WWE NXT 01 11 2011


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Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Todd Grisham + Matt Striker
Location: Birmingham, Alabama | Date: January 11, 2011

Matt Striker + The NXT Rookies (Johnny Curtis + Byron Saxton + Derrick Bateman + Brodus Clay + Conor O’Brian) + The NXT Pros (R-Truth + Dolph Ziggler + Daniel Bryan + Maryse & Ted DiBiase Jr. + Alberto Del Rio): Matt Striker explained the rules of NXT and explained the rules of the Slingshot challenge (Rookies must work well with their Pro). Pro’s fire the rolled up t-shirts from the ring and the Rookies have to catch them and put them in a box. R-Truth failed to get any objects to Johnny Curtis. Dolph Ziggler managed to get one object to Byron Saxton. Daniel Bryan managed to get two objects to Derrick Bateman to take the lead. Maryse tried to do the slingshot but couldn’t figure it out. Ted Dibiase couldn’t get any objects into the hands of Slodus Clay. Alberto Del Rio managed to get one object into the hands of Conor O’Brian. That meant Derrick Bateman & Daniel Bryan won the challenge and earned some immunity points!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ricardo Rodriquez called someone on the phone and said he has a huge RAT problem and needs some help..

Conor O’Brian w/Alberto Del Rio defeated Byron Saxton w/Dolph Ziggler: After the match, Alberto forced his ring announcer (Ricardo Rodriquez) to announce Conor O’Brian as the winner – but he wasn’t very enthusiastic about it.

Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman: The boys were preparing for their double date with the Bella Twins. Derrick Bateman showed up wearing USA flag pants and a fanny pack, but a shirt & tie with jacket on top. Bryan asked where someone even finds clothes like that, and Bateman explained that he found them in Badstreet USA (a reference to PS Michael Hayes, aka the last man on the planet who still wears a fanny pack). Bateman said inside the ring Bryan was a white swan of submission but outside he is not so good with the ladies. Bryan said it was an awkward situation because the Bellas are sisters and they work with them. Bateman said on this double date he will not only prove that he will make the best future tag team partner, and also prove that he can be the world’s greatest wingman. Bateman pulled out two giant sunflowers and said it was game time. Bryan told Bateman to be himself and don’t try too hard. Bateman said Bryan’s mother told him he was a ladies man. Bryan said that wasn’t funny.

Matt Striker + The NXT Rookies (Johnny Curtis + Byron Saxton + Derrick Bateman + Brodus Clay + Conor O’Brian) + The NXT Pros (R-Truth + Dolph Ziggler + Daniel Bryan + Maryse & Ted DiBiase Jr. + Alberto Del Rio): Matt Striker explained the rules of the Password game (Rookies have to make their Pro say a WWE Superstars name). R-Truth & Johnny Curtis was first and they got two right. Dolph Ziggler & Byron Saxton were next and they also got two right. Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman were next and they got three right. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse & Brodus Clay were next and got one (all Maryse could talk about was shopping). Alberto Del Rio & Conor O’Brian were next and got one. Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman one their second challenge in a row for two more (a total of four) immunity points!

Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman with the Bella Twins: Derrick Bateman told bad jokes and the Bella Twins only wanted to pay attention to Daniel Bryan. Bateman told Brie that she shares the same name as his second favorite cheese, right after goat. Nikki thanked Daniel for sending her a text the other night, and Brie got jealous because she didn’t get a text. Bateman was caught texting cheesy pick-up lines to Bryan’s phone. Brie stuffed a bun in Bateman’s mouth and said Daniel doesn’t need his help. Brie then accused Nikki of deleted the text that Daniel sent her. The Bella stood up and started yelling at each other. Brie spilled her wine on Bateman’s USA pants and he freaked and flipped the table. Bateman pulled out a zip lock full of coins and said that should cover Brie’s drink and he then stormed off. Daniel said he had to go help his rookie and said he would see the Bellas later.

Johnny Curtis w/R-Truth defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. (w/Maryse & Brodus Clay): R-Truth levelled Brodus Clay on the floor and this distracted Ted Jr. allowing Johnny Curtis to roll him up for a shocking upset victory! After the match, Maryse screamed at Brodus for costing Ted the match.