WWE NXT 09 28 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole
NXT Host: Matt Striker
Location: Bloomington, Illinois | Date: September 28, 2010

Kaitlyn defeated Aksana and A.J. and Maxine and Naomi and Jamie: Matt said being a WWE Diva means athleticism and poise so tonight is the wheelbarrow challenge. Matt said they had to run around the ring once with the wheelbarrow. Maxine was about to go when Matt said pushing an empty wheelbarrow isn’t a competition. Matt said they had to put something big and heavy in it. Hornswoggle came out. Maxine crossed the ring and let go off the wheelbarrow, causing Hornswoggle to fall. Maxine got 14.7 seconds. Hornswoggle bit her butt. Naomi got 15.2 seconds. Jamie got 14.4 seconds. Kaitlyn started to get in for some reason because I guess she wasn’t paying attention. Kaitlyn got 12 seconds and fell down, causing Hornswoggle to fall too. Kaitlyn apologized and gave him a hug. A.J. got 17.7 seconds. Aksana got 13.9 seconds, making Kaitlyn the winner. Hornswoggle lifted Kaitlyn up on his shoulders and Vickie gave her a hug.

A.J. defeated Kaitlyn and Aksana and Jamie and Naomi and Maxine: Aksana went first. Aksana said she was hot and took care of her body, then made fun of the other divas, even though Kaitlyn and A.J. are about 1000 times more attractive to her and Jamie looks like she’s completely ripped. A.J. said she wasn’t going to put the other divas down and talked about how she deserved to be there so she could redefine the word diva. Kaitlyn did an impression of Naomi so she kicked her in the ass. Kaitlyn said that was uncalled for. Jamie said she could talk about how Aksana looks like she belongs in a circus or how A.J. looks and acts like a 10 year old but she doesn’t need to because she knows she’s the best. Naomi said she didn’t want to diss. Naomi said if this was about wrestling then she has all of those girls beat. Naomi said the only reason Kaitlyn won the obstacle course is because she messed up. Maxine said she is sick and tired of the typical diva because they’re all the same. In the background Kaitlyn and A.J. were messing around and having a conversation and Jamie got mad. I wasn’t paying attention to Maxine. A.J. won. Vickie got mad and said week after week she tries to make Kaitlyn into a reflection of her. Vickie asked if they could feel her pain with her rookie. Vickie asked Kaitlyn if she could step it up just once. Kaitlyn said she’s tried her hardest and all Vickie has done is brought her down. Kaitlyn said she’s going to step it up by challenging Vickie to a match. Vickie asked Kaitlyn if she’s forgotten who she is dealing with and accepted her challenge for next week. Vickie slapped Kaitlyn so Kaitlyn knocked her down. Matt broke up the fight.