WWE NXT 01 18 2011


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Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma | Date: January 18, 2011

Matt Striker + (R-Truth & Dolph Ziggler & Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio & Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse) + (Johnny Curtis & Byron Saxton & Derrick Bateman & Conor O’Brian & Brodus Clay): Matt Striker introduced all the Pro’s with their Rookies. Striker said Derrick Bateman was in the lead with four immunity points. Striker explained the rules of the “Knock Your Pro” challenge. Striker gave the first question to the pros “When I first saw my rookie, I thought ______.” They had to write their answer down on a piece of paper. Johnny Curtis guessed “impressive” but R-Truth wrote “cool.” Byron Saxton guessed “tanned” but Dolph wrote “Carton from the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air.” Derrick Bateman guessed Tulsa Oklahoma and Danial Bryan wrote Tulsa Oklahoma! Conor O’Brian guessed Albert thought he looked strange, but Alberto wrote he looked like a rat. Brodus Clay guessed “large,” but Ted wrote down “out of shape.” Brodus was not happy with that. The next question for the pros was, if your rookie had a career outside of sports entertainment, what would it be?” The pros wrote down their answers. Saxton guessed a “singer” but Dolph said “Lifetime Network News Anchor.” Bateman guessed “Steve Blackman” and Bryan wrote down Steve Blackman! (Ding!).. O’Brian guessed “working at a circus” but Alberto wrote “my employ.” Clay guessed “bodyguard” and Ted actually wrote bodyguard! Curtis guessed an “NXT commentator” but R-Truth wrote dancing or acting. Striker’s next question was about the rookie’s area of improvement. They again wrote down their answers while Maryse sat there texting. Clay guessed “listening” and Ted wrote learn to listen. O’Brian also guessed “listening” but Alberto wrote down “looks.” Bateman guessed “chicks and America” and Bryan wrote “chicks and America!” (Ding!)… Saxton guessed “to be more like Dolph Ziggler” but Dolph wrote more dream journal entries and to be more tanned. Curtis guessed “getting noticed” but R-Truth wrote confidence. Striker suspected there was some cheating but declared Derrick Bateman the winner.. so he now has eight immunity points!

VIGNETTE: Royal Rumble..

“The Masterpiece” Chris Masters defeated Byron Saxton w/Dolph Ziggler by submission: Before the match (backstage), Chris Masters told Byron Saxton that he still had something left to teach him tonight! Masters finished off Saxton with the Masterlock!

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse & Brodus Clay: Brodus Clay laughed about losing another challenge and bragged about what he’s going to do to Bateman & Bryan later! Ted Jr. scolded Clay for costing him a victory last week, but Clay fired back in his own defense. Ted told him to shut up and listen because the best thing Clay has going for him is his Pro. Maryse said something in French to Ted, and he said he was tired of her French!

Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. & Brodus Clay w/Maryse: Late in the match, Ted had control of the match but wasted time yelling at Brodus Clay. Clay dropped off the apron and Bateman rolled up Ted for the 1-2-3! Maryse was laughing at Ted from ringside.

Conor O’Brian + Ricardo Rodriguez + Alberto Del Rio: Conor O’Brian was following a trail of cheese into a trap set by Ricardo Rodriguez (Alberto’s ring announcer). Ricardo sprayed Conor with rat poison and they started to fight. Alberto broke them up and said if they want to fight they will fight like men in the ring!

R-Truth & Johnny Curtis: R-Truth gave Johnny a pep-talk and told him to relax. R-Truth said winning was important tonight!

Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Conor O’Brian: The corner pad was removed and Conor O’Brian went head first into the metal piece! Ricardo hit an awkward splash on O’Brian for the 1-2-3 to win the match!

Matt Striker + (R-Truth & Dolph Ziggler & Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio & Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse) + (Johnny Curtis & Byron Saxton & Derrick Bateman & Conor O’Brian & Brodus Clay): Derrick Bateman had immunity, and said he thought Byron Saxton should be eliminated tonight. Conor O’Brian was ELIMINATED. Conor said it’s been REAL & FUN, but he was interrupted by Ricardo Rodriguez, who triumphantly announced that Conor O’Brian had been eliminated. Conor got mad and chased Rodriguez backstage. Conor paced back to ringside and told the fans that they suck – concluding “the rat has left the building!” before crawling under the ring.