WWE NXT 12 07 2010


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Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Todd Grisham + Matt Striker
Location: Dayton, Ohio | Date: December 7, 2010

Matt Striker + R-Truth (introducing Johnny Curtis) + Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse (introducing Brodus Clay) + Chris Masters (introducing Byron Saxton) + Dolph Ziggler (introducing Jacob Novak) + Daniel Bryan (introducing Derrick Bateman) + Ricardo Roderiguez + Alberto Del Rio (introducing Conor O’Brian): Matt Striker introduced each WWE Pro, who in turn, introduced their respective rookies. Striker welcomed everyone to NXT Season 4. Striker ran down the rules and said one of them will become the WWE’s next breakout star. Striker said each contestant had 30 seconds to introduce themselves to the world. Johnny Curtis cut a promo doing a shout out to the WWE Universe, and his 4th grade gym teacher, coach McIntyre! Brodus Clay cut an angry promo saying if you don’t like him there is two things they can do; nothing and like it! Byron Saxton cut a promo saying he looks forward to building a bond with the fans. Cheesy. Jacob Novak talked about monopoly because you get to own your competition, just like he’s going to do on NXT. Derrick Bateman said he was happy to debut in his home state of Ohio (cheap pop). Bateman said that he was MANTASTIC. Conor O’Brian (formerly Ryan O’Reilly) said he’s been made fun of his whole life because he looks like a rat. O’Brian said rats are sole survivors, who wait to strike at the opportune moment and THAT takes the cheese! Alberto Del Rio interrupted and said if O’Brian was going to be his rookie he had to do a better job. Alberto said if he doesn’t he will be just like Daniel Bryan. Bryan said O’Brian did just fine even though he does look like a rat. Bryan said Alberto was jealous because even though he has his own ring announcer and his own car, he’s never won a championship. Alberto got upset and Striker got between them and booked a tag team match for the main event.


Johnny Curtis w/R-Truth defeated Jacob Novak w/Dolph Ziggler:


Jacob Novak defeated Johnny Curtis and Conor O’Brian and Brodus Clay and Byron Saxton and Derrick Bateman: Matt Striker explained the competition, having to take a ladder to the ring, set it up, and grab a flag in the best time. Johnny Curtis did it in 28.6 seconds. Conor O’Brian did it in 28.2 seconds. Brodus Clay did it in 33.5 seconds. Byron Saxton did it in 56.8 seconds (he goofed off and fell off the ladder). Jacob Novak did it in 26.9 seconds (Dolph’s advice was “go fast!”). Derrick Bateman did it in 27.3 seconds (Alberto called him a loser but Daniel Bryan encouraged him during the race). Jacob Novak wins the competition!!

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellet + Brodus Clay: Ted DiBiase Jr. told Maryse that it wasn’t just an opportunity for Brodus Clay, it was an opportunity for both of them too. Maryse told him to buy her another fur jacob. Ted gave Brodus a pep-talk and Maryse said she thinks he needs a make-over. Ted said if he listens to him (Maryse corrected him saying “listen to US”) this competition was his. Ted asked if Brodus had any questions, and he said “yeah I got a lot of questions” and they walked off together – leaving Maryse by herself.

Chris Masters & Byron Saxton: Chris Masters said he thinks Byron Saxton was money, and talked about moisturizing their bodies. Masters wanted to offer some work out tips, but Byron said he was master of the P90x workout. Masters said he was the master of the Masterpiece workout and then flexed! Saxton said he had a WWE.com photoshoot to get to and left. Masters said he likes the kid.

Alberto Del Rio & Conor O’Brian defeated Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman: Alberto Del Rio made Derrick Bateman tap out with the Arm-breaker, and took a few seconds to break the hold on purpose.