WWE NXT 11 30 2010 (Season Finale)


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Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Jacksonville, Florida | Date: November 30, 2010

Matt Striker + Kaitlyn w/Vickie Guerrero + Naomi : Vickie said if it wasn’t for her Kaitlyn wouldn’t be in the finals. Kaitlyn and Naomi came down to the ring. Matt said 13 weeks ago they embarked on a journey and for one of them their dreams will become a reality. Matt said they were paired with pros to help them navigate their journey but unfortunately Naomi’s pro couldn’t be there tonight. Kelly sent in a video saying she was overseas. Kelly said she was proud of Naomi and felt she was going to win. Naomi said Kelly has given her everything she could ask for. Naomi said Kelly was supportive and gave her good advice. Naomi said she was sad that Kelly wasn’t there tonight. Vickie said she fired her original rookie diva and hand picked Kaitlyn to be with her and there is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t regret her decision. Vickie said Kaitlyn tried to steal her boyfriend and always interrupts. Kaitlyn said she refused to let her last night on NXT be ruined by another petty argument with Vickie. Kaitlyn said she actually gave thanks to have Vickie as her pro but it’s obvious Vickie gave thanks to the second helping of mashed potatoes. Vickie tried to leave but Kaitlyn tripped her.

R-Truth & Johnny Curtis: Truth will be a pro next season and his rookie is someone named Johnny Curtis.

The Bella Twins & A.J. defeated Maxine & Alicia Fox & Aksana: A.J. won the match after hitting Maxine with a cross body. After the match Primo hugged A.J. and they made out.

Chris Masters & Byron Saxton: Chris Masters’ rookie is Byron Saxton. He used to do ECW commentary with Josh Mathews.

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellet & Brodus Clay: Ted’s rookie is Brodus Clay (formerly G-Rilla)..

Matt Striker & Naomi & Kaitlyn: Matt said this was a far more intense version of diss the diva because it’s one on one. Kaitlyn said Naomi was the most athletic girl ever and was very good in the ring. Kaitlyn said she was a last minute replacement and has almost no experience. Kaitlyn said the difference between them is that Naomi flat lined after wowing them whereas she stepped it up. Kaitlyn said you can’t teach personality. Naomi said she’s had enough of diss the diva. Naomi said this was the best time of her life. Naomi said she can leave the competition with her head held high because she gave it her all.

Kaitlyn defeated Naomi: Kaitlyn wound up winning with a small package. After the match Vickie said nobody cared about Kaitlyn’s victory. Vickie brought out one of the WWE pros for NXT season 4, Dolph Ziggler. Dolph said Vickie was an example of a pro. Dolph introduced his rookie, Jacob Novak.

WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman: Daniel’s rookie is Derrick Bateman, he looks like Andy Samberg from SNL and seems to be a comedy-based wrestler.

Matt Striker & Jaime & A.J. & Maxine & Aksana: Matt asked Jamie who should win. Jamie asked if there could be two winners but Naomi deserves it more and brings more to the table. A.J. said she wants her best friend Kaitlyn to win. Maxine said Naomi because she’s a good wrestler. Aksana tried to ask Matt out but Goldust told her to shut up. Aksana said she wants to win.

Alberto Del Rio & Conor O’Brian: Alberto’s rookie is Conor O’Brian (formerly Ryan O’Reilly) – who should win this Season.

Matt Striker & Kaitlyn & Naomi: Kaitlyn won. Naomi said she was happy for Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn said this was a dream come true. Kaitlyn said she wanted to thank everyone including her ridiculous pro.