop. Naomi tagged in and Kaitlyn carried her over to her corner. Michelle tagged in and took over. Naomi quickly fired up but wound up getting distracted. Michelle hit a belly to belly and Kaitlyn tagged in. Kaitlyn pinned Naomi but she reversed it into a pin of her own for 3. After the match Michelle kicked Kaitlyn in the head.