WWE NXT 11 16 2010


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Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Richmond, Virginia | Date: November 16, 2010

A.J. defeated Aksana and Kaitlyn and Naomi: Matt would ask the pros a question about their rookie and if the rookie guessed what they wrote they get a point. The first question for the pros was “When I first saw my rookie I thought she was blank”. A.J. guessed that Primo thought she was underage, Primo chose 16 so A.J. got the point. Aksana guessed hot and Goldust wrote sexy so she got a point. Kaitlyn guessed that Vickie thought Kaitlyn was so much prettier than her. Vickie wrote a man, so Kaitlyn didn’t get a point. Naomi chose athletic and that’s what Kelly wrote. On a scale of 1 to 5 the pros had to rank their rookies. Naomi chose 5 and Kelly wrote 5. Kaitlyn chose 1 but Vickie chose 3. Aksana chose 5 but Goldust wrote 3. A.J. chose 4 and Primo wrote 4. Matt asked the pros who their rookie thought should be eliminated tonight. A.J. said Aksana and Primo wrote Aksana. Aksana chose Kaitlyn and Goldust wrote A.J. Kaitlyn chose Naomi and Vickie wrote Naomi. Naomi chose Aksana but Kelly wrote Kaitlyn so A.J. won with 3 points.

Naomi w/Kelly Kelly defeated Kaitlyn w/Vickie Guerrero: Naomi won with a leg lariat.

Aksana & Goldust: Aksana gave Goldust some flowers and said she wanted to apologize for everything and it was like in LOTR when Smeagol turned to Golem. Goldust asked her if everything was supposed to be better now that the million dollar title was gone. Aksana tried apologizing some more and said she needed help with her match tonight. Goldust said she would help her.

A.J. w/Primo Colon defeated Aksana: Goldust ditched Aksana partway down the entrance ramp and went to take a seat. A.J. won with an octopus stretch.

Naomi defeated A.J. and Kaitlyn and Aksana: Each rookie would have a minute to diss the other divas. A.J. said it was time to show some spice. A.J. told Aksana she tapped out. A.J. said she loved Kaitlyn but the world wouldn’t know her name if it wasn’t for Vickie. A.J. said Naomi’s personality is like a drippy faucet. A.J. said this has been her dream a lifetime, not a few months. Aksana said she saw Kaitlyn on some show fighting for her babies… Aksana told Naomi to stay away from her husband. Aksana told A.J. she looked like child and should go to kindergarten. Kaitlyn said if NXT were like highschool Naomi would be the jock, Aksana would be the weird foreign exchange student, and A.J. is the nerd. Kaitlyn told Aksana U.S.A. stood for U suck Aksana. Aksana tried to attack Kaitlyn and she said it was uncalled for. Kaitlyn said she loved A.J. and Aksana attacked her again so she started laughing. Naomi said Kaitlyn had really nice legs. Naomi said Kaitlyn isn’t a good wrestler. Naomi impersonated A.J. Naomi said Aksana was about to be eliminated. Naomi won.

Matt Striker & Brie Bella & Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox & Primo Colon & Goldust & Vickie Guerrero & Kelly Kelly : Matt asked The Bellas what they were looking for in the divas. Brie said they liked sexy, smart, and powerful. Nikki told Brie to be quiet and said they were looking for class and respect. Nikki said none of the Divas deserved to be on TV. Alicia said she felt like she was an employee at diva daycare. Alicia said this wasn’t disney.

Aksana was eliminated: Aksana collapsed. Aksana said it was a mistake. Aksana said she’s going to go to Vince’s office and write a letter… to the office she’ll be standing in. Goldust stopped her on the ramp and said he wanted a divorce. Goldust handed her divorce papers.